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How Coaches Must Prepare For A Lakeland Cheerleading Tryout

Lakeland cheerleading

Whether you’re a new coach or a returning coach in a Lakeland cheerleading team, the tryout is your baptism of fire. Your introduction to the team will depend on your ability to hold a successful tryout. Cheerleaders and parents may lose confidence in your ability to hold the team together when you cannot prepare a good tryout schedule.

Potential cheerleaders may prefer to go to another squad just because your tryouts are unorganized. So, the most you can do is to prepare for the tryouts down to the very last detail.

Have enough time

Give yourself about a month or two to prepare for the tryouts. Pick a date that is far enough, so that potential cheerleaders will have enough time to sign up for the tryouts. Since you may need to ask permission for the use of facilities and other things, you will have to get clearance early on. Even before you announce the date and the place of the tryouts, make sure you have every document on hand. When hiring a gym or a facility, it’s always better to overestimate the number of days you may need it. You can get back eventually, but it’s better to have an extra day rather than need one and not have it.

Post the dates early

As mentioned above, give the cheerleaders enough time to sign up for the tryouts. Post the dates of the tryouts as soon as you have finalized the date and the place. While you’re waiting for people to sign up for the dates, you have to start determining what talents you need to get. If your cheer team is a yell squad, you may not have to have tryouts for stunts and routines. You also have to think of the difficulty of your stunts. Make the stunts more difficult after every cut.

Overall, it’s always advisable to make your tryouts simpler because you don’t want to overcomplicate things and make them unorganized. Think of every nitty bitty of your tryouts, so that you don’t have to adlib something.

Call the judges

The day before the tryouts, call the judges again to make sure they will be attending the event the next day. They may have forgotten, so it’s always better to confirm with them the day before. Aside from that, make sure you have the call sheets, scoring sheets, and last-minute paperwork with you. You would be wasting a lot of precious time if you forget to finalize things and have to run after them on the day of the tryout for Lakeland cheerleading.

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