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Maintaining Your Grades While Being Active In Lakeland Cheerleading

Being a student and a part of a Lakeland cheerleading team can be a tough balancing act. You need to have a lot of discipline and dedication to continue keeping your high grades, attend classes regularly, and maintain your status in the cheer squad. All of these, of course, is possible when you follow these useful tips:

Separate studying from doing the homework

A homework is an everyday task, an immediate assignment you have to do and pass to your teacher the next day. Studying is different. It means you have a solid understanding of the topics discussed in class. Make it a point to study every day or several times a week so you won’t have a hard time understanding the topics and the concepts once the exam season begins.

Minimize distractions

You may think it’s productive to study or do a project with a group. The truth is, you’ll end up goofing around rather than studying. You need to consider doing your homework and studying by yourself. You will get more work done if nothing or no one is distracting you. That being said, you should also turn off your phone and television until you have completed your targets for the day.

Be organized

If you are constantly thinking of tasks you have not accomplished yet or afraid that you have forgotten something you need to do, you won’t be able to focus on anything. Write down your tasks and organize them whether in a planner or on your mobile phone. Time management is all it takes to finish the semester with a bang. By making sure that everything on the schedule is being followed, you will be able to accomplish much more than you initially thought.

Pay attention in class

You need to be in class to maintain your status in the cheer squad. That does not mean, however, that your mind is there. Often, you are thinking about your jampacked social calendar and more things you need to do or accomplish. Listen to the teacher and you’ll be surprised how much time you can save studying or doing the homework.

Choose brain food

Instead of binging on sugar and caffeine, choose your food wisely. The brain food is designed to fuel your energy and boost your brain power. You can try eating whole grains, peanut butter, and milk. These are not diet food, so don’t be afraid that they’ll be tasteless.


Two Ways You Can Raise Funds For Lakeland Cheerleading

At some point, you’re going to have to take matters into your own hands—you will need to search where to get the money for your Lakeland cheerleading needs.

Every squad will undergo the same process of disappointment after finding out the school has no budget for its cheer squad and then, realizing almost instantly that a fundraising event will answer all of their financial problems.

But fundraising is a challenge. Not every person in your community cares enough about your squad and they would certainly think twice about giving you even a dollar. But hey, you didn’t become a cheerleader to be rejected and feel desolate. How many times have you failed in your routine and your choreography? How many times have you lost to a rival? Raising funds for your team is a goal you won’t back down from.

Ask for money directly

This is the fastest and easiest way to raise funds for your squad. It, however, relies on your ability to convince people to care enough about your cause. Remember that they won’t get anything by giving you their money.

If they are going to support your team by giving you money, they should have a legitimate reason to do so. When trying to convince the whole community to give you a fraction of their hard-earned cash, do it in your cheerleading uniform to be more persuading.

You can also use online fundraising platforms like GoFundMe to raise money for your cause. Of course, you need a compelling write-up to convince people to support you because your donors will depend on what’s posted on the site.

Offer goods or services

Another way to raise funds for your team is to offer goods or products and sell them for a profit. Make known your intention that you are raising money for your squad. This will allow people to understand why you are charging more than the usual.

The best thing about this is that they are going to get something from giving you their money rather than simply handing out a dollar to you. Do you have excess clothes, books, and other accessories that you can sell in a Christmas garage sale? Maybe someone’s good at cooking? You can have a bake sale.

If it’s summertime, you can host a pool party and make a profit from the drinks and food you will provide. To make more profit, rely on volunteerism from your teammates, your friends, and your families.


Shipping Hacks For Lakeland Cheerleading

Purchasing cheer gear costs a lot of money, which is why Lakeland cheerleading squads have to conduct fundraising events to be able to buy new uniforms, shoes, hair accessories, pom-poms, and many others.

But one of the things that add to the cost of a new set of uniforms is the shipping and handling fees. Most online shops would charge shipping and handling fees, except when there’s an existing promotion for free shipping.

Here are some shipping and handling hacks you can follow:

Order the cheer gear early

If you are going to buy the cheer gear specifically to be used for a specific competition or performance, then there’s a date you will expect the package to come.

To make things easier and cheaper for the squad, try to order the gear as early as possible to prevent having to choose expedited shipping. For rush orders, there will be an additional shipping and handling fee (no matter how large the order is and you think you should be given preference for free and fast shipping).

Subscribe to newsletters

Signing up for email promotions, which will allow cheer shops to send newsletters and catalogs to your email, is beneficial for the whole team. You will receive information if there is an existing promotion, sales, and discounts.

Even if you are not yet set to order a new set of uniforms, you will be able to smartly use your money if you can order future or extra uniforms during the sale season. When you start receiving newsletters, you would also be the first one to take advantage of the benefits.

Look for coupons inside catalogs

Don’t throw away the catalogs (whether printed or digital) being distributed by these cheer companies. A lot of these catalogs contain coupons that you can use for discounts later on. Make sure to save the coupons, so you can apply the codes in the future or simply cut it out and upload the barcode.

Ask for existing offers

There is really no harm in asking. If you are going to order by phone, why not ask the representative what kinds of offers and promos are currently available. Maybe you can take advantage of these promos.

Remember that when you are ordering in bulk, it is more likely that these companies will provide free shipping and handling of your packages. If the discounts cannot be found online, just place your order through the company’s phone representative.


3 Subtle Things We Learn From Lakeland Cheerleading Camp

Lakeland cheerleading camp is a fun and immersive experience. You learn new cheers and routines, make new friends, develop cheer relationships, bond with your teammates, and improve your individual skills.

But along the way, you will also learn a lot of things, mainly subtle skills you don’t even realize will help you in maintaining a balanced and healthy life.

Being respectful

Have you ever shared a room with a sibling? Have you ever cohabited with someone over a space?

If you have never shared a room or a piece of clothing or even a comfort room with anyone, you will have a hard time dealing with the setup at camp. If you are attending cheer camp for the first time, you need to know some of the basic rules: first, you have to share a room with plenty of other people, possibly with half of the members of your squad.

You have to be respectful of other people’s space, things, and attitudes. Sharing a room will force you to learn quickly what it means to respect other people’s belongings, time, and space.


At Lakeland cheerleading camp, you will learn a new stunt but before perfecting this stunt or routine, you will have to practice, practice, practice. There is no shortcut to learn something new. It requires you to work on it until you finally nail the stunt. But when you do nail that stunt, you will feel not only relief but immense satisfaction.

Your hard work has paid off! In life, you are not always going to succeed but that does not mean that you should stop trying. Don’t be discouraged. Even after failing several times, see past the failure and keep on trying until you achieve your dreams.

Conquer your fears

No person can be successful without conquering his fears. If you fear the thought of learning a new stunt or meeting new people, you will have to go past these fears if you want to enjoy the cheer camp or become successful in cheerleading.

Simply going to Lakeland cheerleading camp can cause butterflies in your stomach (or at least, that’s how it feels for other people) but once you get there and start having fun, you should be able to get away from your fears.

Though it is not easy to conquer your fears and walk away from them, being in camp with like-minded peers will help you become a better cheerleader.


5 Ways Lakeland Cheerleading Makes Us Better People

If you want your kid to grow up as a strong, confident, and capable human being, enroll her in a Lakeland cheerleading camp. She will learn to work hard for her goals, as well as to work with different types of people. She will be disciplined, confident, self-assured, and goal-oriented. But above all, she will be a better person—kinder, more thoughtful, more giving and selfless… a role model for everyone in the community.

Cheerleaders are trained to think about other people

Bases and back spots would literally allow flyers to hit them rather than let the flyers fall and hit the floor. They know what their goal is, which is to protect the flyers.

They are trained to think about their co-cheerleader rather than themselves. Flyers trust them with their lives. That kind of confidence can only be given to people who have proven themselves.

Cheerleaders think about the effects of their actions

Whatever cheerleaders do, they know that their actions can affect others. When they miss a practice and forgot a dance step, it has a rippling effect on the team.

Since Lakeland cheerleading is a team sport, you can’t not show up for practice and expect the whole team to be okay with it. When you miss a practice, it can cause an accident and your cheer-friend’s life could be in danger.

Cheerleaders strive to be a role model

A lot of students and people in the community look up to cheerleaders as their role models. Since they are often in the spotlight, their actions are magnified. They know they must set a good example for the kids and the community at large. They strive to be a perfect role model for the kids who are looking up to them.

Cheerleaders can raise your spirit when you are down

Cheerleaders cheer for their teams to victory but they also try to cheer them up during heartbreaking losses. Lakeland cheerleading athletes are always happy and they try to infect other people with this happiness.

They get the crowd to their feet and call on them to cheer for the team. Through pom-poms, glittery uniforms, banners, streamers, and pep rallies, cheerleaders raise the team spirits.

Cheerleaders give back to the community

There are a lot of cheer squads who make a big difference in their community by joining parades, festivals, and other events. If there is a particular cause close to the cheerleaders’ hearts, they can even cause awareness and raise donations.


3 Fun Ways To Personalize Your Lakeland Cheerleading Practice Wear

Your Lakeland cheerleading uniform is not the only important piece of clothing you have for your cheer passion. In fact, you spend just a couple of hours in your uniform during sports events and competitions. Most of the time, you can be found lounging around the gym or the school in your cheer practice wear.

Rarely does your practice wear get love but since you spend plenty of time honing your skills while wearing your practice clothes, why not give it a little love and turn its personalization into a fun bonding activity for the whole squad?

With your personalized practice wear, you won’t have to wear your cheer uniforms for pep rallies, fundraisers, and other community events. You can save your actual uniforms for regional and national competitions.

Add your team’s name and colors

You can show your unity as a team through your practice wear. Choose a practice wear that shows your team colors and have your team name printed on it.

You can also choose to have your team’s logo, initials, mascot, or a combination of those printed on your practice tank, sports bra, or shorts. Wear these during your practice or other sporting events to show how proud you are of your team.

Put quotes about cheerleading

Lakeland cheerleading quotes generate team spirit and pride. Cheerleaders take a lot of pride in what they do and how strongly they represent their teams.

Print out a quote on your practice wear to remind yourself why you’re doing this and to keep the team’s spirits up. Let the whole world know that you are proud of your team and you are proud to be a cheerleader.

While there are many stores that sell ready-made practice wear with cheer quotes, you can customize your own and have them printed by a legitimate t-shirt printing company.

DIY the design

Of course, you can also design the practice wear yourself. Turn this moment into a fun and exciting bonding activity for the whole squad by taking a shirt, a tank top, a pair of shorts, socks, or anything else you can use for practice and decorate it.

You can use fabric paint, markers, and glitters to create a fun and colorful practice wear. You can further personalize your Lakeland cheerleading practice wear by putting your nicknames on it or signing it at the back. Most of these decorating materials can be bought from your local craft store.


How Do Lakeland Cheerleading Coaches Boost Team Confidence?

Being a Lakeland cheerleading coach means putting on a lot of hats in order to help your team succeed. For one, you have to play the role of a finance manager. Cheerleading teams don’t usually have a huge budget, so fundraisers have to be carried out to make sure that the team has enough for uniforms and other gear.

Coaches have to help out with this to make sure that the team has everything they need. They also have to play the role of counselor. If there is any conflict with the team, or if any of the team members have any problems, a good coach is always there for them.

One of the biggest roles that a cheer coach has to play is a cheerleader in order to boost team morale. Here are some ways that a good Lakeland cheerleading coach boosts team confidence and morale.

You need to have a lot of confidence yourself

Of course, how can you help your team be confident if you have no confidence in yourself? One of the most important things that a good Lakeland cheerleading coach needs to boost team confidence is by having confidence in themselves.

No matter how hard things may seem at the moment, it’s important that you show nothing but confidence to your team. For example, if you’re having a cheerleader try out a new stunt, always show them that you know that they can do it. Your confidence in them helps boost confidence in themselves.

Give them time to adjust to difficult moves

You can’t expect a difficult move to be learned overnight. Not only is that dangerous, but it’s also bad for a cheerleader’s self-esteem. Forcing them to execute a move without proper pacing and practice can result in a poorly executed stunt, which can be very detrimental to the cheerleader’s confidence.

Give them the time to practice the move well, and work with them one-on-one to make sure that they get the stunt right. As soon as they pull off that stunt perfectly, their confidence will go through the roof.

Teach them how to handle mistakes

Mistakes are a natural part of any sport, even more so with Lakeland cheerleading because of how technical it can be to pull off the stunts.

Another great way that a coach can help cheerleaders boost their confidence is by helping them work through their mistakes. Don’t make a big deal out of any mistakes that they make, and teach them to work through it. There’s no need to stop the flow of the run-through just because of one mistake.

Doing this casts a spotlight on the mistake and cheerleader, which will make them too nervous about making another mistake. Teaching them to manage their reactions to mistakes can do wonders for their confidence in themselves and on the mat.


How Does Lakeland Cheerleading Boost Confidence?

A lot of people recommend Lakeland cheerleading, all for a variety of reasons. Some recommend it as a sport, and it is indeed great for physical fitness. Cheerleading training and routines are great for an all-around physical fitness regimen. It is also a great way to meet new friends and be a great part of a team.

After all, because of cheer meets and competitions, you’re going to be a part of a team that you’re going to learn how to work with, as well as meet cheerleaders from all over the country in cheer meets and cheer camps.

One of the most popular reasons why people encourage their kids to join cheerleading is because it’s good for confidence and self-esteem. If you’re considering having your kids join Lakeland cheerleading for this very reason, here are some ways that cheerleading can help boost confidence and self-esteem.

Execute difficult moves

One excellent way that cheerleading can help boost your confidence and self-esteem is through the moves that the cheerleaders have to pull off.

When you see some of the moves that cheerleaders have to pull off, you can’t help but marvel at the skill and grace that they have in order to pull off the moves flawlessly. As a cheerleader that’s just starting out, these moves may seem really intimidating.

However, after a few months and hours of practice, your uncertainty can give way to confidence in the fact that you can pull off anything, no matter how big or small, as long as you put in the work.

Habit formation

Being a cheerleader means adhering to a certain lifestyle. From a healthy diet, regular physical activity, and learning how to be a good part of the team, there are plenty of positive habits that you’re going to have to form while in a cheerleading team.

Positive habits and routines like this is great for making your life more stable and giving you more control over it. The positive habits also carry over to your regular life, which is great for confidence.

Friends that support you

One of the best things about being a part of a Lakeland cheerleading team is the team itself. If you’re part of a cheer team, you automatically have an awesome support system in place.

No matter how bad life seems, even if you lose a few meets, you can be confident in the fact that you’re always going to have a support system to help you out and support you in these times of need.

Performing in front of a crowd

Another great aspect of Lakeland cheerleading that helps build up confidence is the fact that you’re going to be performing in front of a large crowd. As soon as you’ve executed all those difficult moves in front of a crowd, you feel like you can take on practically anything.


What You May Be Doing Wrong As A Lakeland Cheerleading Coach

It comes as no surprise that like cheerleaders, Lakeland cheerleading coaches are often belittled for what many people think is an activity where a group of girls dance and do cartwheels for the “actual” sports teams.

Little do they know that coaching a cheer squad is highly competitive and stressful because of the amount of pressure put on a coach’s shoulder to win and perform flawlessly.

But coaches are not perfect. Because they strive for perfection, they sometimes forget their real role in these cheerleaders’ lives—which is to act as their second parent. Here are the things that some coaches mindlessly do that affect the cheerleaders’ disposition and performance:

Body shaming your cheerleaders

Some coaches, because they are too focused on winning, forget that these kids are teenagers dealing with body issues all the time. Not everyone is blessed to have a super skinny body or a metabolism that burns fats fast.

Coaches may unknowingly body shame their cheerleaders by talking about their bodies in front of the whole team. If you think your dancers are gaining more weight than they should, talk to them in private and encourage them to go to the gym more often.

Not encouraging them to focus on their studies

Lakeland cheerleading is important, yes. It is important to win in competitions and perform the best that they can during sporting events. But it is also important for these cheerleaders to keep their grades up and to focus on their studies.

Cheerleading, at some point in their lives, will have to stop. They would then have to focus on more important things like their future goals and their college applications. As a surrogate parent, you should encourage them to think about their future and plan ahead.

Playing favorites

Yes, it can’t be helped that coaches may prefer certain cheerleaders over the others either because of their skill sets or their attitudes toward work. But it is also important to make a conscious effort not to make this too obvious because other cheerleaders may feel discouraged to bring their best. As always, act like a second parent and never make your “children” feel that they are unimportant to you.

Arguing with cheer parents

Some Lakeland cheerleading parents may be suffocating because of the amount of attention they put on your team. They may pressure you to make their daughter the star of the show. Learn how to stand up for yourself and the team. Don’t argue with them, but calmly explain to them the mechanics of the squad.


Where And How To Buy Lakeland Cheerleading Gear

It’s that season again where you need new Lakeland cheerleading gear. The thing about finding the right cheer gear is you also have to search for the best supplier in town. Remember that you cannot buy individually. It is always in bulk that a team orders their uniforms and their shoes and their pom-poms. This makes it easier for the store to produce the gear with the same design and quality.

This makes ordering cheerleading gear a pretty hefty project. We’re talking about around 20 sets of cheerleading uniforms and gear, so that’s a pretty hefty amount that the squad is paying one supplier. Every cheerleading store in the area will bid for this project.

They want nothing more but to supply the cheer gear for the local high school or college. This makes sure that they would receive a bulk order almost every year or season. That’s big business right there.

As a cheer squad, you need to make this decision as a group. Make sure that you’re dealing with a legitimate supplier for your cheerleading gear and that it has a reputation for creating quality pieces that would not compromise your routine or your choreography.

Since a cheerleading squad makes plenty of stretches and movements, the quality of the material is of absolute importance because cheap clothing can easily rip during a stunt.

Look for a store near you

It is much harder to negotiate with a supplier when that supplier is located outside the state. Find a supplier that operates near the area where you live or work. It is easier to visit the shop to check the quality of the materials they are using on their cheerleading gear. It would also be more convenient for the rest of the squad to drop by and have their measurements taken for the uniforms.

There are plenty of cheerleading suppliers operating in the Lakeland, Florida area. Look for a store that is reputable and that has made its name in the business. Check their experiences working with other cheerleading squads and make sure they understand your demands for a quality Lakeland cheerleading gear.

Have your measurements taken by a professional

Don’t even consider taking your own measurements and handing it over to the Lakeland cheerleading gear supplier. If they are to make your uniforms perfectly fitted, they have to take the measurements themselves. This is extremely important as ill-fitting uniforms are not just sore to the eyes but they can be a cause of accidents, too.


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