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Don’t Overtrain When Trying To Be A Good Cheerleader

Lakeland cheerleader

Before you start training to become a Lakeland cheerleader, you need to make sure you are cut out for the rigorous training by consulting with a doctor. Have a thorough physical checkup that you don’t have any hidden sprains or injuries that can damage you temporarily or permanently in the future.

But even after you have had your checkup, make sure that you are still able to do all the stunts and routines needed by your team. You go about this by doing new and small stunts every day, until you’re finally able to do the whole routine.

This isn’t the end of your cheerleading discipline, though. Experts are also advising cheerleaders not to overexert themselves when they are training for a team. Although you certainly need to work hard when you’re a Lakeland cheerleader, you should not exert yourself to the point of injury.

Watch out for the signs

You may not notice it, but you are overtraining yourself. Watch out for the signs, and make sure not to succumb to them. If you are sensitive about your health and physicality, then you will surely know if there is something different health-wise with how you feel.

Watch out for signs of fatigue, a feeling of heaviness, drowsiness, soreness in muscles, lack of appetite, decreased concentration and tiredness throughout the day. If you’re feeling these or a combination of these symptoms, you may have to postpone your cheerleading practice and have your body checked out.

Another sign that you’re overworking yourself is when you feel a decreased desire to exercise and train. This is the only way your body can communicate to you how tired it is becoming.

What to do if you’re overtraining?

Once you noticed that you are over exerting yourself, you may have to go to the doctor to have a thorough checkup. You may be wondering why your other teammates who are doing the same workout regimen as you are not feeling the same way. This is because our bodies are composed differently. You may be reacting to something environmental or something purely physiological.

You can then ask your doctor if he/she can recommend a nutritionist or physical therapist, depending in your body’s needs. You should also learn to adjust, and craft a different workout regime that would suit your physicality.

Being overtrained doesn’t mean you cannot be a cheerleader. You only need to find the right balance of training, workout and diet to have the perfect form and stamina for a Lakeland cheerleader.

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