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Lakeland cheerleading

Everyone’s excited for summer. The season means a lot of outings, reunions, beaches, parties, and generally hanging out with your friends and family. That’s why it’s so hard to stay motivated throughout the season because Lakeland cheerleading members think that they have all the time in the world to practice and workout in the future.

That’s the problem with this vacation season—cheerleaders may be distracted with a lot of other activities going on around them. During the cheerleading season, they are more focused and definitely more dedicated to the job at hand. That changes during summer. Here are five ways to stay motivated throughout the season:

Sneak your workouts

If you’re finishing a TV series and you’re in the middle of an intense marathon, incorporate all your workout routines during commercial breaks. You can do a different exercise every 15 minutes or so. For example, you can do 15 pushups this commercial then another 15 squats and planks on the next one. you may even do these lunges even as you watch on Netflix (when there’s no commercial break) since they are not going to take away your attention from the series or the movie.

Create an inspiration board

Create something that will inspire you—maybe it’s a picture of an athlete you admire or any specific goals you set for yourself this summer. Make sure that this board is visible to you at all times, so you don’t lose track of your goals.

Tell everyone what your goals are

Challenge yourself by telling everyone what your goals are. If your friends and family know you are trying to reach a certain milestone, they will hold you accountable if you don’t reach them. They will act as your reminder every time you lose a step and they will also encourage you from time to time. As for yourself, you will be tasked to work harder knowing that other people are looking at you.

Find someone to workout with

Find a friend who wants to achieve the same goals as you. Maybe you can even ask the rest of the Lakeland cheerleading squad to work out together. You will most likely be motivated to work out if you are with friends and companions. You can have fun while doing all the routines.

Make a routine

If you decide to reach a certain goal, you need to stick to the plan. Don’t decide every day if you’re going to work out or not. Just work out and do what you’re supposed to do.


Every summer, Lakeland cheerleading coaches have to deal with a lot of stress coming from the training and practice period. There are so many things they have to do once the summer season starts—they have to take care of the tryouts, as well as the practice for the new and old cheerleaders.

On top of these all, there is politics among the school administrators and the parents of the cheerleaders. Everybody wants to do something different for the squad, though you’re really the only one who understands what needs to be done and what the team demands.

Finding a place to practice

If you are not part of a competitive squad, you will have a hard time finding a place to practice. This means you don’t have your own gymnasium or maybe the school is reserving that for the basketball team? If you’re in a band, you can practice in the basement or the garage of your house. However, a cheerleading team needs a special facility where there are high ceilings, beams, safety mats, and many other protective measures in place. This isn’t really that easy to find during the summer season when every single athletic team is in need of space.

Tempering the weather

Summer season is, well, just about the hottest and most humid weather of the year. It’s not easy to practice and to work out when your cheerleaders are sweating it out even before the practice begins. As a coach, you have to remind your girls to always stay hydrated and to never allow themselves to work through any physical pain they might be feeling, especially shortness of breath. If they think they are not healthy and could succumb to heat stroke, they have to take a break first.

Keeping your cheerleaders in check

Summer means pool parties, movie nights, beaches, and out-of-town trips. How do you keep up with the social activities of your cheerleaders? There are so many distractions out there that it’s almost impossible to expect the girls to arrive to practice at the right time, or to arrive at all. They may have many excuses—family outings, reunions, parties, etc. Keep in mind that their discipline will determine their spot in the team. If they are not disciplined enough, please call their attention.

Staying on budget

The organization or the school sponsoring your Lakeland cheerleading team will give you a specific budget for the year. Chances are, once summer is here, you’re almost at the bottom of the barrel and waiting for the new fund to arrive. Staying in budget is certainly a challenge, but not if you employ some wizard skills to keep you in check all throughout the year.


It is no secret that there is a certain dynamic between Lakeland cheerleading coaches and the parents of their cheerleaders. Both have good intentions toward the girls, but the parents may have a slight ulterior motive for their own daughters, of course. This may lead to some misunderstanding on the court because coaches want to be professional about everything while parents are bound to side with their kids.

Here are some tips on how you can maintain a good relationship between parents and coaches:

Do not befriend coaches to earn their loyalty

Parents can have an ulterior motive—they want to become close to the coaches because they want to score brownie points for their daughters. Some coaches are so used to it that they avoid being close to the parents. There are times when parents expect a coach to let go of a cheerleaders’ mistakes or failures because the coach should be “loyal” to the parents and therefore, to the cheerleader. These parents fail to understand that coaches should be loyal to the team, and not to the parents. The only thing parents can require from them is to keep their kids safe from harm and accidents.

Coaches know what they are doing

Parents can be a know-it-all, sometimes. They are allowed to watch the team practice and compete but they should never tell a coach how one routine should be done or who should be in the team or not. Coaches are there to get the athletes ready for competition and performance. They are not there to suit everybody’s egos, and they are certainly not there to spite a parent, no matter what she may think about it. If parents don’t understand certain rules in the cheerleading team, they should ask the coaches nicely about it. They should never impose what they think is right.

Cheerleaders are reflections of their parents

When you become too much involved in the process of the cheerleading team, you may go beyond your limits and cross the lines many times. If you become suddenly rude to the coaches or to the team, that could reflect on your children. If you suddenly pull them out of the team because you did not get your way, you are teaching your daughter how to quit. You are not hurting the coach. You are hurting the team and you are hurting your child. Don’t break the friendships formed along the way just because you think your daughter deserves a more special spot in the team.


This is the highlight of every Lakeland cheerleading member—the summer of cheer camp. It’s a good time to spend with your cheer friends in lieu of becoming better cheerleaders. If this is the first time you’ll go to cheer camp, you may be feeling a lot of nerves and anxiety along with the excitement.

Here are the four things you can expect when attending a cheerleading camp:

New information

There are lots of new skills, exercises, choreography, training methods, and tips and tricks to learn in a cheer camp. You may feel overwhelmed because of the influx of information coming your way, but that’s normal and don’t hesitate to join in the fun. When you’re in the camp, it’s important to carry a notebook and a pen with you, so you can take notes. Just writing the information down will give you a boost of retention. When and once you forgot about the information, you can go back to your notebook and review it. Always jot down notes whenever you have the opportunity to do so.


Going to cheer camp will push you to share a living space with the other girls. If you have your own room or bathroom at home, this is a totally new thing for you. It will be good for you, and it will only be for a few days. And if you’re going to the camp with your own squad, you won’t be living with strangers. These are your friends from the cheer team, so you are already familiar with them. This is a great time to bond with your teammates—those you are already close with and those you’re not that close with.


A cheer camp is not a spa holiday. You’re not going to be relaxed here. You’re going to feel exhausted because of everything you have to do. Most of the schedule will be about cheer training—from choreography to conditioning to working out. You will also be a little sleep-deprived because you’re going to stay up late with your friends. You have to get proper nutrients and stay hydrated all throughout your stay in the camp because you will be practicing a lot and joining a lot of activities.

Non-cheer activities

Cheer camps usually have other activities they offer to the cheerleaders. They have swimming pools and game rooms, so that cheerleaders can go there during their free time. They can even do some bonfire nights when they bond with their friends before going to sleep.


If you have a daughter who love Lakeland cheerleading and would love to be a cheerleader, chances are you have already put your mind at ease. After all, you only have to drop her off to practice and pick her up after an hour, right? That’s just like having a good break in the afternoon, when you can do errands and other stuff.

Wrong. Cheerleading requires as much dedication from the parents as the cheerleaders. As parents, you need to be ready to enter a different world than you know. There’s definitely physical, emotional, mental, and financial strain in having a daughter who falls in love with cheerleading.

Mental capacity

From this day forward, you will be hearing a lot about cheerleading from your daughter. It will be her topic when she wakes up and before she sleeps at night. This will be her focus and you should be appreciative of it. Instead of having to worry about your kids hanging out with the bad group, you’ll be secured in the knowledge that she’s practicing, training, and working out with the other girls. You should familiarize yourself with her coaches and her teammates, too, because there’s a good chance you’ll play chaperone to them during competitions. You are going to hear a lot about them, too.

Flexible schedule

If you are not working, this might be no problem for you. If you are, then you’ve got a challenge on your hand. You have to work out your schedule, so that you don’t fit in too much during the weeks that your daughter might need you. During trainings and tryouts, the coach might call for an emergency meeting regarding important matters about cheerleading. Make sure to be active and to be present in this stage of your little cheerleader’s life. She will feel better knowing that you’re there to support her all the way.


Lakeland cheerleading is not at all inexpensive. You have to have money or the budget for it. During summer season, your child might be required to attend a cheering camp while every start of the term, there are new uniforms and other accessories required from the girls. Surely, you don’t want to like your kid being left behind by the others in the group, right? Even before your daughter applies for a slot in the squad, it’s important that you realize how much this is going to cost in the long run.

Lakeland cheerleading

Although cheerleaders are natural hard workers and they really persevere to make the most out of their talents and skills, it cannot be helped that some of them get exhausted and bored with the repetitive process of practicing stunts and routines. As coaches, you can incorporate a few tweaks in your practice time, so that you can help them advance their routines and help a little bit more in the other elements of their Lakeland cheerleading lives.

Here are three ways you can maximize your practice time, so you can better prepare your cheerleaders for a competition or performance:

Get them fit

The reason why some cheerleaders aren’t able to complete a routine successfully, or why minor accidents and incidents happen in the gym is because they are not fit. It’s not that they lack focus, dedication, and practice. Most of the times, no matter how cheerleaders practice, they can make small and big mistakes because their bodies are not fit enough. The muscles required to be able to jump, stunt, and tumble are different compared to other sports. The exercise plans must be adjusted according to the needs of each cheerleader. Some of the focuses must be on stability and strength training, cardio for endurance, and core training.

If you have no fitness background to do this, don’t worry. You can always adjust your budget, so you can hire a fitness expert to take care of your girls.

Draft a plan

The reason why most cheerleading teams fail to workout is because they don’t incorporate working out in their schedules. As a coach, before the term starts, you should make a schedule for your cheerleaders, where they have enough time to study, workout, practice, and even have a social life outside of school and cheerleading. The coaches stand as the cheerleaders’ parents while they are in school. Cheerleaders look up to their coaches with regards to even the simplest of things like schedules. Make sure that you work out the schedules even before your first practice.

Build rapport

There is no Lakeland cheerleading squad if there is no teamwork and camaraderie among your girls. They need to work out their differences and work flawlessly together to be able to execute the routines and stunts you have been practicing all-summer-long. Speaking of the summer season, maybe you should look into a cheerleading camp. Suggest that your cheerleaders attend one because not only will they learn a lot, they will also develop their skills and discover a lot about themselves.

Lakeland cheerleading

The heart of a champion… the heart of a warrior… though coming back to the team after a major injury is often a commendable spirit, this isn’t always good for you or the team. In fact, it may be bad for Lakeland cheerleading because you are coming back to them half-baked. Instead of helping the squad, you may be jeopardizing their chances altogether.

It does sound like a good and tough thing to do—to come back to full capacity as a cheerleader even before you are ready to—but this is hurting, and not helping, your team. Your team needs you to be at your 100 percent best. They don’t need someone who can do one routine but end up on the mat on the next one. If you are going to help your squad, they need you to be a fully functional member of the team.

If you are a base cheerleader, for example, who got a shoulder injury, how do you think your shoulder will be able to carry the weight of a pyramid? They won’t and you will suffer tremendously. In fact, if you try to carry more than you can or should, there’s a good chance you may even jeopardize the health of your teammate. Imagine a falling pyramid. How would the flier on top feel like if her base cheerleader has a sore shoulder?

What you need to do is to recover from the injury at your own pace. While athletes have difference pace when it comes to recovering from injuries, you can ask the help of experts or even your school’s doctor/nurse on how to hasten the improvement of your injuries. Once you return to practice for a routine or a stunt, you should cover the injured area to make sure that they will remain safe from any undue pressure. Come back to cheerleading slowly but surely. There is no use trying to outrun an imaginary person when it comes to recover.

Another thing about recovering from Lakeland cheerleading injuries is that it also requires mental strength. Once you get injured, that part of your body will never ever feel normal again. It will always have some form of trauma for the injury that it sustained. You will be reluctant to trust that body part, whether it’s to carry your cheerleader friend or to boost you up as a flier. But as time goes on, you’ll realize your mentality is also healing and you’ll soon find yourself trusting your body again.

Lakeland cheerleading

As much as we want to prevent injuries from ever happening to any Lakeland cheerleading athletes, that’s not always within our power. From time to time, accidents do occur and that means some of our girls are subjected to minor to major injuries. There are a few times that the injuries have been life-threatening, and that always sends a chilling effect across the league.

Cheerleading has been, in fact, named the most dangerous sports for girls because of the high amount of injuries. Hopefully, if you will only remember the essentials and accept the fact that there are some things you cannot control, you will be able to avoid getting injured.

They are preventable

Minor to major injuries happen because they are beyond one’s control. No coach or team member ever wants to lose a cheerleader to injuries. You can minimize the risks if you and the rest of the team will take extra security precautions. If you don’t feel safe doing a routine, a stunt, or a tumble, then don’t do it. If you are not feeling well, then don’t try to complete a routine. If you think you lack the skills to practice a routine, then tell your coach and work on your individual skills first.

They will happen

Anticipating injuries will make you more alert. That means that you will have the forecast to know that something might go wrong with a routine if one takes a bad step. Being a cheerleader, you know the risks you are taking because these risks are included in the package of being an athlete. What you can do is to take safety measures and ensure to follow these measures, so you can reduce the risks of any injuries.

They can’t be ignored

You have to take care of the injury as soon as it happens to you. The severity of the injury can have a lasting effect not only in your career as an athlete, but in your personal life, too. If you don’t take care of a sprained ankle, for example, this may swell a lot more. You have to put ice on it and rest it immediately.

They shouldn’t keep you away from the team

Even if you are injured, make sure to connect with your teammates. Attend practices, clinics, competitions, etc. Be there to show your support to the team. This will also keep you from missing what the team is learning and how they are developing their relationships.


Almost all Lakeland cheerleading stunts are pretty exciting, not to mention awesome. Cheerleaders are astonishing in their abilities to compose and balance themselves. We know it’s not easy by the looks of it, but cheerleaders are so good at making sure the audience are entertained rather than concerned.

When you watch cheerleading videos, aren’t you amazed by those high-flying stunts you see them do? One very common stunt we see is the pyramid, where flyers are hoisted and flung into the air by their base companions. Unlike other stunts, pyramids can be customized depending on need of the routine. They can be changed to match the rhythm of the music.

Pyramids bring the crowd on their feet

There’s no other stunt that the crowd loves more than pyramid. The moment that your base companions line up, the crowd certainly knows what’s going to happen. Some of them jump to their feet while others cheer louder. Pyramids can really pump up a crowd. People rejoice when they see cheerleaders on top of that pyramid and they cheer even more once the stunt is completed (the pyramid deconstructed successfully).

Pyramids are a combined effort

There is no single cheerleader on earth who can make a pyramid by herself. That’s impossible and improbable and a little unfortunate because it would be a miracle we can witness. Pyramids are the combined effort of a team. There are many routines that require the trust and the teamwork of the whole squad, but nothing defines that more than a pyramid. It takes the whole team to pull it off.

Pyramids make cheerleaders creative

There are many ways to jump on top of the pyramid. While the old-school technique of jumping with the help of the base cheerleaders still work, there are many creative ways to do it now. If you want to wow the judges, you have to think of something that has never been done before. Just make sure you practice it well before the coaches and that you take all the precautionary measures.

Pyramids challenge cheerleaders

Some teams don’t want to take the risk of practicing a pyramid. Many think it is too dangerous for cheerleaders to try. However, if you want to win in competitions, pyramid is a staple routine. You can simplify it, but you certainly can’t remove it from the whole routine. In fact, for many Lakeland cheerleading squads, pyramid is the finale of every routine.


So, okay, you have just been in this Lakeland cheerleading camp for less than a month, maybe even just a couple of weeks. Yet, you cannot stop gushing about it to your siblings, your parents, and your other group of friends. There’s just something about spending all those time with your co-cheerleaders that you just can’t get enough of.

Whether it’s about the new stunts you learned or some of the knowledge that you picked up from others, a cheerleading camp has changed you in ways you never imagined possible. If you noticed something strange about yourself like giggling endlessly, don’t worry because you don’t have to consult a doctor. You’re doing just fine. You’ve just been subjected to a healthy dose of cheerleading camp memories.

Inside jokes

You’ll be giggling a lot by yourself because most of the people around you back home did not go to the camp and did not know these people you’re talking about. Be ready to either explain the joke or just be content with laughing by yourself. Some may even call you crazy because they will never understand all those funny little jokes you shared with your new friends. You’re going to come back with a lot of cheer camp memories, and you will treasure these forever.

Cheerleading urban myths

Once you’re in the camp, you’ll be hearing a lot about these things. In fact, you might even relive some of these urban legends. Look, if you’re still not familiar with some of these stories, you better brush up on your cheerleading myths. Ask an older cheerleader or maybe even your coach. We’re sure they have loads of this. One of the most popular? It’s regarding every cheer item as sacred for the rest of the summer. You may want to hold on tight to those pom-poms.


Whether it’s a new cheer or routine you learned, the moment you hear the music, you may just unabashedly stumble or make a cartwheel in front of your family. Before they call the hospital and ask you to be admitted, let them know you’re just full of energy from the cheer camp and you like to practice every single cheer you learned there. For your benefit, make sure to jot down whatever cheer you compose in your mind instead of just shouting it out around the house. You’ll see that by the end of the summer, your season has become so productive you’ll even be excited about the upcoming cheering competitions.


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