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5 Things Lakeland Cheerleading Coaches Are Most Thankful For

Thanksgiving is a time of the year to be grateful for a lot of things in our lives. For Lakeland cheerleading coaches, it’s a time to give thanks for the multitude of blessings they have received this past year. What are coaches most thankful for? Coaching life is tough, but with the cheerleaders depending on you, it sometimes makes it easier because you are doing something good for these kids.

Sometimes, we forget all about the amazing things happening to us. This is the perfect time to be grateful without having to verbalize that gratitude.


Cheerleading coaches are thankful to the parents who raised these girls well. Without their parents, these girls would probably be off in a mall somewhere or hanging out with friends instead of spending time honing their skills for cheerleading. The support of their parents is what makes them strive for more, skills-wise.


While most people crave for adventures and spontaneity, coaches live for routines. They like getting up at the exact same time every morning and going to sleep early in the night to prepare for the day ahead. The routines are what make these coaches successful. They have their schedules and they stick to it. This is the same mentality they apply on cheer routines. One, two, three… these counts mean something to the coaches and cheerleaders.


There is nothing more exhilarating for coaches than competitions. Whether they win or they lose, competitions make their lives interesting. Competitions are the reason why the coaches and cheerleaders wake up inspired every day. They want to make sure that they are giving their best to the squad and they are representing their schools and organizations well.

Fellow coaches

Whether they are with the same organization or not, coaches respect fellow coaches. They are inspired by them. They want to be like their “idols,” and they want to make sure that the competition is always friendly with their fellow coaches. Sometimes, they even exchange ideas about what routines and choreographies best work for their respective squads. This friendly gesture makes cheerleading life interesting.


Coaches are always inspired by their cheerleaders. They know that these girls look up to them and depend on them for inspiration. They can’t certainly let these girls down because whenever there’s a problem or an issue in the squad, the girls will always run to their coaches. The coaches act as the girls’ second set of parents, so coaches must always strive to do good for these kids.

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