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3 Stereotypes About Lakeland Cheerleading Moms That Need To End

If we ask you to imagine what a Lakeland cheerleading mom looks like, how would you imagine her to be? If you close your eyes, we bet what you’ll see is a tall, lean, blonde woman with a great smile and an even greater fashion sense. She would arrive at the gym with her hair all made up and her high-heeled shoes clicking on the gym floor.

Unfortunately, this is not true at all. This is just one example of stereotypes about cheer mothers. Here are the others:

That cheer moms are living through their daughters

There are many misconceptions about cheer moms, but this is probably the worst—that they are reliving their glory days through their daughters. Whether the mom is a former cheerleader or not, having a cheerleader for a daughter makes people think that the mom is simply living her dream through her daughter. If she was not a cheerleader before, then some will think that she’s pushing her daughter to be one because she wasn’t able to do so before. If she was a cheerleader before, then people will think that she could not move on from her cheerleading days. While it’s true that moms can be overly supportive about the cheer careers of their daughters, this does not mean that they are pushing them to do something they don’t like.

That cheer moms are rich

This is absolutely not true at all. Yes, cheerleading is expensive because of the clothes and the other accessories, but it’s untrue that cheer moms are rich because there are a lot of fundraising and scholarship options out there that cheerleaders can take advantage of. And since cheerleading is now categorized as sports, it will receive a budget from the school management and administration. This will help in providing cheer gear for the girls, as well as the funds they need during competition season.

That cheer moms are cool like in the movies

Yes, cheer moms are cool, but not in the way you think they are. Cheer moms are cool because they let their daughters become who they want to be. But, they don’t arrive during cheer practice wearing high heels and mini skirts. Cheer moms are like your average mom. She may or may not be working in the office. She’s in rubber shoes during errand days and during competition season, she may not even have the time to brush her hair because there is so much going around her.

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