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The Best Backyard Workout For Lakeland Cheerleading

Lakeland cheerleading

Circuit workouts are the best kind of workouts for Lakeland cheerleading. Instead of doing the same repetitive motion such as running, you can do a set amount of time or reps for a handful of different exercises. In as short as five minutes, you can do lunges, planks, leg raises, and even flutter kicks. The thing about circuit workouts is that they will never bore you. Instead of doing the same thing, you will be looking forward to your “favorite” routine, and isn’t that wonderful?

Your coach might have taught you a similar workout in the past when you are preparing in the gym. Usually, when this happens in the gym, there will be different stations in each corner of the gym where you will have to go once the exercise is done. One corner of the gym can be for lunges, the other for leg raises, the other for body weight squats, and so on. Circuit workouts are best done with a group, though you can also do it in your own backyard this summer.

It takes a lot for teenagers, especially with all the distraction of modern world, to focus on one goal. Once they set their eyes on cheerleading, they should be disciplined and responsible enough to stick to that goal and do everything in their power to achieve what they have set out to do. That’s why it’s important that these young girls are also taught the value of sacrifice and hardwork. While most of their friends are hanging out in malls—watching movies and trying out new places—a cheerleaders must spend a significant amount of her time in the morning exercising.

If you want to keep up with the rest of the team for next season, you better have the stamina for it. Remember, cheerleading isn’t exactly an easy sports. You don’t just jump and kick, you have to tumble and even “fly.” Circuit workouts can be easily done in your backyard; all you have to do is combine the right exercises that will make you more fit and healthier.

There are two ways to create a circuit workout: one, choose three to five exercises and do the whole circuit workout either two or three times; and two, choose nine to 15 different exercises and just do the whole thing once. The target here is to choose a variety of exercises that will target a specific group of muscles in your body. The most popular circuit workouts are those that include leg exercises, arm exercises, abs, and cardio exercises.

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