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5 Things Lakeland Cheerleading Parents Do That Make Coaches Frown

The one thing that most Lakeland cheerleading coaches can’t deal with is the presence of cheer parents on the sidelines. Sure, all coaches want the support of the parents because it’s good for the girls and the team itself. However, parents can be a bit exasperating, especially when they are only after the good of their daughters and not for the benefit of the team.

Cheer parents needs to understand that when they agree to put their daughters in a cheerleading squad, they are essentially embracing the whole team, too. They should be concerned not just about their daughters’ progress and success, but for the whole team.

Ignoring emails from the team/gym

Parents love to complain about every single thing—the schedule, the payments, the competitions, etc. What annoys coaches more is not that they complain, but the fact that they always say they don’t know what’s going on when they are always being informed through email, text, etc. Ignoring the information sent by the team or the gym doesn’t make the information (no matter how bad) less true.

Getting jealous of other cheerleaders

Of course, coaches understand that cheer parents want the best for their daughters. What they don’t understand is why there is more competition among the parents than the girls themselves. Parents often get jealous of other cheerleader’s success in the team. They want their daughter to be the star even if her skills are not ready for it.

Takes their daughters’ sides

Taking your daughter’s side is a natural act for any parent. Not letting them be responsible for actions and taking their sides are what’s wrong about cheer parents. If your daughter wants to acquire a new skill or master the routine, she should attend all the trainings, practices, etc. She should show her dedication to the team.

Pushing their daughters too hard

The reason why coaches exist is because they are the ones who recommend techniques and strategies to the cheerleaders about how much they need to practice at home. Cheer parents can be pushovers and they may be pushing their daughters too hard that they end up on the wheelchair rather than on the gym mat.

Not paying the fees on time

Everyone understands the harsh financial truths of today, but these fees have been scheduled the way they are to accommodate everyone who wants to be a part of the squad. Parents who do not comply to the schedule are more annoying because this irresponsibility can affect the whole team negatively.

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