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3 Issues That Lakeland Cheerleading Face During Competitions

Lakeland cheerleading

In every Lakeland cheerleading competition, someone has to win and someone has to lose. Understanding the concept of winning and losing, and even perfecting the very principle and existence of it, doesn’t make losing any easier. In fact, because you know why you lost, it somehow breaks your heart even deeper.

But things are different when you are competing. When you compete, you want to know why you failed and you want to correct those mistakes. Cheerleading coaches always point this out to the team members—accept defeat but learn from it and try not to fall on the same reason. And yet, many cheerleaders are disappointed at the way judges “sometimes” unfairly judge a competition and how constructive criticisms are not to be found in the score sheets.

Feedback is needed

After every competition, a cheerleading team gets its score cards from the judges. Whether they win or lose, they will see how the judges have scored their performances. For the most part, though, the judges will rarely put comments and other suggestions on those score cards. They will simply put an average or below average score on the card and let the losing cheerleading team figure out where they went wrong. This isn’t what these girls want to see or hear. They want feedback, and they are craving for it. They want to know what they have done wrong or how they can improve on it or if they can improve on it. That way, the next time they face the judges, they are more prepared.

Wrong scoring (even after admission) is wrong

We’ve seen this before. We have seen it in the grandest stage. Judges can score wrongly and give the trophy to the losing team rather than the winning team. An apology is applauded, of course, and the judges are forgiven for only being human, after all. We all make mistakes. But this is no fun for the cheerleaders who worked hard for the competition. A wrong scoring will rob them off the chance to celebrate their victory. Their victory, too, will be mired with questions and speculations. No team deserves that kind of scrutiny.

Playing favorites is awful

There is a reason why the Oscar’s has become so boring in recent years. We see the same old nominees and the same old winners. There’s nothing new here even if you know that another actor did better than Meryl Streep, for example. A judge cannot play favorite and choose a team representing the town where he/she came from. If the judges can’t put their personal biases aside, they have no business of judging a competitive Lakeland cheerleading.

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