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5 Tips To Conquer Your Fear Of Lakeland Cheerleading

Nerves and anxiousness when it comes to Lakeland cheerleading is the real deal. Even seasoned cheerleaders get anxious and nervous before a big competition. Some even experience panic before facing a crowd. It doesn’t matter how professional you think you are as a cheerleader, nerves are a part of life and everybody goes through it when facing a large audience of friends, family, schoolmates, coaches, teammates, and basically the whole community.

Showcase your talents

Do this everywhere as long as it’s appropriate. When someone during a family reunion asks you to do a stunt, put yourself out there and do it. Doing stunts and skills in front of a crowd will build your personal confidence and will bring the team closer to each other. Once you learn how to work the crowd, you’ll be feeling better the next time you have to perform.

Trust your training

Cheerleaders practice every single day. Why are you doubting yourself during a competition when you have practiced this stunt again and again? Know that you are capable of completing a stunt the way you do during practice.

Try to relax

Whether it’s jamming to your favorite music before the competition, jumping up and down, talking to your parents, or goofing off with your teammates, find what makes you relax and do that, so you can perform before a crowd.

Focus on one element at a time

You may be confident in the early parts of the routine, but you may be stressed out about a certain stunt you have to do in the middle or the last part of the whole choreography. Don’t ever think futuristically in a routine because you’ll worry yourself needlessly. Instead, focus on one element of the routine at a time. Just try to do what is being required from you at that very second.

Move on from a mistake

There are perfect routines, then there are mistakes being done along the way. When this happens, never back down from it. Instead, stay with your stunts and smile even if it doesn’t go your way. Remember, cheerleaders’ primary goal is to liven up the crowd. If it’s a perfect routine, then good for you. If it’s not, move on and learn from that mistake.

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