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Is Your Lakeland Cheerleading Life Over Once You Enter College?

Lakeland cheerleading

Once you enter the wonderful but scary life of being a college student, you’ll realize you have even less time now than when you were in high school and juggling academics and Lakeland cheerleading at the same time. College is a different beast, however. Though the classes, the lifestyle, the people, the adventures, and the learnings are more fun, they tend to be overwhelming, too.

Many succumb to the pressure of college, which is why it is always better to keep something that is dear to you. If cheerleading will help you keep sane once you’re studying in the bigger academic world, then take it with you. Though there are few colleges and universities that give out cheerleading scholarships or even take cheerleading as a serious sports, you can still try out for the team.

After all, these colleges and universities are big spenders and supporters of their basketball and football teams. When there is a game on the line, they still need the cheerleaders to rally them on and make them feel better even after losing an important game of the season.

Compared to high school cheerleading, this particular sports in college is less intimidating. Most people do not want to be saddled with an extra-curricular activity on top of their academics. That’s unfortunate because cheerleading is such a good mood booster that it can help you be more productive in school.

If there is no cheerleading team in your college or you simply don’t want to join the college team, you can opt to keep in touch with your old high school squad. There is a good chance that you know who the current cheerleaders are—these are the same girls you have worked and competed with before, after all. Only now, instead of being your juniors, they are already seniors of their own and they have new girls to take care of and teach new routines to.

Cheerleading, after all, is a cycle. Everyone gets to graduate and leave the old squad behind. The team stays, though, and we find many past cheerleaders going back to the team and lending their expertise to the new girls. It’s a sort of sorority only members of that squad understand. Lakeland cheerleading is a special bond, and you must take that with you wherever you go—be it in college or when you are already working.

In fact, we must say that cheerleading is forever a part of you. If you’re not doing it now, it doesn’t mean you’re no longer a part of it. You have made your mark and you will always cherish that.

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