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Does A Lakeland Cheerleading Coach Need Prior Experience In Cheering?

Lakeland cheerleading

Would you trust a Lakeland cheerleading coach more if he/she has prior experience in cheerleading? Is it an important aspect to your decision on whether or not to allow your girls to be a part of a cheerleading team? Some parents may get worried that a coach with no experience in cheerleading is the head of the team.

That’s quite understandable. Unfortunately, because until last year, cheerleading is not classified as a sport, there is no law or regulation for coaches. They are not required to be a former cheerleader and there is no regulation in terms of safety. Hopefully, after the Olympics Committee declared it as a sports, schools can now require coaches to have certification in safety and first aid.

In other sports, if you want to be a coach, you must take a class in coaching and be licensed in CPR and in basic first aid. Coaches would need to take classes that would teach them how to properly handle an injury sustained during a stunt. This will certainly ease the worries of parents who have to leave their kids with these coaches. They have to trust that the coaches will make the right decision and that they will have the kids’ interest first.

Safety always comes first in any sports. Even if the coach has no previous experience in cheering, any parent would be satisfied if he/she is licensed in basic first aid. That way, the parents know that the coach would be able to give emergency treatment to their kids when accidents happen in the gym or during competitions.

That being said, it’s important to note that if a coach has no prior experience in cheering, he/she should not attempt to teach a stunt he/she just watched on YouTube. Maybe he/she is a good motivator or a good leader, but it doesn’t mean he/she can teach stunts and routines. It might be better for the team to hire an actual cheerleader, gymnast or acrobat who has the proper training to teach a stunt. News reports should tell us already that it’s never okay to DIY things we see on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

As a coach, research basic forms and basic motions. You should also listen to the stunt teacher. You will have the capacity to monitor the progress of the Lakeland cheerleading members and whether or not they are doing the stunts right. You can accurately gauge their forms and you may even encourage them to expand their skills.

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