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A Beginner’s Guide to Lakeland Cheerleading Tumbling Stunts

If you’re just starting out with Lakeland cheerleading, you may be unfamiliar with the tumbling moves involved with this. While they certainly look impressive, it is important to learn about the basics before moving on to anything more complicated to avoid hurting yourself.

To master something, you must start at the very basics of that particular skill. In the case of tumbling, it is important to learn the basics, which include cartwheels and handstands. Tumbling is commonly known as cheerleading stunts which involve rolling, flipping, and jumping. While they seem pretty easy compared to aerial stunts, they are actually quite difficult to execute, and you can end up hurting yourself if you perform it incorrectly.

The three moves outlined below are the fundamentals for tumbling. Here are a couple of the very basic cheerleading tumbling moves you’ll need to master before trying out the more complicated stunts.


A cartwheel is executed by using your momentum to complete a full 360 degree spin that originates from a handstand. Place one leg in front of the other, with your knees slightly bent, and your arms in the air.

Reach towards the ground with the arm that matches the leg you placed forward, and turn your body to the side. When your hand hits the ground, your other hand should follow immediately, and your hands should be flat on the ground, with your fingers facing away from your head.

Your legs must be straight and your toes pointed. You must keep your momentum up, and your legs must remain in the “V” position. When your foot reaches the ground, lift up the hand that you used to lead, in order to give your body the natural momentum it needs to finish the move.


A handstand can be described as the first half of a cartwheel. They’re great for practicing your balancing, and mastering your form. Similar to the cartwheel execution, lead with one leg, and arms straight up in the air. Start bending forward to place your hands on the ground, and lock your elbows when your hands are on the ground.

Use your body’s momentum to kick your back leg into the air, and take care not to kick too hard, as this may cause you to lose your balance. The move is complete when your legs are perfectly straight and vertical in the air. Try to support the weight above your shoulders, and not in your arms.

Lakeland cheerleading can be dangerous if not properly executed. Before you can start trying out the flips and air jumps that make cheerleading look so impressive, master the basics first.

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