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Understanding The Importance Of Uniforms In Lakeland Cheerleading Teams

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What would a Lakeland cheerleading team look like without their uniforms? They would look disjointed, like they are separate entities of one group. There will be no cohesion and the routines wouldn’t look as better as it should. Have you watched a cheerleading competition? Did you see how their high flying stunts look better because they wear the same colors?

The uniform is essential to the existence of a cheerleading team. It should be eye-catching and the colors should represent the school or the organization the team is cheering for. This is the most important accessory for cheerleaders. Uniforms are more than just pieces of clothing for cheerleaders. They are the main accessory, a part of why cheerleaders look good in their routines.

Uniforms come in different colors, textures, and styles. The history of cheerleading uniform is long and varied, but everyone agrees that the first cheerleading uniforms were popularized by men cheerleaders. Yes, indeed, before the short skirts and the midriff-bearing tops we now see in women cheerleaders, the first uniforms ever recorded for cheerleaders were worn by men.

There are also many different uniform ensembles. Cheerleaders do mix and match their uniforms throughout the season. Sometimes, they wear their skirts. Sometimes, they are in short. Then, there are times they also use leggings or full body huggers. The decision what to wear is not just made on a whim. The coaches would need to decide what ensemble works best for the stunts the team is about to perform. Skirts and shorts are usually worn when there are high-flying stunts involved. Pants or leggings are usually reserved for the base cheerleaders.

Aside from looking good during the performance of the stunts, cheerleading uniforms also make the team more cohesive. When you pass by them in school hallways or around the neighborhood, it is easier to identify who they are and what team they are a part of. That way, maybe you can wish them luck during the competition where they will be representing your community or your school.

As a team, it also makes them equal with each other. Regardless if you are the team captain, the assistant team captain, or the squad member, you will feel more in tune with the rest of the group when you’re wearing the same thing. You are one family and you should stick to each other no matter what befalls your Lakeland cheerleading team.

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