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The Central Florida Athletics Booster Club, Inc. is established as a support group to encourage parent and community participation and to raise funds to enhance and expand the athletic programs that are available to each individual athlete at Central Florida Athletics. The Booster Club feels strongly that parent and community involvement is the key to the success of the individual athlete.

2017-2018 Board of Directors

President Sue Ellen Williams
Vice President Mike Lee
Secretary Dana Chouinard
Treasurer Missy Whitter
Director Returning Heather Pharris
Director Returning Janie Sullivan
Director 1st year Melinda Lacson
Director 1st year Heather Peterson
Director 1st year Cynthia Atwood

Parents, families, friends, and community businesses are encouraged to be a member of the CFA Booster Club. The membership categories will be individual, family, and/or business. Members are those persons who agree to be active participants and volunteers that will support the organization in its purpose, and have contributed their annual membership dues. The dues of the Central Florida Athletics Booster Club, Inc. shall be determined by the current Board of Directors.
Being an athlete of any sport can be a financial challenge for most families and as such the Central Florida Athletics Booster Club will work towards providing scholarships to off-set costs associated with purchasing uniforms, shoes, and other essential items through fundraising and corporate sponsors. If you have questions about the CFA Booster Club you can contact Booster Club President Sueellen Nipper-Williams at booster@centralfloridaathletics.com for more information.

Social Media
CFA Booster Club has established links to social media to include
Facebook and Instagram all of which will provide updated information about the clubs activities and volunteer needs.

2018-2019 Booster Club Application

Booster Club Forms
CFA Booster Club Amphitheatre Volunteer Release Form
CFA Booster Club Acknowledgement and Participation Release Form

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