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5 Tips For Lakeland Cheerleading Coaches To Ensure A Positive Cheer Season

Do you think Lakeland cheerleading coaches sleep soundly at night every start of the cheer season? You’ll be surprised at how nervous and anxious they can be during this time of the year. They are not immune to all the doubts and questions that also linger in your mind. They are always questioning their judgment and whether or not they could be good role models for the cheerleaders who look up to them. The pressure is immense and this is stressing coaches out.


The number one priority of each cheerleading coach is the safety of all team members—from the head coaches to the assistant coaches to the trainers to the cheerleaders. Before a season starts, a coach must update himself about the current cheerleading regulations and guidelines. A coach needs to see potential problems in safety regulations and meet these with ready-made solutions. This should also be communicated to the whole team, so that everyone is aware of the new regulations, laws, and guidelines.


Communication is the key to healthy relationships. That is true even in cheerleading life. A coach needs to share the process from which a decision arrived from. It’s important that there is enough respect between the coaches and the cheerleaders, so that both sides can be open about any major decisions and issues that could crop up in the future. This would create a healthy cheering environment for everyone.


No matter how accomplished you are, it is important to keep yourself up to date about the latest trends in the industry. There’s nothing wrong with updating your arsenal because this will help keep up on your toes, so that you don’t get left behind by your peers.


As a coach, your attitude and behavior could affect the whole team. If you arrive at practice looking sullen and gloom, your team will feel and imbibe this mood. So, even if you are dealing with personal and professional problems, make sure the team knows you are handling it as best as you can and that there is no reason for them to feel down. Cheerleaders are supposed to be cheering for the team or the audience. They cannot be simply sad in front of the audience.


We don’t always remember that Lakeland cheerleading should be fun for everyone concerned. Remind your team that you are all there to enjoy your time together while practicing, competing, winning, and losing.

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