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5 Great Challenges For Any Lakeland Cheerleading Team

What is the biggest challenge you have to face when it comes to your Lakeland cheerleading life? It is the time constraint? It is the discipline? It is the actual winning or losing? Cheerleaders are a special breed of people. They are disciplined, skilled, intelligent, and has the work ethic of successful businessmen. They are a rare breed that knows what they want and are out to get it. However, they are not immune from fear—the fear of not living up to the expectations and the fear of losing.

Here are five other challenges cheerleaders have to face each competition season:

Juggling cheerleading and holiday festivities

Cheerleading competitions happen around December, which means while their families and friends are having fun, shopping for Christmas gifts, hanging out with each other, etc., cheerleaders are in practice gyms, perfecting routines and choreographies. Cheerleaders may be disciplined, but they are not immune from feeling a tinge of jealousy for all the freedom the others get.

Fitting it with school/work schedule

Cheerleaders are not just, well, cheerleaders. They are also students and sometimes, employees, too. How can they juggle competing for a trophy with school work and an actual job. They want to give their 100 percent to all of their roles, but that is not possible with all the juggling that needs to be done.

Perfecting the routine

Day in and day out, cheerleaders are thinking about their routine. They need to perfect it. They need to hit every cartwheel, tumble, jump, and fly of the routine. Cheerleaders are always consumed by their need to make everything perfect. After all, one wrong move can mean the loss of a competition or worse, injuries and accidents.

Maintaining the fitness regime

It’s the holidays, which means it would be nice if anyone can cheat on their diets and consume lots of sweets and hot cocoa. Unfortunately, that cannot be done. Cheerleaders don’t need to be thin, but they need to be fit, so they can perform the choreography to perfection.

Making time for yourself and your family

During competition season, it would be hard for any cheerleader to just slow down and spend time with her family or friends. In fact, it would be hard to take the time off to just pamper themselves and have a relaxing massage or a chit-chat with the family during dinner. Cheerleaders sacrifice their time, money, and resources for something they love doing—making their schools and communities proud.

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