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Beginner’s Guide To Tumbling For Lakeland Cheerleading

Lakeland cheerleading

Tumbling is a form of gymnastics used by athletes, gymnasts, and cheerleaders to twist, flip, roll, and jump. As a cheerleader, your body needs to be strong and flexible enough to do these three stunts—handstand, cartwheel, and back bend. Tumbling is the main stunt for Lakeland cheerleading members.

Aside from being strong and flexible, you also need to be versatile, disciplined, skilled, and fast. There are three basic tumbling moves—the handstand, the cartwheel, and the back bend. These are the basic moves of tumbling and you will use them a lot to perform advanced moves.


Stand facing forward with one leg in front of you. Hold your arms straight above your head and tighten your abdominal. Begin bending forward until your hands touch the ground. Be careful not to bend your elbows because you may collapse. Use the momentum to kick your back leg up in the air. Control your kick because if you kick too hard, you’ll simply throw your entire body over. Once you’re up in the air, keep your balance by keeping your hands flat and shoulder-width apart. Your fingers should also be spread out lightly.

You need to tighten your stomach to keep your back from arching or your hips from bending. Once you’ve mastered it, try to hold the handstand for a few more seconds each time.


Stand with one leg forward and slightly bent knee. Have your arms up above your head and reach towards the ground with the hand that matches the forwarded leg. By this time, you would have turned your entire body to the side. At the same time, make sure you have kicked your back leg up. After your first hand reach the ground, your second hand should follow immediately while your legs are up in the air.

While your legs are up in the air, they should be in a V position while your fingers are facing away from your face. Slowly, bring down your back foot to the ground. You should also be lifting your leading hand at this time. You will then pull your other hand and foot at about the same time. You will be ending on the same position your started in, but on the opposite side.

Back end

Stand straight with your arms above you. Start arching your back and reach behind you. Your arms should go up while your head will drop behind you. Continue this movement until your hands reach the ground. Your hands will catch you and will keep your head from hitting the ground.

To release from this position, just lift your head and bend your knees and elbows.

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