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Lakeland cheerleading

Although you want a new gear for Lakeland cheerleading, it’s not always wise to just buy a new pair simply because you want it. You have to understand about budgeting and prioritizing what you really need. Remember that aside from the cheer gear, there are other aspects of cheerleading that you should prepare for financially.

However, when you really noticed that it’s about time to buy a new gear, you should not scrimp and insist on using the old ones. Your gear must be up-to-date, so that you don’t get into untoward accidents. It will help you keep safe from harm and will also help you move better and follow instructions more clearly.

The clothes have holes

This is fine if you want to wear your cheer gear to the beach or even inside the house. It wouldn’t matter because no one would be affected. It’s a different story when you have to cheer alongside your mates. Your teammate’s finger may get stuck in the hole and they could break that finger. They may even drop you or lose their balance because they were pulled down by their finger getting stuck in your clothes’ hole. Worn-out clothing is a risk, no matter how much you try to fix it.

The clothes don’t fit anymore

The reason why cheerleading gear uses a different material is because it’s important to the routine. Loose clothing can affect not only how the routine looks like on the outside, but also how the other cheerleaders will work with you. Clothing that are too loose can also cause the same problems as when the clothes have holes on them. If you are wearing a loose shirt or shorts, your teammate may get her hand caught in the excess clothing. This can cause serious injuries for you both. Stick to the trusted gear for cheerleading, and you won’t have any problem.

The shoes are worn

Is there a need to remind you that when your shoes are worn, you should replace it immediately? You cannot work out or execute a routine when the soles of your shoes already created a flap. But even before this happens, you will notice signs that your shoes need replacing. Some of the signs are the grip wearing off, the seams splitting, and the cushioning flattening. For many, when their feet start to hurt, that’s a time that they need to replace their Lakeland cheerleading shoes.


Summertime usually means it’s time to go out and have some fun. School has ended and everybody is heading to the beach. Not so fast, though. Lakeland cheerleading members have to stay in the gym to practice their routines or to exercise under the heat of the scorching Florida sun. Although summer season is always about having a good time, it can also spell disaster for those who are not used to it.

Heat exhaustion may happen during summer. There are two kinds of heat exhaustion: water depletion and salt depletion. If you are suffering from water depletion, you will be excessively thirsty and may likely have a headache and faint. If you have salt depletion, on the other hand, you will experience nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and muscle cramping.

Although it is not as severe as heatstroke, you must still be on alert for possible signs of heat exhaustion.

Go in an airconditioned room

Once you feel the symptoms of heat exhaustion, you should immediately seek a room with an air-conditioning system. The secret to getting out of the heat is to literally get out from under the sun. Enter a room with air-conditioning unit, so your body can cool down. If there is no airconditioned room accessible for you, try sitting in front of a fan for 15 minutes or more. It may also be suggested for you to take a cold shower, so you can feel refreshed afterwards.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water should not only be done when you’re experiencing heat exhaustion. Cheerleaders, most especially, should be consuming plenty of water when they are exercising, working out, and practicing their routines. They are especially prone to heat exhaustion, not only during summertime but when they workout rigidly and do not rehydrate.

Wear the right clothing

Instead of wearing spandex when working out during the summer season, you should wear airy clothing because this cools your body down better. Stretchy fabrics will cling to your body and will make you feel warmer than it already is outside. Also, you may want to stay indoors during the summer season. If it’s not really that important to stay outdoors, do avoid the sun and staying under it for too long.

Do lighter workout

We know that cheerleaders are hardworkers and dedicated to their craft, but you should do lighter workouts when you’re outdoors during summertime. Any strenuous activities you will do should be conducted inside the gym, where there’s either a fan or an air-conditioning unit.


Since Lakeland cheerleading is composed of numerous girls with different backgrounds, lifestyles, personalities, and attitudes, it can be quite hard to make them work together. If you are a good enough coach, you will be able to harmonize everything. But if not, you’ll be a victim, a seeming counselor, to all the girl drama the world has to offer.

Don’t fret, though. Cheerleaders are happy individuals when they do get along well together. They are actually very friendly to each other and treat each one as sisters. When you see a squad cooperating together, that could be the biggest blessing for any coach. However, there are still some things that cheerleaders do that can ruin internal relationships. Here are the top three things that cheerleaders must avoid doing:

Tattling to everyone about a problem

When there is a problem in the squad, you should tell your coach immediately. Don’t rant about it on your social media feeds or to other people. Don’t even tell your closest friends about it before telling your coach or the team as a whole. A cheerleading squad is like a family and you should treat it like one. When issues crop up, they should be talked about. If you can have an open forum among yourselves, do so. You have to respect your team and your coaches enough to tell them what your issues are.

Threatening the coaches/team

What kind of threats are we talking about? Basically, there are cheerleaders who threaten the team and coaches that they’ll go to the rival team and spill the secrets and strategies if they don’t get their way. Do not ever threaten the coaches or the team in general just so you can get your way. You are always welcome to the team, but you are also welcome to leave the squad if you feel you are not appreciated there. It’s best to talk about these things to your coach. But if you feel like this squad isn’t for you anymore, then just walk away. There’s no need to use threats.

Poor sportsmanship

There is a reason why athletes get ejected in the middle of the game when they act out. Everyone wants to win, but the reason why you lose isn’t exactly the fault of the judges or the scores or the other teams. There are winners and losers in all competitions. It just so happens that in this particular Lakeland cheerleading competition, your team lost.


The one thing that most Lakeland cheerleading coaches can’t deal with is the presence of cheer parents on the sidelines. Sure, all coaches want the support of the parents because it’s good for the girls and the team itself. However, parents can be a bit exasperating, especially when they are only after the good of their daughters and not for the benefit of the team.

Cheer parents needs to understand that when they agree to put their daughters in a cheerleading squad, they are essentially embracing the whole team, too. They should be concerned not just about their daughters’ progress and success, but for the whole team.

Ignoring emails from the team/gym

Parents love to complain about every single thing—the schedule, the payments, the competitions, etc. What annoys coaches more is not that they complain, but the fact that they always say they don’t know what’s going on when they are always being informed through email, text, etc. Ignoring the information sent by the team or the gym doesn’t make the information (no matter how bad) less true.

Getting jealous of other cheerleaders

Of course, coaches understand that cheer parents want the best for their daughters. What they don’t understand is why there is more competition among the parents than the girls themselves. Parents often get jealous of other cheerleader’s success in the team. They want their daughter to be the star even if her skills are not ready for it.

Takes their daughters’ sides

Taking your daughter’s side is a natural act for any parent. Not letting them be responsible for actions and taking their sides are what’s wrong about cheer parents. If your daughter wants to acquire a new skill or master the routine, she should attend all the trainings, practices, etc. She should show her dedication to the team.

Pushing their daughters too hard

The reason why coaches exist is because they are the ones who recommend techniques and strategies to the cheerleaders about how much they need to practice at home. Cheer parents can be pushovers and they may be pushing their daughters too hard that they end up on the wheelchair rather than on the gym mat.

Not paying the fees on time

Everyone understands the harsh financial truths of today, but these fees have been scheduled the way they are to accommodate everyone who wants to be a part of the squad. Parents who do not comply to the schedule are more annoying because this irresponsibility can affect the whole team negatively.

Lakeland cheerleading

Just like any business, a Lakeland cheerleading company is bound to get into trouble if the business owner did not apply for an insurance policy. Cheerleading can be a dangerous sport, so it’s a kind of protection for the athletes and the business owners themselves if they have an insurance policy that would shoulder the expenses of accidents and other incidents.

An insurance policy is the right precaution for any kind of harm that might fall on a cheerleader or anyone of the staff in the squad. Cheerleaders can easily become injured because of the stunts and routines they have to do during practice, performances, and competitions. Although the cheerleading staff provide safety equipment and accessories, accidents still happen once in a while and when they do, you’ll immediately begin thinking about your insurance policy.

Is this kind of accident covered by my insurance policy? If you have a cheerleading business that supplies cheerleading apparel and accessories, you would also need to take out an insurance policy because if somebody gets injured while wearing your brand, he/she may sue your company for negligence. Your insurance policy will be able to protect you, maybe not from the lawsuit itself but from the medical expenses it will incur.

Consumers will feel the sincerity of your business

When consumers know that your business is insured, they feel more secure and they can trust your business more. Consumers are now wary against companies that do not have an insurance policy because that will leave them vulnerable, too. As much as possible, consumers want to know that the businesses they subscribe to did not just protect themselves from a lawsuit, but is also protecting their consumers’ interests.

If you think about it, an insurance policy is a big problem being taken off the business owner’s shoulder. There are so many things an owner needs to focus on—the marketing strategies that would bring more customers, the inventory of the goods, the satisfaction of the customers and the employees, etc. The last thing anyone wants to spend time on is to worry about the possible accidents that can happen to his clients.

Though worrying is always a part of any business, that can be taken away by the presence of an insurance policy for your Lakeland cheerleading business. You will feel more secure knowing that you have a legitimate policy that can help you get out of a massive financial burden if an untoward incident happens.

Lakeland cheerleading

Not so long ago, Lakeland cheerleading wasn’t even considered a sports. That is why most businessmen don’t even think about opening up a business that would cater to this particular industry. They invest in many sporting centers that focus on basketball, football, baseball, tennis, marathon, and many other sports, but never on cheerleading.

But in the last decade, we have seen how Lakeland cheerleading grew from an almost non-existent and oftentimes overlooked gymnastic-ish sports into what it is now—a global sensation. Businesses are taking notice, and they want to cash in on the trend.

Choose your niche

What do you want to focus on in your cheerleading business? Do you want to build a cheerleading camp or a facility that would train future champions? Do you want to make accessories and cater to the needs of a squad in terms of uniforms, pom-poms, gym bags, cheerleading shoes, etc.? Do you like to be associated with a particular team or school? Decide on the direction you want to take before you get started in any kind of business.

Identify the competition

How many cheerleading stores are open in your area? Do they cater to the same target market you want to? Do they also sell cheerleading accessories? If you have the same focus, it might be better to find an area that you can “monopolize,” in a way. You may also choose to follow a different niche, and opt for products and services that your competitors aren’t selling. This will help make sure your business is profitable.

Find a space

Any businesses need a space, a facility, of course. It could either be a warehouse where you can store your goods or a facility where the cheerleaders can practice. It is easy to find space now for Lakeland cheerleading because of social media. All you have to do is post about what you’re searching for, and you’ll find it in an instant.

Start marketing your business

Even before you open up your business, you need to start marketing your products and services already. You have to let people know that you are starting a cheerleading business and they can look forward to checking out what you have to offer. Drum up some interest even before you open up your doors. You’ll immediately see the “success” of your marketing once your store opens.

Look for staff

Finally, it’s time to interview some people for your Lakeland cheerleading business. Get the word out that you’re searching for staff for your business, and the resumes will surely come in droves. Start interviewing people and look for the perfect crew to drive up the sales of your business.


Trying out for a Lakeland cheerleading team may be a little intimidating at first because all the girls seem to know each other and they seem to be professionals in this field. That is farther from the truth. What you actually see in these cheerleaders is dedication and a lot of hard work. Cheerleading is all about sacrificing your personal time to learn more skills and routines. It is about disciplining yourself, so that you can be the best version of a cheerleader there is.

Here are some early tips for those who want to become a cheerleader:

Train your skills in advance

If you really want to become a cheerleader, you need to train early on, months and months in advance, if possible. You can go to the gym or a cheerleader facility, so you can watch professional cheerleaders do their stunts and routines. You will learn a lot not just by watching, but by participating in their practices—whether these are jumps, motions, tumbling, and spiriting.

Exercise and eat healthy

When your body has the right nutrients and when you are toned and you feel good about yourself, you will more likely be confident with your stunts and routines. You will also feel less ill and you will be less prone to accidents during the tryout process.

Attend the tryout meetings

You have to get organized when it comes to your tryouts. Don’t just arrive there at the specific time of your tryouts. Rather, attend the meetings, too, because this is where you will learn what is being required of you. Make sure never to miss out on these meetings because this can make or break your tryouts. You may need to submit your teacher recommendations, medical releases, signed cheer constitutions, and many other forms.

Get a sample scoresheet

You can use this sample scoresheet in your training and practice. Get the sample scoresheet from the Lakeland cheerleading coach, so that you can see which elements are important for the team. You can focus on which area of cheering is important for the coach, so that you can master these particular skills.

Practice your skills on the same tryout surface

If you learn your skills on a spring floor, then you might get surprised if you need to use a basketball court for your tryouts. Ask in advance what kind of surface you will be trying out on, so that you can search for a facility that has the same surface.


Nerves and anxiousness when it comes to Lakeland cheerleading is the real deal. Even seasoned cheerleaders get anxious and nervous before a big competition. Some even experience panic before facing a crowd. It doesn’t matter how professional you think you are as a cheerleader, nerves are a part of life and everybody goes through it when facing a large audience of friends, family, schoolmates, coaches, teammates, and basically the whole community.

Showcase your talents

Do this everywhere as long as it’s appropriate. When someone during a family reunion asks you to do a stunt, put yourself out there and do it. Doing stunts and skills in front of a crowd will build your personal confidence and will bring the team closer to each other. Once you learn how to work the crowd, you’ll be feeling better the next time you have to perform.

Trust your training

Cheerleaders practice every single day. Why are you doubting yourself during a competition when you have practiced this stunt again and again? Know that you are capable of completing a stunt the way you do during practice.

Try to relax

Whether it’s jamming to your favorite music before the competition, jumping up and down, talking to your parents, or goofing off with your teammates, find what makes you relax and do that, so you can perform before a crowd.

Focus on one element at a time

You may be confident in the early parts of the routine, but you may be stressed out about a certain stunt you have to do in the middle or the last part of the whole choreography. Don’t ever think futuristically in a routine because you’ll worry yourself needlessly. Instead, focus on one element of the routine at a time. Just try to do what is being required from you at that very second.

Move on from a mistake

There are perfect routines, then there are mistakes being done along the way. When this happens, never back down from it. Instead, stay with your stunts and smile even if it doesn’t go your way. Remember, cheerleaders’ primary goal is to liven up the crowd. If it’s a perfect routine, then good for you. If it’s not, move on and learn from that mistake.


It’s that time of the year again, meaning football season is over and here comes basketball season. Although Lakeland cheerleading members are trained to perform for both teams and for both crowds, there is a huge difference between how they perform during the football season and how they go about their business during the basketball season.

Hopefully, since the weather is warmer now, cheerleaders are stoked to perform indoors for basketball teams. Being indoors, though, means that there are some parts of the routine and choreography that have to be tweaked a little.

Basketball courts have less room

Cheerleaders’ performance during the football season means plenty of flips, flies, and tumbles. That’s because there is a lot more room on a football field. That cannot be said for a basketball court where cheerleaders have to settle for what little room remains on the sidelines. Remember, you also have to keep in mind that a ball can go outbound with a player diving for it. You should be aware and quick on your feet when this happens because you don’t want to be on the receiving end of an athlete’s full weight. Tumbling has to be kept in a minimum, too, because there is little space for that. You may only do that during the halftime show.

Basketball is fast-paced

Do you have a one-minute prepared defense cheer? That can’t be done when it comes to a basketball game. Make sure you only have about five seconds worth of cheer because that’s the only time you have in between a team’s defense and its transition to offense. In a basketball game, the score and the pace of the game can change in a second. Cheerleaders need bite-sized cheers in order to keep up with the game. You need to stick to simple chants that will go with the game’s commentaries.

Basketball brings you closer to the crowd

Indoor cheering means that you are closer to the crowd. That puts you under the spotlight because the audience can see your every move. During the football season, you can even talk and laugh with your teammates on the side. That can’t happen on a basketball court. Because you are closer to the crowd, they can hear what you’re saying and may misconstrued them. Be careful about anything that can be taken out of context. You surely wouldn’t want to be the center of a controversy, right?


When you are in cheer camp, what’s the most important thing you should learn? Is it a new set of skills, dance choreography, routines? Although these are the things that your coach will most likely want a Lakeland cheerleading to learn, it is getting to know the squad better that is the primary reason why cheerleaders are sent to camp.

What is an amazing stunt, after all, if you cannot work together? What would a good routine do to a cheerleading team if after a performance, the girls will bicker over who’s right or who’s wrong? If you are bonded well as a team and you know each other better, you will be able to work better.

Once you are in cheer camp, you can try these activities and exercises which are all designed to improve the camaraderie among the cheerleaders:

Match the fact

If you want to know how much each cheerleader knows about the other girls, you can ask them to write down on a piece of small paper three facts about themselves. Once they are finished writing down these facts, ask them to fold the papers, and put them into a bowl, hat, or a large cup. Mix these up by shaking the hat/bowl/cup well and ask each teammate to pick one piece of paper. Let the girl read out loud the facts and ask the rest of the team to identify whose paper was that. This is a fun way to know just how much the girls know about each other.

Knot game

The knot game will force the team to work together because otherwise, they will remain, well, knotted. Ask the girls to stand in a circle and let each one of them hold out their right hand. Everyone must take turn to hold another girl’s right hand until they are “knotted.” Repeat the process with their left hands. Once the group is all knotted, they must figure out a way to detangle without having to let go of each other’s hands. Everyone is bound to be really close to each other while doing this activity.

Board games

What do you have in the cupboard? Bring all the board games you can think of—Twister, Pictionary, Guesstures, etc. Just make sure that the game will be for a larger group of people. You can even just play charades among the Lakeland cheerleading members. You don’t have to have a board game for that.


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