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5 Stages of Being A Team Parent For Lakeland Cheerleading

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What will you do if you have suddenly been asked to be a team parent for your daughter’s Lakeland cheerleading squad? Although it is a great privilege, it can be quite a stressful period for you because you have to take care of a whole new crowd. It is a little overwhelming, admittedly, but you are not alone in the world! Every team parent has the same feeling.

To understand this better, here are the five stages of accepting the fact that you have just become a team parent:


Was I just chosen to become a cheer team parent? You will be responsible for people other than your family. That’s usually hard to take in whether you have been cajoled to do so or have been appointed by the coach. What should you do? Where do you start? The first stage of every overwhelming situation is denial. But to be successful in this new endeavor, you simply have to open the lines of communication with your family, the team, the coach, and the other parents.


Now that you know what needs to be done, you are feeling a little overwhelmed. You now understand what your responsibilities are, and you feel like there are so much that needs to be done. That’s a normal feeling. As with everything new in life—a new house or a new job—you have to learn how to adjust. Create a list of what needs to be done and do the task one at a time.


Getting organized is the best way to tackle any situation or duty. Meet with the coach to know what is expected of you. List down all the things you have to do and delegate tasks if you have to. Start sticking to your schedule and always try to meet your deadlines.


Learn the best way how to communicate with your team. Is it through email or phone? Make sure everyone knows how to contact you, so that if any problem arises, you can immediately address the situation. To help you communicate better with your team, set up a separate email account or maybe even create a group on Facebook.

Be the boss

You cannot expect yourself to do everything. You have to trust the team, the coach, and the other parents enough to delegate tasks. Being a team parent for a Lakeland cheerleading squad is a hard job, but it’s doable. Other parents want to volunteer, too. Just ask them to lend a hand and they will surely help you with the tasks.

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