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Where To Practice Lakeland Cheerleading During The Summer Season?

Lakeland cheerleading

Every one of us can get tired of the same old place, the same old faces, the same old routines. Even you, as a coach, can be exhausted from having to meet at the same place with the same people all the time. Some Lakeland cheerleading members get complacent because they already have the routines perfected and all they have to do is practice it again and again. When this happens, it’s all up to the coaches to switch up the adventure and the fun.

This is especially important during the summer season when your cheerleaders can get bored since they are doing the same thing every practice. Why don’t you take them to a new place where they can practice and have fun at the same time?


No matter where you live, there should be parks somewhere there. Whether you live in a city or in the province, a park will always be accessible to you. Parks are great places to get the team outside and to rejuvenate them. They’ll get some fresh air and they can have fun after practice. Instead of simply lounging around the gym after practice, they can play frisbee or some other sports they enjoy while in the park. You can also have a picnic after and talk about the coming season. Remember, a well-bonded cheerleading team and a happy team at that can improve their performance and may even inspire them to make new routines and choreographies.


We know that not everyone has access to the beach. We hope you do because if there’s a beach accessible for the cheerleading team, you should pack your bags and just go. It is hard not to love the beach, and you can actually practice with the team by the shores. It’s a perfect opportunity to have a challenging workout, too. The sandy shores aren’t exactly the perfect place to do your normal routines, but the challenge should make the practice more exciting. If you are working out at the beach, however, make sure you have sunscreen and lots of water with you to keep you and the team hydrated.


Are you leaving near the city center? Why don’t you do an impromptu performance? Your Lakeland cheerleading team will surely love the adventure and the fun of that. This is a good bonding moment for them because not only can they perform the stunts they love, they’ll be able to do it before an audience and with their friends. Make sure not to do too much flying or jumping if you’re doing the stunts on concrete.

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