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How To Organize A Tryout For First-Time Lakeland Cheerleading Coaches

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Tryouts are the first official introduction to a team. If you’re a Lakeland cheerleading coach, that means that your first tryout will also be the first time the rest of the team will meet you, unless, of course, you’ve called for a meeting for the previous squad. If you cannot put together a successful round of tryouts, potential cheerleaders may lose their interest in your squad and they may opt to go to another team. That’s a loss on your part because these are the same people you will be competing against. Surely, you don’t want to strengthen the other team?

Give yourself time

The first thing you should do as a coach is to give yourself time to prepare for the tryout. Don’t be afraid to move the schedule later than usual if it will make you feel better about the preparation. That is also beneficial because it will give people enough time to think about whether they want to be a part of the team. Depending on the kind of setup you have with the school administration and management, you may have to request for clearances to hold the tryouts in the school gym. Once you have this cleared, you will need to fill up paperworks and put formalities out of the way. Reserve the gym for several days because there may be a lot of signups and it’s always good to have an extra day to meet the new team.

Define what kind of team you want

Do you want a yell team? If that’s what you want, that means you don’t have to look for people with a lot of skills in jumping, flying, cartwheeling, and other routines. Make sure that you include this information on the call sheet. Remember, most girls want to become cheerleaders because they want to learn these “tricks,” as young girls call it. They want to learn how to do the cartwheel, how to be a flyer, and how to do all those complicated dance routines.

It’s important that these young girls know what they are getting into, and what they should not expect from the Lakeland cheerleading team.

Make pamphlets and info sheet

Information packets are always beneficial to any company, team, organizations, etc. These collates all the pertinent information about what you are doing and what your goals are. Every time you feel like you’re diverting from your goals, you can simply look back at these information packets and be reminded on why you’re there in the first place. Include all important dates, fees, information, etc. about the Lakeland cheerleading team in these pamphlets.

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