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5 Things Lakeland cheerleading Need To Know About Injuries

Lakeland cheerleading

An injury is the last thing that a Lakeland cheerleading member wants to experience. Most cheerleaders go through it from time to time, which is why cheerleading has been named as the most dangerous sport for girls. There’s a high amount of probability that cheerleaders will experience an injury at least once in their life. Of course, we’re always hoping that it’s nothing totally catastrophic and life-threatening.

They are preventable

By making sure safety standards and measures are taken, many major injuries can be prevented. Of course, accidents do happen that are beyond our control, but that is never an excuse to not follow safety standards. When you don’t feel safe in a certain situation, don’t do the stunt or the tumble. Make sure you’re wearing the proper gear before you start a stunt.

Don’t ignore them

The worst thing you can do about an injury is to ignore it. As soon as you’ve experienced an accident, go to the hospital or the doctor and have someone look at it. The impact and the severity of the injury should be checked immediately, so you will know how to address it. An ankle sprain, for example, is quite common among athletes. You should immediately put ice on the sprain. However, if afterwards, you feel that there’s more to it than a simple sprain, you should definitely go call the big guns.

You can still attend practices and games

Having an injury shouldn’t keep you away from the cheerleading team. If you watch basketball games, you’ll notice that injured NBA players still show up during practices and games regardless of how severe their injuries. This shows their dedication to the team. Plus, it helps them keep up to what new things the team is learning.

Don’t return to the team too soon

We know you like to help your team compete. However, if you come back too soon, without fully recovering, you are hurting the squad more than helping it. Your team needs you to be in your best capacity. Make sure that you are fully healed and recovered before going back on the cheerleading mat.

Mental strength is required for a full comeback

What most athletes overlook is the fact that physical strength alone is not enough to fully come back to a Lakeland cheerleading team. You should be prepared mentally, too. When you’ve experienced a big injury, there’s a big chance that you will feel traumatized by it. You will feel more confident as time goes on, but don’t be discouraged when you feel hesitant at first.

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