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6 Reasons Lakeland Cheerleading Gets Injured

Lakeland cheerleading members suffer through innumerable injuries every season for many reasons. Sometimes, they forget to warm up and that could cause them the whole season already. Being a cheerleader is difficult because not only do you have to be physically fit, but you have to have the right emotional and mental health, too.

Though you certainly cannot stop cheerleaders from doing stunts, you can do a couple of things to prevent injuries from happening. All you have to do is avoid doing these things:

Not wearing proper gear

Majority of the cheerleaders who get injured is because they are not wearing proper cheerleading gear. A proper gear is composed of the right material for your top and bottom. It should also be fitted properly and not ill-fitting at all. this means that the cloth should hug your body and it should not be loose because this can get caught between stunts and jumps. Also, you must have the proper shoes because if they are already worn, there’s a pretty good chance that you may trip on them and cause yourself or your teammates injuries.

Working despite an injury

You may overlook an injury because you don’t want to be absent during a practice or you want to show that you are a team player. However, if you are injured and unable to perform correctly, you may cause accident to you or your teammates. If you are a base cheerleader, you may not catch the flyer who’s about to land in front of you. If you are a flyer, you may not land properly and cause injury to the one who was supposed to catch you.

Not doing a proper warm up

Warm up exercises are vital to ready your muscles for the pressure and the strain of practice and cheerleading. If you don’t warm up, you can strain your muscles, so always make sure to get your blood flowing and your muscles loosened up before doing your workout routine.

Ignoring warning signs

Your body will tell you when it is time to stop. Sometimes, you may not notice it, but your ankles or your wrists are starting to ache. Don’t ignore these things. You don’t have to stop joining practice, but maybe you can wear an extra support or put ice on it so the pain can go away.

Not thinking about safety

You are responsible for your own safety. If your coach is asking you to do a stunt that you don’t think you are ready for, then tell him that. Don’t hesitate to ask your coach or the assistants for help if you think the safety measures are not enough. Always follow your gut instinct.

Neglecting your health and well-being

Overall, you need to be healthy physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally to do everything you need to do—juggle schoolwork and cheerleading, and deal with personal issues. That means outside of practice, you have to take care of your body by working out and eating properly.

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