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What Beauty Products Do You Need When You’re A Cheerleader?

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Cheerleaders know how to take care of their skin and their bodies. If you know how little time Lakeland cheerleading members get to rest and sleep every day, you’ll be surprised as to why they look as fine as they do. The truth is, it’s all a matter of science, at times.

Don’t get us wrong. You don’t have to bathe yourself in beauty products. You are beautiful on your own, and that’s all that matters. However, when competing in front of an audience, it’s always nice to enhance your features a little bit. And because cheerleaders tend to be stressed with so much stuff going on around them, their skins might suffer.

So, it’s important that you have the proper products to take care of your skin. If you want to be a cheerleader, here are the products you must now start investing on:

Sweat-proof makeup

Cheerleaders tend to sweat profusely, thanks to being under the scorching sun four hours during a football game, sometimes. They need to stay fresh-faced even after cheering for their team. To achieve that, they have to put on sweat-proof makeup. Just make sure that you buy mineral-based products because if not, the chemicals in the makeup may seep into your skin and cause pimples to break out.


Aside from putting it on your arms and other parts of the body to make you look a little sun-kissed during those summer games, you can also use a bronzer to fake things a little. Say, for example, that you’re PMS-ing but you need to wear those midriff tops. What do you do? Fake your abs, of course!

Spray two lines about two inches from either side of your belly button. Using a blending sponge or brush, soften the edges of the spray to make it look more natural. The trick is to blend this evenly, so it will create a natural-looking “abs.”

Strong-hold hairspray

If you’re ever wondering how cheerleaders manage to have that perfectly slicked back ponytail despite dancing, jumping around, and flipping upside down, here’s your answer: a flexible strong-hold hair gel or hairspray. The product should have the ability to keep your hairstyle in place, no matter the humidity is. You may even choose a product with glitters and brighteners, so that your hair will look even better.

Wearable shimmer

We know that Lakeland cheerleading members look good with body glitter on, but do you know how hard are glitters to remove? What you can use is a shimmering powder. You can put this on the parts of your body visible to the audience such as your face, arms, midriff, and legs. You can wipe it with a simple wet cloth afterwards for a no-hassle removal.

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