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Lakeland cheerleading

How can you differentiate a Lakeland cheerleading camp from tryouts and practices? Aren’t these the same things? In a camp, you will learn different skills and routines. You will have to get along with your teammates, who you’ll most likely spend a room with. Some camps are overnight while some finish by the afternoon. There are also cheerleading camps that last for about three days to a week.

Whatever kind of cheer camp you’re going to attend, we’re sure you will have the time of your life with your teammates and even meet and make new friends there. You will also learn a lot of new skills, as well as hone the skills you already have.

Here are some more things you can expect when attending a camp:

Nerves or anxiety

It’s normal to feel nervous and anxious when you’re in your very first cheerleading camp. Even those who have attended numerous camps in the past can still feel anxious when they have to attend a camp with their teammates or cheerleaders from other squads. As long as you follow the rules and learn with an open heart, you’re bound to enjoy the minute you stepped in the venue.

Feeling sweaty and sore

If this is your first time cheering, this will also be the most physically challenging and grueling stage of your life as a cheerleader. This will be the case during your first few days at the camp because there are so many skills you have to learn. You will also have to work out every day while you’re there, so make sure you are physically fit to do so.

Make friends

This is a great opportunity to bond with your teammates and with cheerleaders from other teams. This will also be a time when you will learn a lot about your coaches and your mentors. Usually, your coaches are much less stiff during camp sessions. This could be a start of a beautiful friendship among your team.

Increased appetite

Because of the gazillion things you have to do during camp, you will feel your appetite increase. Don’t worry about it because you need all the energy you can save up for another day there at the camp. Just make sure you eat a balanced and healthy diet of protein-rich and healthy food, fruits, and vegetables. During the day, you can snack more than you usually do because you need to keep up with the activities your coaches and mentors will ask you to do.

Lakeland cheerleading

Now that it’s the start of a brand new year, Lakeland cheerleading must go through a list of resolutions they will work on completing throughout the year. When you’re trying to list down your resolutions, make sure to keep it simple and uncomplicated. This will help you fulfill these resolutions in no time.

Let’s admit it, though, majority of the resolutions we listed won’t be fulfilled by the end of 2018. In fact, only 3% of these resolutions are likely to be completed and fulfilled by deadline. So, here are some simple resolutions that will be easy for you to keep:

Eat healthy and exercise

As a cheerleader, you have to take care of your body. Now that the official holidays are over, it’s time to go back to your diet and exercise. If you get too heavy, the skills and choreographies you can follow and execute will be limited. For example, a flyer cannot gain more pounds because she would be a burden to the base cheerleaders. They would have to bear the grunt of the additional weight the flyers gained, on top of the weight they have been used to in the past.

Dedicated cheerleaders should also go back to the gym and start working out again. They have to tone their bodies once more and make sure that they are fit for the routines they have to make.

Save money

This one is the hardest to keep. Yes, it’s even harder to keep than going on a diet and exercising. We love to save money, but it is hard because unforeseen circumstances can sometimes force us to part ways from our savings. When you’re trying to save either for the future or for a vacation, something always goes wrong—your car breaks down, your fridge needs to be replaced, your pipes have to be patched up, etc. Still, instead of stressing over these small matters, it would nice to have the money for it.

What you should do is very simple. You need to just eliminate the things that make you spend more than you should. Just don’t go out to eat every week and you’ll be surprised at the amount of money you can save.

Spend more time with the family

How many times have you regretted not spending more time with your loved ones? This is the time to bond with them more often. Have a regular schedule where you can simply visit your parents and siblings or have dinner with the family as a whole. You’ll be surprised at how much you will feel good about seeing your loved ones regularly.

Lakeland cheerleading

Injuries are always going to be a part of Lakeland cheerleading. It is not uncommon to hear about a local cheerleader getting hurt during practice or during a competition. They are much athletes as football and basketball players are. Cheerleaders also have to train hard, workout, practice, and compete. There’s nothing about them that doesn’t say tough.

The most dangerous kind of injury is concussion. Studies have shown that cheerleading is second to football when it comes to severe sport injuries. But while cheerleading is a highly competitive and dangerous sports, most of the injuries you’ll encounter are unlikely to be severe. Here are the four most common cheerleading injuries and how to recover from them:

Ankle sprain

Cheerleaders are prone to ankle sprain because of the amount of work that their ankles have to do and take every single time they practice or compete. If you have sprained or twisted your ankle before, you’re most prone to having it again. The first thing to do is to keep your shoe on until someone comes along with an ice pack. Elevate your feet and move your ankles around once they start to feel good.

Muscle strain

If you don’t warm up enough, this could happen to you. A strain is a small tear in your muscle. The level of severity will depend on how large the size of the tear is. But usually, you can still do cheerleading stunts and routines by wrapping the affected leg or area. To help heal it, put a warm compress and do some slow aerobic activity. You can massage the area where the tear is, and then ice it for about 20 minutes.

Bone bruise

When you fall hard on your tailbone, you can have a bone bruise. There’s nothing really you can do about this but to wait it out. It may take a few days or a few weeks. Icing may help heal the area faster and prevent any swelling. You can also apply a heat compress to help relieve the pain. If it doesn’t get better in weeks, go to a doctor because it might be more serious like a fracture of the bone.

Sore muscles

Muscle soreness happens after an especially rigid workout or practice. It doesn’t mean you’re out of shape. It means that you’ve worked hard enough and your muscles exerted too much effort. To diminish the soreness, drink plenty of water and stretch out after a workout or practice. Make sure to allow your muscles to cool down.

Lakeland cheerleading

Coaching is a tough job to do, probably one of the most challenging jobs in the world. It doesn’t mean that just because you simply have to teach girls how to dance and cartwheel, your job is not worthy, interesting, and even a little fearful. Lakeland cheerleading is a challenging job because the lives, the self-confidence and self-esteem, and sometimes, even the futures, of these young girls are all on your hands.

Meeting your new team

So, you’re new in town and just landed the head coaching job of Lakeland cheerleading team. You don’t know anyone there and the team has been together for quite some time. You can be intimidating or you can be extra accommodating. It’s all about first impressions, really. You have to somehow set the tone and the rest of the squad will follow suit.

Cheerleaders being sick

Aside from the fact that you worry about these girls’ health and safety, you may also feel a little pressure if a cheerleader gets ill days before a competition. As much as you want to focus on getting that girl healthy, you know that you’re facing a difficult task of performing without her.

Practicing before competition

It’s sickening to the stomach to think about all the things you need to accomplish the day before a cheerleading competition. Can you imagine that? Coaches need to take care of everything. Did the girls do the full routine perfectly? Are they all healthy? Do you have a transportation ready the next day? Are the accessories complete? There are so many things you have to think about that it’s sometimes easy to just break down and cry.

Failing a stunt

This is the most dreadful thing that can happen to a cheerleading competition. Even though you’ve perfected that stunt so many times in the past months, things just happen and you may end up being out there on the front looking at your team fail a stunt. You can just imagine the look of horror on the audience’s and the judges’ faces.

Losing a competition

It’s not just losing a contest, it’s failing to prove yourself as a coach. Your cheerleaders will feel the same—they will feel that all the hardword and dedication they gave the past months were not enough to win. They may end up discouraged and disillusioned. This is where your biggest challenge as a coach comes in. You have to let these cheerleaders understand that losing is as part of winning.

Lakeland cheerleading

Lakeland cheerleading always have to keep their bodies fit and healthy even if it’s the summer, spring, or winter break. There is no reason for cheerleaders to not take care of their fitness because doing so would endanger their lives once they start performing their stunts and cheers again.

There is no off-season for cheerleaders, so there’s no chance for them to let their fitness routine slide. They should always be on the lookout for new findings on what should be taken to remain fit and healthy for the competition season. This will all come together with a balanced diet. Remember that it doesn’t matter how hard you work out. If you eat unhealthily, you will remain unhealthy.

GMOs are the worst thing for your health

Genetically modified organisms or processed food with GMOs are the worst possible thing you can take for your diet. If you want to be physically fit and healthy, you should eat clean and stay away from GMOs, which can complicate your digestive system. If you cannot digest your food properly, your body will feel sluggish throughout the day. You need to fuel yourself with organic and all-natural ingredients. The first step to do to start your eat clean regime is to read the labels of the food that you eat. Make sure they are made with natural ingredients.

Sugar doesn’t help at all

You may be young and at low risk from serious illnesses like diabetes, but isn’t it important to keep yourself healthy for the future. Sugar is addicting and even habit-forming, so it’s vital to stay clear from it because you will depend on it in the future. Sugar releases a happy-feeling hormone, which is why you feel good when you eat sweet treats and then feel bad when you have a sudden sugar crash. Of course, eating in moderation is always the key, so don’t think you cannot eat sugary treats again. You don’t have to fully eliminate sugar from your diet. You just have to eat it in moderation.

Sleep better at night

You should actually sleep better at night because this will restore the energy you have lost throughout the day. Get a full night’s sleep because you will feel better the next day, and this will fuel you to do the things you need to do. Eating right during dinnertime will help you sleep better, too, so make sure you get proper nutrients. You may even want to drink a cup of warm milk before bed to calm your nerves and let you sleep peacefully.

Lakeland cheerleading

In Lakeland cheerleading, it’s important to stick to a certain budget and prioritize what you really need. Although you want to have the newest cheerleading gear, it’s not always wise to purchase new sets just because you want it. Even if there’s a trendy uniform that everyone seems to have, cheerleaders and their coaches have to discuss among themselves if it’s practical to spend their budget on this said new gear.

Of course, keeping your gear updated will help you feel confident and secure. It will make sure you’ll be the best cheerleader you can be. But of course, there will be times that you really have to replace your cheerleading gear already. Here are the three warning signs that you need to buy a new set of cheerleading gear:

Your clothes have holes on them

It might be fashionable these days to wear clothes with holes, tears, or other “impurities” on them, but these are only good for casual wear and definitely does not go well if you want to perform as a cheerleader. This is also a safety hazard for you and your teammates. You can get in an accident if a teammate accidentally catches her finger in a hole in your shirt or skirt or shorts. Your teammates could break their fingers or they could accidentally lose their balance and drop you. They can also pull you down with them. This is especially important when you’re making stunts and other challenging kind of routines.

Your clothes don’t fit anymore

How are you going to dance or do the choreography if you don’t fit in your clothes anymore? Clothing that is too loose can also cause problems. This is the reason why a cheerleading gear is different from other athlete’s gear or uniform. The gear has to be flexible enough because you and your teammates depend on each other. You certainly don’t want to put yourself and your teammates’ health at risk.

Your shoes are worn out

Girls love to have an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes, but this is one reason that is valid. If your shoes are worn out, especially if its soles have already separated, then you’ve got a problem. There are other signs, too, such as when the grip has worn off, the seams have split, and the cushioning has already flattened. Also, if you noticed that your feet start to hurt, that is definitely a sign that you need to replace your shoes.


The Fears Every Lakeland Cheerleading Has

Lakeland cheerleading

While it is true that Lakeland cheerleading members must always have a happy disposition, this is not who they really are. Like mere mortals, cheerleaders, even when they try to cheer everyone up, go through confusions, frustrations, terrifying moments, challengers, personal problems, etc. But every cheerleader shares the same fears when it comes to their careers as cheerers for their schools and respective teams.

Here are some of the things that cheerleaders fear facing each season:

Conditioning day

Athletes like cheerleaders have to face the reality that without proper strength and endurance, they won’t be able to survive the sports they are in. Cheerleaders are no different. During fall season, before the competition season arrives in December, cheerleaders are required to do endurance tests and exercises to make sure that they are up to the challenge. Conditioning activities and workouts are necessary evils to keep the cheerleaders in shape.

Wrong outfit

What would happen if you somehow brought the wrong outfit during a competition? Remember, cheerleaders must don the same uniform because this is part of their routine and choreography. Each dance step, each stunt, each jump is based on how all of the cheerleaders, wearing the same outfit, will look fluid in motion.

That being said, you may also experience wardrobe malfunction while competing or performing. This is the absolute worst thing that could happen to you (except for injuries, of course). When it happens, chalk it up to experience and finish the performance like a pro.

Doing the routines repeatedly

Cheerleaders practice the exact same routine every day. They do it after school and even when they arrive home. They are consumed by their need to perfect each jump and each fly and each dance choreography. However, coaches don’t always feel that cheerleaders are doing enough. They will ask the team to do the routines repeatedly until there is zero mistake during practice.

Forgetting the dance step

Ah, the boon of every cheerleader’s existence. What happens when the nerves get to you and you somehow forgot the dance step to a routine you probably practiced a thousand times? Well, you just follow the leader. Your teammates will know what to do. Just follow their lead and you’ll remember the steps in no time.

Lost an accessory

Accessories like the pom-poms are integral part of a cheerleader’s life. Just like their uniforms, cheerleaders need their pom-poms for uniformity and for the routine to look well-choreographed. Of course, there will be times when cheerleaders lose her pom-poms or left it at home.


What is the biggest challenge you have to face when it comes to your Lakeland cheerleading life? It is the time constraint? It is the discipline? It is the actual winning or losing? Cheerleaders are a special breed of people. They are disciplined, skilled, intelligent, and has the work ethic of successful businessmen. They are a rare breed that knows what they want and are out to get it. However, they are not immune from fear—the fear of not living up to the expectations and the fear of losing.

Here are five other challenges cheerleaders have to face each competition season:

Juggling cheerleading and holiday festivities

Cheerleading competitions happen around December, which means while their families and friends are having fun, shopping for Christmas gifts, hanging out with each other, etc., cheerleaders are in practice gyms, perfecting routines and choreographies. Cheerleaders may be disciplined, but they are not immune from feeling a tinge of jealousy for all the freedom the others get.

Fitting it with school/work schedule

Cheerleaders are not just, well, cheerleaders. They are also students and sometimes, employees, too. How can they juggle competing for a trophy with school work and an actual job. They want to give their 100 percent to all of their roles, but that is not possible with all the juggling that needs to be done.

Perfecting the routine

Day in and day out, cheerleaders are thinking about their routine. They need to perfect it. They need to hit every cartwheel, tumble, jump, and fly of the routine. Cheerleaders are always consumed by their need to make everything perfect. After all, one wrong move can mean the loss of a competition or worse, injuries and accidents.

Maintaining the fitness regime

It’s the holidays, which means it would be nice if anyone can cheat on their diets and consume lots of sweets and hot cocoa. Unfortunately, that cannot be done. Cheerleaders don’t need to be thin, but they need to be fit, so they can perform the choreography to perfection.

Making time for yourself and your family

During competition season, it would be hard for any cheerleader to just slow down and spend time with her family or friends. In fact, it would be hard to take the time off to just pamper themselves and have a relaxing massage or a chit-chat with the family during dinner. Cheerleaders sacrifice their time, money, and resources for something they love doing—making their schools and communities proud.

Lakeland cheerleading

Every parent has an obligation he/she can’t get out of. But if a Lakeland cheerleading member is lucky enough, she may find her parents sitting courtside or in the audience every time she has to take the “stage.” It can sometimes be troubling to get all the family together during weekends seeing as everybody has some errands to do. But, there are ways to actually turn cheerleading, or watching cheerleading, into a family affair.

Wear the team’s colors

Maybe you cannot be there for your sister’s cheerleading competition because you have work or you have errands to run, but you can wear the team’s colors, so that you can show your support. The community, the people who will see you around town will know that you are supporting the team and therefore, your sister, for example.

Listen to the cheerleaders’ stories

Whoever’s a cheerleader in your family, make sure to listen to her stories. Allow her to tell stories during dinner time. This is the perfect time to get to know her and what she’s doing as a cheerleader. Whether they worked on stunts, skills, routines, or choreographies, it would be lovely to know what she is busy with in school or in extra-curricular activities.

Be their biggest supporters

It cannot be helped that cheerleaders will have to go through some of the toughest moments of their teenage lives. When they lose, it hurts them. When they fight with other cheerleaders, it hurts them. When they get injured, it hurts them. Be there for them when these things happen in their lives because it will show that you support them.

Enjoy their victories

That being said, losses are not the only things that happen to a cheerleader’s life. They also get to win here and there. Enjoy these victories with them. It will always be amazing to see how a loved one feels after winning in a competition. Show your support to them by opening your house for her cheerleader friends, for example. Maybe you can prepare a celebratory dinner for them?

Bring the whole family

Once in a while, require the whole family to be there for a loved one who happens to be a cheerleader. Bring the family to the games or the competitions, and show your loved one that you are all there to support her. She will feel better and will be more confident knowing that her family is watching her compete.


Thanksgiving is a time of the year to be grateful for a lot of things in our lives. For Lakeland cheerleading coaches, it’s a time to give thanks for the multitude of blessings they have received this past year. What are coaches most thankful for? Coaching life is tough, but with the cheerleaders depending on you, it sometimes makes it easier because you are doing something good for these kids.

Sometimes, we forget all about the amazing things happening to us. This is the perfect time to be grateful without having to verbalize that gratitude.


Cheerleading coaches are thankful to the parents who raised these girls well. Without their parents, these girls would probably be off in a mall somewhere or hanging out with friends instead of spending time honing their skills for cheerleading. The support of their parents is what makes them strive for more, skills-wise.


While most people crave for adventures and spontaneity, coaches live for routines. They like getting up at the exact same time every morning and going to sleep early in the night to prepare for the day ahead. The routines are what make these coaches successful. They have their schedules and they stick to it. This is the same mentality they apply on cheer routines. One, two, three… these counts mean something to the coaches and cheerleaders.


There is nothing more exhilarating for coaches than competitions. Whether they win or they lose, competitions make their lives interesting. Competitions are the reason why the coaches and cheerleaders wake up inspired every day. They want to make sure that they are giving their best to the squad and they are representing their schools and organizations well.

Fellow coaches

Whether they are with the same organization or not, coaches respect fellow coaches. They are inspired by them. They want to be like their “idols,” and they want to make sure that the competition is always friendly with their fellow coaches. Sometimes, they even exchange ideas about what routines and choreographies best work for their respective squads. This friendly gesture makes cheerleading life interesting.


Coaches are always inspired by their cheerleaders. They know that these girls look up to them and depend on them for inspiration. They can’t certainly let these girls down because whenever there’s a problem or an issue in the squad, the girls will always run to their coaches. The coaches act as the girls’ second set of parents, so coaches must always strive to do good for these kids.


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