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4 Tips On How To Make Lakeland Cheerleading Competition Signs

If you have ever been to a Lakeland cheerleading competition, you might have noticed the game-day signs that the audience are waving like crazy. You think these are easy to make? Interestingly enough, you need to be extra creative in order for your game-day signs to stand out. If you have a friend or someone in the family is a cheerleader, maybe they’ll appreciate if they see you creating signs for their games and performances.

Learn how to make super creative signs by following these four tips:

Set aside a time for it

It’s not easy to do a game-day sign. It’s not something you can squeeze into your schedule. You have to set aside a specific time for it. It can take you a week up to two weeks to make a game-day sign that will stand out from all the others. There are so many things you have to think of when making signs—you have to purchase the materials, you have to divide the tasks, and finally, you have to make the sign. There is so much prep work. It’s not something you can do at the drop of a hat. You have to really prepare for it, so that your effort will shine through.

Split tasks according to strengths and weaknesses

Are you good at creating a slogan? How about in designing a sign? Are you good at drawing? When you finally meet as a team to create the perfect game-day sign, put your ideas together. And once you have decided on one concept and theme, it’s time to divide the tasks according to everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. Divide the tasks between the creatives and the logistics, so that one team will take care of the supplies, location, and schedule while the other team will design the sign. By doing this, no one will be left out and everyone will feel that they contributed to the success of the sign.

Check your grammar and spelling

There is nothing worst than brandishing a game-day sign that has a wrong spelling and grammar on it. Cheerleaders are often mistaken for being ditzy and a bit slow. Don’t perpetuate that misconception by rushing and incorrectly spelling a word. You don’t just need to double check your grammar and spelling. You need to triple check it.

Cover everything in glitter

Nothing says Lakeland cheerleading than a sign covered in glitter. When you cannot seem to decide how to design your game-day sign, it is much better to just cover everything in glitter. That way, your sign will still manage to stand out from the rest that simply used a pentel pen.

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