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Lakeland cheerleading

What will you do if you have suddenly been asked to be a team parent for your daughter’s Lakeland cheerleading squad? Although it is a great privilege, it can be quite a stressful period for you because you have to take care of a whole new crowd. It is a little overwhelming, admittedly, but you are not alone in the world! Every team parent has the same feeling.

To understand this better, here are the five stages of accepting the fact that you have just become a team parent:


Was I just chosen to become a cheer team parent? You will be responsible for people other than your family. That’s usually hard to take in whether you have been cajoled to do so or have been appointed by the coach. What should you do? Where do you start? The first stage of every overwhelming situation is denial. But to be successful in this new endeavor, you simply have to open the lines of communication with your family, the team, the coach, and the other parents.


Now that you know what needs to be done, you are feeling a little overwhelmed. You now understand what your responsibilities are, and you feel like there are so much that needs to be done. That’s a normal feeling. As with everything new in life—a new house or a new job—you have to learn how to adjust. Create a list of what needs to be done and do the task one at a time.


Getting organized is the best way to tackle any situation or duty. Meet with the coach to know what is expected of you. List down all the things you have to do and delegate tasks if you have to. Start sticking to your schedule and always try to meet your deadlines.


Learn the best way how to communicate with your team. Is it through email or phone? Make sure everyone knows how to contact you, so that if any problem arises, you can immediately address the situation. To help you communicate better with your team, set up a separate email account or maybe even create a group on Facebook.

Be the boss

You cannot expect yourself to do everything. You have to trust the team, the coach, and the other parents enough to delegate tasks. Being a team parent for a Lakeland cheerleading squad is a hard job, but it’s doable. Other parents want to volunteer, too. Just ask them to lend a hand and they will surely help you with the tasks.

Lakeland cheerleading

Can you join a Lakeland cheerleading team when you have an asthma condition? Of course, yes, depending on the magnitude of your asthma attacks. By doing in-depth research and talking to your medical practitioner, you can get some pointers on how to deal with your condition while enjoying becoming a member of a cheer team.

It’s important to note that asthma is not a condition you should take lightly. You don’t just join a cheer team and expect to be an active member when you haven’t taken any precautions for your asthma. Your doctor will tell you what activities you can do or how you can treat your condition. The doctor may restrict you from joining some activities, though let’s hope it’s not cheerleading.

Asthma probably won’t keep you away from the cheerleading mat. There are many athletes who have begun their careers while they are suffering from asthma. In fact, a number of them have somehow managed to overcome and to defeat asthma throughout their sporting careers. When before they suffer from shortness of breath and other asthma symptoms, they have now become better because of the endurance training they got from their respective sports. Even activities like basketball, volleyball, dance, and track are not immune from people with asthma.

Olympic champions Jackie Joyner Kersey (track), Amy Van Dyken (swimming), Justine Henin (tennis), and Dennis Rodman (basketball) are just examples of athletes who have suffered from asthma while pursuing their sporting dreams. If you are an athlete with asthma, know that you are not alone. It is a common enough condition and you can still be an exceptional athlete even if you are suffering from it. Other than having the skills and the work ethic, athletes with asthma have also prepared themselves by doing research and consulting their doctors.

Having asthma doesn’t mean you cannot be a cheerleader. It only means that compared to the other girls, you have a little more process to go through such as seeking medical advice from your doctor. You have to make sure that the coach knows you have asthma and that he/she is well aware that you are seeking help for your condition. If you have problems during trainings and competitions, you need to let the coach know, too. Don’t force yourself if you feel that an attack is coming. Listen to what your body is saying. If you feel that you cannot continue with the often tedious training and practice of Lakeland cheerleading, then you need to take a break and catch your breath.

Lakeland cheerleading

The hardest part about being the coach of a Lakeland cheerleading team is stopping conflicts from happening or resolving it once it’s present. Being able to work with a team is a skill that even adults have a hard time perfecting. There is no formula. There is nothing you can do but to try to get along with everybody.

Especially in teenagers, conflicts are inevitable. Emotions, pressure of doing well, personal problems—all of these contribute to the possibility of conflicts arising among the team members.

As a coach, here are some of the things you can do to avert or resolve the conflicts:

Don’t tolerate it

During the orientation, before the official season starts, make sure your girls are well aware that you won’t be tolerating any conflicts within the team. If they are not sure they can get along well with other, you should point out to them that they are free the leave the squad. You can make it fun, too. Put up quotes and signs around your gym or your cheer facility.

Don’t let it blow out of proportion

Conflicts usually arise between two individuals who disagreed on something. When the conflict is this small, it is easier to manage it. What makes it difficult is when other people come into the picture. Once everyone takes side, the conflict will get out of control. As soon as you realize there’s a misunderstanding between two cheerleaders in your team, call their attention and force them to talk about the issue like adults. Most of the times, the conflict is a simple misunderstanding that was not handled well. Get your cheerleaders to talk about it, find a common ground, and solve it.

Let the captain handle it

If you feel that the cheerleaders are not comfortable talking about the issue to you, maybe they will be able to talk to the team captain about it. Most teenagers are simply more open to people their age because they feel that the coach won’t be able to understand what they are going through. Remember to choose your team captain not only because she is skilled, but also because she possesses a strong leadership skill. Allow your captain to talk with the cheerleaders, and see how she will handle the situation.

Schedule for a team building

Build a strong Lakeland cheerleading team that can work well together. You can do this by allowing the members to bond. This can happen during team practice or competition, but nothing beats the teamwork taught by team building events. There are a number of games and activities on the internet that you can apply during the team building event.

Lakeland cheerleading

Lakeland cheerleading teams are known for being active in the community and for raising awareness for a variety of causes. This is one of the reasons why it’s fun to be a part of a cheerleading squad—because it actually has a role to play in the community and it becomes an integral part of it.

The Breast Cancer Awareness Month is celebrated every October by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, which provides early detection screenings, including mammograms, breast health education, and a supportive community.

Here are some of the things that the cheerleading team can do to raise awareness for the community:

Pink cheer items

Pink ribbons were distributed to all breast cancer survivors and participants in 1991 at the Komen New York City Race for the Cure. Today, any generic pink ribbon can be used to represent breast cancer awareness. Cheerleaders can integrate a lot of pink items in their routines. They can use pink pompoms, pink ribbons, pink uniform, pink socks, pink shoes, etc. There are loads of accessories that can show your support for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Pink pep rally

Your team can host a pink-themed pep rally that will gather the community members together. You can host a lot of activities that will showcase the cancer awareness month. You can invite the local branch of the National Breast Cancer Foundation to participate in the pep rally and sponsor talks and seminars that will give lectures about the early detection of breast cancer. Make sure to invite as many women (and men) as you can because you need to gather as much people as you can.


One of the most important things that you can do for the breast cancer awareness month is to raise money and funds for it. Without the help of organizations like a cheerleading team, the foundation would cease to exist. It needs all the support it can get to keep the program working and to be able to host seminars and conferences for the stockholders.

Volunteer at a local hospital

You don’t need to volunteer at the exact cancer unit of the local hospital, but you can still offer your free services to any unit that needs extra hands. This is a good way for the Lakeland cheerleading team not only to bond together and realize their great fortune, but also to extend their help to those in need.

Lakeland cheerleading

Bonding with teammates, improving the cheer spirit, and working hard to be victorious are the main reasons why Lakeland cheerleading members enjoy summer camp. Being with their teammates outside the gym and the practice facility can make them better in their craft. However, ensuring the safety of everyone in the camp should be the top priority of cheerleaders, their parents, and their coaches.

Here are the things that parents, coaches, and cheerleaders can do to ensure they stay safe while they are in camp:


Parents will always be worried about their children, whether they are in the gym, the practice facility, or in camp. What they can do is to check if the coaches are trained in basic first aid or if they even know CPR since most cheer camps are located near a body of water. Parents will feel more at ease when they know that the coaches are trained to properly handle accidents. Parents should also interview the coaches about any experiences they had before dealing with accidents in cheer camps. There should be safety measures being followed, so parents will feel at ease.


Before booking a location for the cheer camp, coaches need to make sure that the site has the right equipment for cheering. If the site has equipment for working out or for cheerleading, ask how upgraded the equipment is and whether or not there is first aid supplies there. If there is none and you still want to choose that site, make sure you’re bringing your own. Some camp locations have a nurse or a safety-trained individual in the site to assist during emergencies. Again, if they have none, you can bring your own personal nurse or health assistant.

Once you’re there, make sure to check the equipment and the facilities every day. You don’t know when it will suddenly malfunction.


Cheerleaders should make sure that they are safe from injuries by working out, stretching out their muscles, and taking care of their bodies. Cheer camp is intensive, and it’s not all fun, so cheerleaders have to prepare their bodies for the rigorous workout, training, practice, and stunts.

Cheerleaders should also be able to tell their coaches when they are not feeling right. Since most cheer camps happen during the summer season, this means that cheerleaders can easily get nauseous and exhausted. Once cheerleaders feel dizzy, they should immediately tell it to their coach and not force themselves to exert more effort to practice.

Lakeland cheerleading

Every one of us can get tired of the same old place, the same old faces, the same old routines. Even you, as a coach, can be exhausted from having to meet at the same place with the same people all the time. Some Lakeland cheerleading members get complacent because they already have the routines perfected and all they have to do is practice it again and again. When this happens, it’s all up to the coaches to switch up the adventure and the fun.

This is especially important during the summer season when your cheerleaders can get bored since they are doing the same thing every practice. Why don’t you take them to a new place where they can practice and have fun at the same time?


No matter where you live, there should be parks somewhere there. Whether you live in a city or in the province, a park will always be accessible to you. Parks are great places to get the team outside and to rejuvenate them. They’ll get some fresh air and they can have fun after practice. Instead of simply lounging around the gym after practice, they can play frisbee or some other sports they enjoy while in the park. You can also have a picnic after and talk about the coming season. Remember, a well-bonded cheerleading team and a happy team at that can improve their performance and may even inspire them to make new routines and choreographies.


We know that not everyone has access to the beach. We hope you do because if there’s a beach accessible for the cheerleading team, you should pack your bags and just go. It is hard not to love the beach, and you can actually practice with the team by the shores. It’s a perfect opportunity to have a challenging workout, too. The sandy shores aren’t exactly the perfect place to do your normal routines, but the challenge should make the practice more exciting. If you are working out at the beach, however, make sure you have sunscreen and lots of water with you to keep you and the team hydrated.


Are you leaving near the city center? Why don’t you do an impromptu performance? Your Lakeland cheerleading team will surely love the adventure and the fun of that. This is a good bonding moment for them because not only can they perform the stunts they love, they’ll be able to do it before an audience and with their friends. Make sure not to do too much flying or jumping if you’re doing the stunts on concrete.

Lakeland cheerleading

Circuit workouts are the best kind of workouts for Lakeland cheerleading. Instead of doing the same repetitive motion such as running, you can do a set amount of time or reps for a handful of different exercises. In as short as five minutes, you can do lunges, planks, leg raises, and even flutter kicks. The thing about circuit workouts is that they will never bore you. Instead of doing the same thing, you will be looking forward to your “favorite” routine, and isn’t that wonderful?

Your coach might have taught you a similar workout in the past when you are preparing in the gym. Usually, when this happens in the gym, there will be different stations in each corner of the gym where you will have to go once the exercise is done. One corner of the gym can be for lunges, the other for leg raises, the other for body weight squats, and so on. Circuit workouts are best done with a group, though you can also do it in your own backyard this summer.

It takes a lot for teenagers, especially with all the distraction of modern world, to focus on one goal. Once they set their eyes on cheerleading, they should be disciplined and responsible enough to stick to that goal and do everything in their power to achieve what they have set out to do. That’s why it’s important that these young girls are also taught the value of sacrifice and hardwork. While most of their friends are hanging out in malls—watching movies and trying out new places—a cheerleaders must spend a significant amount of her time in the morning exercising.

If you want to keep up with the rest of the team for next season, you better have the stamina for it. Remember, cheerleading isn’t exactly an easy sports. You don’t just jump and kick, you have to tumble and even “fly.” Circuit workouts can be easily done in your backyard; all you have to do is combine the right exercises that will make you more fit and healthier.

There are two ways to create a circuit workout: one, choose three to five exercises and do the whole circuit workout either two or three times; and two, choose nine to 15 different exercises and just do the whole thing once. The target here is to choose a variety of exercises that will target a specific group of muscles in your body. The most popular circuit workouts are those that include leg exercises, arm exercises, abs, and cardio exercises.

Recreational Cheer Image

Tryouts are the first official introduction to a team. If you’re a Lakeland cheerleading coach, that means that your first tryout will also be the first time the rest of the team will meet you, unless, of course, you’ve called for a meeting for the previous squad. If you cannot put together a successful round of tryouts, potential cheerleaders may lose their interest in your squad and they may opt to go to another team. That’s a loss on your part because these are the same people you will be competing against. Surely, you don’t want to strengthen the other team?

Give yourself time

The first thing you should do as a coach is to give yourself time to prepare for the tryout. Don’t be afraid to move the schedule later than usual if it will make you feel better about the preparation. That is also beneficial because it will give people enough time to think about whether they want to be a part of the team. Depending on the kind of setup you have with the school administration and management, you may have to request for clearances to hold the tryouts in the school gym. Once you have this cleared, you will need to fill up paperworks and put formalities out of the way. Reserve the gym for several days because there may be a lot of signups and it’s always good to have an extra day to meet the new team.

Define what kind of team you want

Do you want a yell team? If that’s what you want, that means you don’t have to look for people with a lot of skills in jumping, flying, cartwheeling, and other routines. Make sure that you include this information on the call sheet. Remember, most girls want to become cheerleaders because they want to learn these “tricks,” as young girls call it. They want to learn how to do the cartwheel, how to be a flyer, and how to do all those complicated dance routines.

It’s important that these young girls know what they are getting into, and what they should not expect from the Lakeland cheerleading team.

Make pamphlets and info sheet

Information packets are always beneficial to any company, team, organizations, etc. These collates all the pertinent information about what you are doing and what your goals are. Every time you feel like you’re diverting from your goals, you can simply look back at these information packets and be reminded on why you’re there in the first place. Include all important dates, fees, information, etc. about the Lakeland cheerleading team in these pamphlets.

Lakeland cheerleading

Once you enter the wonderful but scary life of being a college student, you’ll realize you have even less time now than when you were in high school and juggling academics and Lakeland cheerleading at the same time. College is a different beast, however. Though the classes, the lifestyle, the people, the adventures, and the learnings are more fun, they tend to be overwhelming, too.

Many succumb to the pressure of college, which is why it is always better to keep something that is dear to you. If cheerleading will help you keep sane once you’re studying in the bigger academic world, then take it with you. Though there are few colleges and universities that give out cheerleading scholarships or even take cheerleading as a serious sports, you can still try out for the team.

After all, these colleges and universities are big spenders and supporters of their basketball and football teams. When there is a game on the line, they still need the cheerleaders to rally them on and make them feel better even after losing an important game of the season.

Compared to high school cheerleading, this particular sports in college is less intimidating. Most people do not want to be saddled with an extra-curricular activity on top of their academics. That’s unfortunate because cheerleading is such a good mood booster that it can help you be more productive in school.

If there is no cheerleading team in your college or you simply don’t want to join the college team, you can opt to keep in touch with your old high school squad. There is a good chance that you know who the current cheerleaders are—these are the same girls you have worked and competed with before, after all. Only now, instead of being your juniors, they are already seniors of their own and they have new girls to take care of and teach new routines to.

Cheerleading, after all, is a cycle. Everyone gets to graduate and leave the old squad behind. The team stays, though, and we find many past cheerleaders going back to the team and lending their expertise to the new girls. It’s a sort of sorority only members of that squad understand. Lakeland cheerleading is a special bond, and you must take that with you wherever you go—be it in college or when you are already working.

In fact, we must say that cheerleading is forever a part of you. If you’re not doing it now, it doesn’t mean you’re no longer a part of it. You have made your mark and you will always cherish that.

Lakeland cheerleading

In every Lakeland cheerleading competition, someone has to win and someone has to lose. Understanding the concept of winning and losing, and even perfecting the very principle and existence of it, doesn’t make losing any easier. In fact, because you know why you lost, it somehow breaks your heart even deeper.

But things are different when you are competing. When you compete, you want to know why you failed and you want to correct those mistakes. Cheerleading coaches always point this out to the team members—accept defeat but learn from it and try not to fall on the same reason. And yet, many cheerleaders are disappointed at the way judges “sometimes” unfairly judge a competition and how constructive criticisms are not to be found in the score sheets.

Feedback is needed

After every competition, a cheerleading team gets its score cards from the judges. Whether they win or lose, they will see how the judges have scored their performances. For the most part, though, the judges will rarely put comments and other suggestions on those score cards. They will simply put an average or below average score on the card and let the losing cheerleading team figure out where they went wrong. This isn’t what these girls want to see or hear. They want feedback, and they are craving for it. They want to know what they have done wrong or how they can improve on it or if they can improve on it. That way, the next time they face the judges, they are more prepared.

Wrong scoring (even after admission) is wrong

We’ve seen this before. We have seen it in the grandest stage. Judges can score wrongly and give the trophy to the losing team rather than the winning team. An apology is applauded, of course, and the judges are forgiven for only being human, after all. We all make mistakes. But this is no fun for the cheerleaders who worked hard for the competition. A wrong scoring will rob them off the chance to celebrate their victory. Their victory, too, will be mired with questions and speculations. No team deserves that kind of scrutiny.

Playing favorites is awful

There is a reason why the Oscar’s has become so boring in recent years. We see the same old nominees and the same old winners. There’s nothing new here even if you know that another actor did better than Meryl Streep, for example. A judge cannot play favorite and choose a team representing the town where he/she came from. If the judges can’t put their personal biases aside, they have no business of judging a competitive Lakeland cheerleading.


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