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How To Resolve Conflicts Within The Lakeland Cheerleading Team

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The hardest part about being the coach of a Lakeland cheerleading team is stopping conflicts from happening or resolving it once it’s present. Being able to work with a team is a skill that even adults have a hard time perfecting. There is no formula. There is nothing you can do but to try to get along with everybody.

Especially in teenagers, conflicts are inevitable. Emotions, pressure of doing well, personal problems—all of these contribute to the possibility of conflicts arising among the team members.

As a coach, here are some of the things you can do to avert or resolve the conflicts:

Don’t tolerate it

During the orientation, before the official season starts, make sure your girls are well aware that you won’t be tolerating any conflicts within the team. If they are not sure they can get along well with other, you should point out to them that they are free the leave the squad. You can make it fun, too. Put up quotes and signs around your gym or your cheer facility.

Don’t let it blow out of proportion

Conflicts usually arise between two individuals who disagreed on something. When the conflict is this small, it is easier to manage it. What makes it difficult is when other people come into the picture. Once everyone takes side, the conflict will get out of control. As soon as you realize there’s a misunderstanding between two cheerleaders in your team, call their attention and force them to talk about the issue like adults. Most of the times, the conflict is a simple misunderstanding that was not handled well. Get your cheerleaders to talk about it, find a common ground, and solve it.

Let the captain handle it

If you feel that the cheerleaders are not comfortable talking about the issue to you, maybe they will be able to talk to the team captain about it. Most teenagers are simply more open to people their age because they feel that the coach won’t be able to understand what they are going through. Remember to choose your team captain not only because she is skilled, but also because she possesses a strong leadership skill. Allow your captain to talk with the cheerleaders, and see how she will handle the situation.

Schedule for a team building

Build a strong Lakeland cheerleading team that can work well together. You can do this by allowing the members to bond. This can happen during team practice or competition, but nothing beats the teamwork taught by team building events. There are a number of games and activities on the internet that you can apply during the team building event.

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