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Basic Fitness Tips Every Lakeland Cheerleading Athlete Should Know

When it comes to Lakeland cheerleading, especially as a beginner, watching all the other athletes pull off stunt after stunt is quite daunting. Watching them fly in the air, and being effortlessly caught by competent bases is something that many people are at awe of. These performances are what encourage and scare potential athletes off from becoming cheerleaders.

But once you start to go through the motions and training to be a cheerleader, you’ll find that all of those stunts and moves that used to intimidate you so much before are very much well within your reach. It takes time and effort sure, but little by little, and step by step, you will eventually get there. It’s going to take some time and more than a little effort, but it is well within your reach.

However, some athletes make the mistake of forgetting their roots when they reach that point. It’s never a good thing to forget your roots, especially when it comes to physical fitness. There’s a reason why these basics are taught in the first place. Here are some basic fitness tips that every Lakeland cheerleading athlete should know and remember.


Stretching will always be one of the very first things that you should do before any kind of Lakeland cheerleading practice. If you perform or execute a stunt without stretching, then you are increasing your risk for injury.

Stretching your muscles warms them up and gets your blood flowing. If you end up performing extensive physical activity without stretching your muscles first, you will end up straining your muscles, which will eventually lead to a sprain, or some other form of muscle injury.


Conditioning before your Lakeland cheerleading routine helps you build up the strength that you need to carry out your routines and stunts. Making sure that you are properly conditioned guarantees that you can handle more physically taxing stunts while having enough energy to do so.

In addition to providing you with more strength and energy, conditioning also helps with preventing injuries, by making sure that your body is well-rounded in terms of fitness and balance.

Never stop practicing

Some Lakeland cheerleading athletes become complacent when they achieve a certain level of physical performance or skill, and then they begin to neglect their basic physical training and drills.

These basic drills are the foundation of the skill that you have today, and if you neglect them, then you risk losing the skills and physical performance that you have achieved so far.

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