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5 Things We Love About Lakeland Cheerleading

Lakeland cheerleading

There are many things we love about Lakeland cheerleading. How can we trim it down to just five things? It’s absolutely impossible, to tell you the truth, but we will still try our hardest to summarize the things we like about waving those pom-poms on the air.

From uniforms to dances to pom-poms to newfound friends, here is the ultimate list of the things we love most about cheerleading:


Not to boast or anything, but cheerleaders’ uniforms are actually the best among all athletic uniforms. It has so much variety, color, texture, and style. It can even sparkle, at times. Cheerleading uniforms are sometimes in skirt, pants, shorts, cropped tops, sweatshirts, etc. Some of the best memories of cheerleaders are when they see the boxes of uniforms inside their coaches’ offices. This means that the uniforms have already been delivered. This is the equivalent of Christmas morning for many cheerleaders.


Cheerleading may have been belatedly categorized as a sports, but that doesn’t mean cheerleaders are any less athletic than other sports people. In fact, cheerleaders are some of the most athletic people in the world. They run, dance, tumble, split, fly, jump, etc. Their arsenal is so wide and daring that not many athletes can do what they do on a daily basis.


Cheerleading is not all about the physicality of the sports. It’s also about the attitude. Cheerleaders put spirit in everything they do, from the stunts to the routines to the dances. Even those passes are not immune to the “spirit” that cheerleaders are famous for.


Cheerleaders put glitters on everything—their makeup, their hairs, their clothes, their shoes, their pom-poms, and their props. Have you seen a glittery routine during a cheerleading competition? Doesn’t it make everything more perfect and more, well, sparkly? How cool is it for people to see glittery cheerleaders waving sparkly pom-poms on the air with the glitters raining down from them?


Cheerleaders are some of the sportiest people in the world. The adrenaline rush is kind of addicting, actually. Do you happen to know how it feels like when you’re standing on top of the water park slide just before the drop? There’s a certain fear and thrill to it, right? That’s what cheerleaders feel every time they perfect a new stunt or join a competition. Actually, no, multiply that feeling by a hundred, and that’s the kind of rush cheerleaders have when they are doing a routine.

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