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How Parents And Coaches Can Ensure Safety In Lakeland Cheerleading Camp

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Bonding with teammates, improving the cheer spirit, and working hard to be victorious are the main reasons why Lakeland cheerleading members enjoy summer camp. Being with their teammates outside the gym and the practice facility can make them better in their craft. However, ensuring the safety of everyone in the camp should be the top priority of cheerleaders, their parents, and their coaches.

Here are the things that parents, coaches, and cheerleaders can do to ensure they stay safe while they are in camp:


Parents will always be worried about their children, whether they are in the gym, the practice facility, or in camp. What they can do is to check if the coaches are trained in basic first aid or if they even know CPR since most cheer camps are located near a body of water. Parents will feel more at ease when they know that the coaches are trained to properly handle accidents. Parents should also interview the coaches about any experiences they had before dealing with accidents in cheer camps. There should be safety measures being followed, so parents will feel at ease.


Before booking a location for the cheer camp, coaches need to make sure that the site has the right equipment for cheering. If the site has equipment for working out or for cheerleading, ask how upgraded the equipment is and whether or not there is first aid supplies there. If there is none and you still want to choose that site, make sure you’re bringing your own. Some camp locations have a nurse or a safety-trained individual in the site to assist during emergencies. Again, if they have none, you can bring your own personal nurse or health assistant.

Once you’re there, make sure to check the equipment and the facilities every day. You don’t know when it will suddenly malfunction.


Cheerleaders should make sure that they are safe from injuries by working out, stretching out their muscles, and taking care of their bodies. Cheer camp is intensive, and it’s not all fun, so cheerleaders have to prepare their bodies for the rigorous workout, training, practice, and stunts.

Cheerleaders should also be able to tell their coaches when they are not feeling right. Since most cheer camps happen during the summer season, this means that cheerleaders can easily get nauseous and exhausted. Once cheerleaders feel dizzy, they should immediately tell it to their coach and not force themselves to exert more effort to practice.

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