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Your non-cheerleading friends may not understand all the fascination you have about Lakeland cheerleading. That’s okay. Not everybody will understand the thrill and the excitement you get when you are out there on the field performing and competing. But hey, you have to make them understand, too, because they are your friends and you want them to be a part of what makes you happy, right?

Bring them to practice or competition

What better way to make them understand why you are putting yourself in such bodily pain than showing them what you’ve got. Once they see that you are actually really good at cheerleading, then if they are your friends, they will understand why this is something close to your heart. The truth is, you don’t really have to make them understand. If they see you happy, they will support you. But try to make them see what cheerleading means to you by bringing them to practice or to competitions.

Tell them why it makes you fulfilled

Cheerleading is fulfilling for a lot of reasons. Number one, it boosts the school’s team spirit. Number two, it makes you a part of something bigger. And number three, you are proud of the work you do there. Your friends will understand why this is important to you. As long as something makes you happy, they should be supporting you all the way. The test of true friendships is understand and acceptance. Maybe they are not part of your cheerleading world but it should make them happy that you found your passion.

Let them know they are still a part of your world

Sometimes, your friends are just jealous that you may be spending most of your time with your teammates rather than with them. Make sure that this is not the case by spending time with them when you can. You don’t always have to push your schedule back to make way for them, but you can let them be a part of your world by asking them about what’s keeping them busy and inviting them over to your practice and other activities. If you have a fundraising event with your team, you can ask your other friends for help to raise awareness about the event or to attend it as a sponsor. There are loads of ways you can all feel part of each other’s world. Just have an open mind about everything.


6 Reasons Lakeland Cheerleading Gets Injured

Lakeland cheerleading members suffer through innumerable injuries every season for many reasons. Sometimes, they forget to warm up and that could cause them the whole season already. Being a cheerleader is difficult because not only do you have to be physically fit, but you have to have the right emotional and mental health, too.

Though you certainly cannot stop cheerleaders from doing stunts, you can do a couple of things to prevent injuries from happening. All you have to do is avoid doing these things:

Not wearing proper gear

Majority of the cheerleaders who get injured is because they are not wearing proper cheerleading gear. A proper gear is composed of the right material for your top and bottom. It should also be fitted properly and not ill-fitting at all. this means that the cloth should hug your body and it should not be loose because this can get caught between stunts and jumps. Also, you must have the proper shoes because if they are already worn, there’s a pretty good chance that you may trip on them and cause yourself or your teammates injuries.

Working despite an injury

You may overlook an injury because you don’t want to be absent during a practice or you want to show that you are a team player. However, if you are injured and unable to perform correctly, you may cause accident to you or your teammates. If you are a base cheerleader, you may not catch the flyer who’s about to land in front of you. If you are a flyer, you may not land properly and cause injury to the one who was supposed to catch you.

Not doing a proper warm up

Warm up exercises are vital to ready your muscles for the pressure and the strain of practice and cheerleading. If you don’t warm up, you can strain your muscles, so always make sure to get your blood flowing and your muscles loosened up before doing your workout routine.

Ignoring warning signs

Your body will tell you when it is time to stop. Sometimes, you may not notice it, but your ankles or your wrists are starting to ache. Don’t ignore these things. You don’t have to stop joining practice, but maybe you can wear an extra support or put ice on it so the pain can go away.

Not thinking about safety

You are responsible for your own safety. If your coach is asking you to do a stunt that you don’t think you are ready for, then tell him that. Don’t hesitate to ask your coach or the assistants for help if you think the safety measures are not enough. Always follow your gut instinct.

Neglecting your health and well-being

Overall, you need to be healthy physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally to do everything you need to do—juggle schoolwork and cheerleading, and deal with personal issues. That means outside of practice, you have to take care of your body by working out and eating properly.


There are many dreaded words in Lakeland cheerleading such as injuries, accidents, losses, workouts, and practice (at times). But if there’s one word every cheerleader dreads, it is this: conditioning. This kind of workout hurts the body in many ways than you can count, but it is essential for the strength, stability, and stamina of every cheerleader. By not being properly conditioned, our bodies can give up from the strain and the stress we put it under during cheerleading practice and competition.

And yet, admit it, there are things you absolutely love about conditioning workouts and no, you’re not a masochist. What you are is appreciative of the opportunities you have in cheerleading.

Health and wellness

You feel much better after a conditioning workout. Your muscles may ache, but you know you’re going to achieve something good in the future. The fact is, your body may be aching but it’s the end results that you’re looking at. You will feel more confident about yourself because you are fitter and you have more stamina than ever before. It will also help you fight off colds and cough, and you will be less susceptible to injuries.


Your body is burning fat when you are working out. This ups your adrenaline levels and it release a large amount of endorphins throughout your body. Endorphins, as you well know, is the hormone that is responsible for us feeling happy. At the end of the conditioning practice, you will feel different because you are happier and more optimistic.

Team bonding

Here’s a nice little fact about Lakeland cheerleading: conditioning practices help the team bond more. Why? It is for the simple reason that you all despise conditioning equally. It’s your common denominator. Everyone doesn’t want to do it but you all know it’s good for your bodies. So, while doing the workouts, you end up complaining about it collectively. The fact that you all struggle with it makes it a good bonding session. And don’t you just love it? You don’t get to bond too much with the team because you’re all busy with schoolwork and cheerleading practice, but conditioning workouts are good times to complain about it.


Conditioning practices make you learn one thing: that in order to achieve your goals, you have to go through hardships. It makes you disciplined and it makes you a more responsible person. You’ll find soon enough when you begin adulting that it made you more patient and it made you a better person.


If we ask you to imagine what a Lakeland cheerleading mom looks like, how would you imagine her to be? If you close your eyes, we bet what you’ll see is a tall, lean, blonde woman with a great smile and an even greater fashion sense. She would arrive at the gym with her hair all made up and her high-heeled shoes clicking on the gym floor.

Unfortunately, this is not true at all. This is just one example of stereotypes about cheer mothers. Here are the others:

That cheer moms are living through their daughters

There are many misconceptions about cheer moms, but this is probably the worst—that they are reliving their glory days through their daughters. Whether the mom is a former cheerleader or not, having a cheerleader for a daughter makes people think that the mom is simply living her dream through her daughter. If she was not a cheerleader before, then some will think that she’s pushing her daughter to be one because she wasn’t able to do so before. If she was a cheerleader before, then people will think that she could not move on from her cheerleading days. While it’s true that moms can be overly supportive about the cheer careers of their daughters, this does not mean that they are pushing them to do something they don’t like.

That cheer moms are rich

This is absolutely not true at all. Yes, cheerleading is expensive because of the clothes and the other accessories, but it’s untrue that cheer moms are rich because there are a lot of fundraising and scholarship options out there that cheerleaders can take advantage of. And since cheerleading is now categorized as sports, it will receive a budget from the school management and administration. This will help in providing cheer gear for the girls, as well as the funds they need during competition season.

That cheer moms are cool like in the movies

Yes, cheer moms are cool, but not in the way you think they are. Cheer moms are cool because they let their daughters become who they want to be. But, they don’t arrive during cheer practice wearing high heels and mini skirts. Cheer moms are like your average mom. She may or may not be working in the office. She’s in rubber shoes during errand days and during competition season, she may not even have the time to brush her hair because there is so much going around her.


Whenever summer season approaches, there’s one thing on the mind of every cheerleader: summer camp. For them, it’s no ordinary camp. It’s the Lakeland cheerleading summer camp. If you have ever been to a summer camp before, you know how fond memories you have of it. That’s about the same with cheerleaders, multiplied a hundred times. Over the course of the year, they have passed the tryouts, gotten into the team they want, and are now working well ahead of the chain together with the whole team.

Imagine, they have been with these girls for a whole year almost every day. How deep has that bond gone in that year? You can only imagine. Girls will always be girls, after all, and they share even the most intimate thoughts they have. Summer camp will only intensify that bond.

As a parent, you want the best for your children, and that means prepping her for camp—what it means and how it is supposed to impact her life. Here are other things you need to prepare her for:

Remind your daughter what the camp means

Cheer camp is exciting and your daughter might think it’s vacation time and not a time to learn new skills. When you’re in a camp, there are workshops and seminars in the morning. It will teach you new things about cheerleading. At night, there are activities that will build the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie. Surely, your cheerleader won’t miss out on activities just to goof around with her friends. Remind her what the camp means for every cheerleader.

Double check her cheerleader bag

With the excitement and anticipation in your daughter’s head, she might have forgotten what needs to be packed for her time away from home. Double and triple check her bag to make sure that her gear is there, as well as other essentials she will need during the time she’s at camp. This is especially important if the camp will be held in a destination where there is no general store nearby. Aside from the basic essentials, you should not forget to put an emergency first aid kit and water bottle to keep her from getting dehydrated.

Prepare yourself

During the time she’s off at camp, learning new skills and meeting new friends, you should take the time to pamper yourself. Don’t just mope around the house because she’s gone and hanging out with her cheerleader friends. Use that time to regain some of your mojo and energy back.


You may think you have checked all the items on your list. You’ve brought all the gear. You’ve mastered the routine and the choreography. You’ve fixed the transportation and have already arrived at the location of the Lakeland cheerleading competition. And yet, somehow, something is still amiss. That’s because everything and anything can go wrong when we’re talking about a cheerleading competition.

Before going through the competition, you must have a run through with the cheerleaders, their parents, the assistant coaches, and the whole team, in general. Here are some tips on how you can better prepare for the competition:

Have a family meeting once you arrive at the location

Get together everyone as soon as you arrive at the place where the competition will be held. That means gathering the parents, the cheerleaders, and the assistance coaches and mentors. If your team has a group of fans waiting, you can ask for a representative from each group, too. The point of the meeting is to clarify to everyone what their roles are. It must be clear to the parents, for example, where they are allowed to stay while the competition is going on. It must also be clarified who will do the pickups and the drop offs. Some parents are not aware that the run throughs are not open to the general audience. Make this clear to them.

Time is of the essence during the run throughs

You will only get to practice at a specific time of the day. If you miss your practice time, plenty of teams will be running after it. These competitions run like a well-oiled machine. They are always on schedule and they are very strict about it. Make sure that you are all punctual and that you all arrive on time.

Compose your team before, during, and after the competition proper

As soon as your team walks inside the hall, you are already a representative of the whole cheerleading community. Some judges take this very seriously, which means your scores may be affected if you have poor sportsmanship or if you are annoying while waiting for your turn. Make sure that it’s clear to your cheerleaders that they shouldn’t use their mobile phones and that they should compose themselves properly.

Work harder as the competition draws near

Even if you think you have perfected everything, you must still make some late-minute practices to make sure that everyone is on their proper places and that they haven’t forgotten their steps and what needs to be done. This is the quality of a good Lakeland cheerleading coach.


There is nothing worst in starting a Lakeland cheerleading season than to miss a deadline for ordering uniforms, accessories, and other essentials. Before the cheer season ends, you may want to round up the sizes of the uniforms, as well as the other cheer gear you need to order. This will help you focus on other things—like the tryout—rather than fix the delivery schedule right before the season starts.

Order in bulk

Who covers the expenses of the cheerleading gear? If the school management shoulders it, this is a good indication that you should and can order in bulk. If your girls have to order it by themselves, you may want to advise them to order it together, so you can ask for discounts.

Invest in sublimated items

The trend in cheerleading is sublimated items, which range from uniforms to practice wear. There are many different types of sublimated items for cheerleading and you can choose between performance wear and double knit. The designs are ever evolving, so you won’t have to worry about other teams choosing the same designs as your team. Also, you can ask shops to customize the sublimated items with your team logo.

Choose the right accessories

Since you’ve already gotten discount by ordering the uniforms in bulk, you may want to order your other miscellaneous items from the same shop. Why? Because again, you can ask for discount when you order another item in bulk. This will help you keep within your budget, so you can use the extra savings you have on other important matters such as transportation to and from the location of the competition.

Check the shipping schedule

Even if you have received the proper discount and placed the right order for uniforms and accessories, you may still need to keep on your toes. What else could go wrong, right? Well, have you checked the shipping schedule? Some items may take longer, but everything should be in your gym before the season starts because your cheerleaders have to make sure they fit in the uniform and the gears are all right.

Order during off-peak season

There are certain times in a year when it is much better to order cheer gear. Springtime is the best time to start planning your order. The worst time? It’s between July and September when retailers are busy and they might mix your order with someone else’s. You need to put allowance to your order time as well, so that you have time in case of exchanges and returns.


If you have ever been to a Lakeland cheerleading competition, you might have noticed the game-day signs that the audience are waving like crazy. You think these are easy to make? Interestingly enough, you need to be extra creative in order for your game-day signs to stand out. If you have a friend or someone in the family is a cheerleader, maybe they’ll appreciate if they see you creating signs for their games and performances.

Learn how to make super creative signs by following these four tips:

Set aside a time for it

It’s not easy to do a game-day sign. It’s not something you can squeeze into your schedule. You have to set aside a specific time for it. It can take you a week up to two weeks to make a game-day sign that will stand out from all the others. There are so many things you have to think of when making signs—you have to purchase the materials, you have to divide the tasks, and finally, you have to make the sign. There is so much prep work. It’s not something you can do at the drop of a hat. You have to really prepare for it, so that your effort will shine through.

Split tasks according to strengths and weaknesses

Are you good at creating a slogan? How about in designing a sign? Are you good at drawing? When you finally meet as a team to create the perfect game-day sign, put your ideas together. And once you have decided on one concept and theme, it’s time to divide the tasks according to everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. Divide the tasks between the creatives and the logistics, so that one team will take care of the supplies, location, and schedule while the other team will design the sign. By doing this, no one will be left out and everyone will feel that they contributed to the success of the sign.

Check your grammar and spelling

There is nothing worst than brandishing a game-day sign that has a wrong spelling and grammar on it. Cheerleaders are often mistaken for being ditzy and a bit slow. Don’t perpetuate that misconception by rushing and incorrectly spelling a word. You don’t just need to double check your grammar and spelling. You need to triple check it.

Cover everything in glitter

Nothing says Lakeland cheerleading than a sign covered in glitter. When you cannot seem to decide how to design your game-day sign, it is much better to just cover everything in glitter. That way, your sign will still manage to stand out from the rest that simply used a pentel pen.

Lakeland cheerleading

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned, especially when it comes to Lakeland cheerleading. It is very easy to lose your temper when things go awry and you think nothing will go right anymore. Don’t get easily frustrated or depressed. Don’t throw a temper tantrum. Instead, gather your wits and attack the problem head on, as any coach knows he needs to do.

Ask for help

Coaches can sometimes be stubborn. They think only they know how to solve the problem of their team. That is wrong. There’s a saying that two heads are better than one. That is almost always true; even the most genius of us needs help at times. Let other (trusted) people in the problem and ask for their opinion. An outside perspective could help you see your team under a different light.

Do research

One of the benefits of this advance technology we have on our laps is that multitude of information is available to us 24/7. Look up ideas and try to incorporate them into what you’re already planning for the team. The ideas you read about can be a stepping stone to create a sequence or a routine that is unique and your own.

Get the team involved

Since the problem involves the team, you must let them in it, too. Ask them what they think of the ideas you have or how they will solve the challenge that faces you. It’s nice to hear from them and add what you hear into your own ideas. The team will feel valued and important. They will feel that their inputs somehow helped the squad and their coach. Also, it is important to hear their opinions since they are the ones who perform the routine you concoct. They may even have more info or knowledge about finding solutions than you because they are more involved.

Changes are normal

Don’t be afraid of changes. Whether you scrap the whole routine off or you incorporate new skills into it, nothing is better than being brave enough to change when the need arises. Just make sure that everyone is on the same page and you all understand that changes are normal and they are always welcome to a team that is constantly evolving.

Consult with a professional

Whatever the issues may be, there is someone out there who can help you with it because he is an “expert” or a professional on the subject matter. Don’t hesitate to contact this person and simply ask for help when you need to.

Lakeland cheerleading

Aside from perfecting your cheers and your skill, you also need to stand out from all the other Lakeland cheerleading members by adding a little flair on your cheer box. A personalized cheer box can help move your cheerleading career to the right direction. Instead of always being identified as one of the cheerleaders in the team, you can be recognized by your own name.

Here are ways you can personalize your cheer box:

Use your school colors

What better way to represent your school and your team but to use your school colors on your box? This will also complement the cheer uniform, the pom-poms, and other accessories you may have on you. Remember that it can be detrimental to your team’s success if you accidentally use another school’s colors, so to be safe, use your team’s colors and add a little bit of yourself on it by drawing an animal or a symbol close to your heart.

Add sparkle

Isn’t cheerleading always about sparkle and glitters? Mix the glitters with glue or with hair spray and it will stick on the cheer box permanently. As usual, don’t forget to only use your school’s colors or else, it can be a disaster. The addition of glitters will make your cheer box shine and it will stand out from the rest of the plain cheer boxes out there. You may even insert your name on the cheer box using sparkly glitters.

Keep it simple

It may seem contradictory with the second tip. Add glitters, but keep it simple? The point is, you have to be careful with how you decorate your cheer box. You want it to stand out and for the audience to notice it and you. If you put too many details on it, the cheer box may seem cluttered and the message will be lost. The best way to really put a spotlight on your cheer box is to keep the details simple but to add elements that will outshine the others.

Make it personal

It might seem a little redundant, but you always add a touch of you when designing your cheer box. You have to express yourself on your cheer box, so show the audience what interests you (aside from cheerleading) through it. This will help you and your interests stand out from the rest of the cheerleaders. You can also encourage your teammates to try personalizing their own cheer boxes.


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