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What Is It Like To Be A Part of Lakeland Cheerleading?

It’s hard enough to be a high school student with all the peer pressure and the emotional rollercoaster that they go through. But to be a high school Lakeland cheerleading member?

That’s even worse… well, depending on where you look at it. If you crave the challenge and you are passionate about cheerleading, then you will embrace all the pressure that comes from being a student and a cheerleader at the same time.

If you are wondering if this sport is for you, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the things that cheerleaders go through on a daily basis:

Fighting against the stigma

You have seen Hollywood films about cheerleaders. You have seen how they are portrayed—blonde, beautiful, sexy, popular but… ditzy. Every day, cheerleaders have to fight against people who think they are not intelligent just because they know how to do the stunts. They are constantly sexualized, branded as stupid because they wear short skirts and skimpy tops.

Studying to get good grades

Cheerleaders are required to maintain good grades on top of their extracurricular activities. It is the same requirement that other school athletes must follow. It makes sense for the school to require their students to maintain good grades even if they are busy with extracurricular activities.

The primary goal of a school is to ensure that the students are learning and if their extracurricular activities are getting in the way, then they must mediate.

Working out to strengthen the body

Cheerleaders work out every day to tone their muscles and strengthen their bodies. They must do this to make sure that they can carry on the stunts and the routines.

Remember that cheerleaders don’t just dance. They must also literally carry each other and throw each other up the air, so they must have the strength, endurance, and the stability.

Practicing stunts and routines

Aside from working out and meeting all their academic goals, Lakeland cheerleading athletes also have to practice their stunts and routines if they want to win in every competition that they join. Practicing their stunts will ensure that there won’t be any accidents in the future.

Maintaining social and family relationships

On top of everything else, Lakeland cheerleading athletes must make sure that they have a healthy relationship with their co-cheer members, their friends outside the squad, and their families, of course.

They take the time out of their busy schedules to have dinners with the family, catch a movie with their best friends, and bond with the team over milkshakes and other trendy food.


How Can There Be Friendly Competition In Lakeland Cheerleading?

The biggest mistake we make about Lakeland cheerleading is thinking that all of the cheerleaders are out to get one another and they want to topple each other off the pyramid.

What we don’t know is that these girls actually uplift each other and they want the best things to happen to one another. In fact, if everyone can be the captain or can be the star of the squad, we’re sure everybody will be happy to take turns.

It’s hard enough that the cheerleading industry is being categorized as a non-sport even as the Olympics committee has already announced that it is. Just because these girls dance and do routine stunts does not make them a mere dancer (and what’s wrong about being a dancer, anyway?).

They do the same workout as athletes do. They practice just as much as basketball and football players do. They have the same grade requirements and they have as much team spirit as other school athletes claim to have.

Most cheerleaders think of their teams as their second families. These girls have been with them through it all—personal struggles, academic problems, heartbreaks, crushed competitive spirits, losses, victories, and many more. They bond almost as greatly as families do so there should be no questioning their loyalties to each other.

Of course, competition is tough. Of course, cheerleaders strive to get to the top and be the head cheerleaders. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big. What’s wrong is thinking that girls cannot support their friends because of envy and jealousy (which is what other people think “competition” is all about).

Do you know that Lakeland cheerleading squads from different schools are even friends with each other? They don’t share secrets about their routines and stunts, yes, but they can hang out with each other and share their love for cheerleading. Being passionate about one thing should bond girls together.

It should not drive a stake between them. It should not separate them. Rather, it should bring these girls closer together. The same passionate love for something should be a glue that makes cheerleaders stand up for each other.

Even in businesses, the term friendly competition exists. Most businesses are worried and concerned about their own standing that they refuse to focus on the goals of their competitors.

This might be the same thing that’s happening among Lakeland cheerleading squads. Teams are specifically focused on bettering themselves that they care not about what the other squads are doing.


How To Hold A Successful Fundraising Event For Lakeland Cheerleading

Like any sports teams, Lakeland cheerleading squads also need to raise funds for their uniforms, gears, competitions, and many more. While they also shell out their personal money, they use these events to lighten the load on themselves and their parents, of course.

You might encounter a fundraising event for a cheerleading team in your locality. Don’t hesitate to help because the funds raised will go to a good cause. These cheerleaders will represent your city and town and who knows? They may even go to nationals.

If you are a part of a Lakeland cheerleading team and your team plans to host a fundraiser, here are some tips that can help your event become successful:

Decide the purpose of the event

Sometimes, Lakeland cheerleading athletes don’t just organize these events to fund their cheer needs and gears. They also use these events to provide for other organizations such as an orphanage, a dog pound, an environmental group, and many others.

They do this as part of their community work. You can help them raise funds by contributing even a dollar to their cause. These teams are also teaching their cheerleaders to be socially active and to have the heart for the community.

List the budget needed

What do you need to pay to hold the event? You need a place, some refreshment, and entertainment, of course. List down the items you need and make sure to discuss these with the relevant committees who will be responsible for running the finances of the event. You need to be transparent with money because this is where all problems could arise from.

Delegate the tasks

You will have different committees for each task. Learn to delegate and don’t embrace everything. You will be overwhelmed and the quality of your service will be substandard.

Know how to assign tasks to each committee. If you put them there to lead the committee, then that means you trust their judgment. Don’t back down now that you need every help you can get.

Invite your target audience

Who is your target audience? You will invite stakeholders—school admin, parents, community leaders, student body, local business owners, etc. These people are concerned about the success of your squad and they might be willing to contribute to your cause.

If they could not contribute financially, you can ask them to help in making the event successful. Remember that help is not just about the money. It can come from all other sources, too, such as a network of people a certain person might have.


Things You Have To Know About Cleaning Lakeland Cheerleading Uniforms

The uniform of a Lakeland cheerleading member is the most universally recognizable item in a cheerleader’s possession. A squad is identified by their uniforms and any diversion from that will create an unbalanced look for the team.

The modern cheerleading uniform is made as an activewear, meaning it is easier to clean than other clothing materials because it is made from durable polyester knit fabric.

Since you spent hours on a fundraising activity to buy these uniforms and you probably dipped into your own savings, you need to take very good care of it and make sure that it is always clean with the colors not fading and the fabric maintaining its structure.

Don’t go to the dry cleaners

While dry cleaning is the standard response to textile that’s hard to clean, it may not work the same for a cheerleading uniform because it may stiffen, fade, and bubble.

It may also take on a yellowish hue, which will be impossible to hide next to an unblemished uniform.

Use quality detergent

When washing at home, use a detergent that’s popular and made for colorfast garments. Some examples are Cheer and Tide Sport. These detergents will keep the colors of your uniform bright and cheery, but still be able to remove the dirt and odor.

The first time you wash your Lakeland cheerleading uniforms, wash them separately in cold water. After that, wash them normally along with your other pieces of cheer clothing.

Do not use bleach

There’s a stain on your uniform that your detergent cannot remove. Think you can bleach it? Bleach will strip the color and will leave ugly spots and damage the fabric.

White fabric, on the other hand, will turn yellowish, ruining the whole hue of the uniform. Instead, you can use a color-safe bleach alternative or oxygen-based all-fabric bleach to get the tough stains out.

Avoid fabric softener

Though a softener makes the cloth comfortable on your skin, it will set whatever stain or dirt is on the uniform, making it nearly impossible to remove them and make the uniform clean.

Use baking soda

If your detergent is not doing its job, you may have to add a little chemistry to the mix. First, mix cold water with a cup of detergent and one cup of baking soda.

Then, rinse the Lakeland cheerleading uniform with cold water to get the dirt out. After doing so, soak the uniform in the mixture of detergent and baking soda and watch the color neutralize.

Do not wash the uniforms with other clothes

The lint from your cotton or cotton-blend clothes will attach to the decals and the glittery parts of the uniform. Don’t let this happen to your uniform. If you need to wash your uniform, wash them separately and don’t mix with your other clothes.


Top Three Reasons To Start A Lakeland Cheerleading Business

Whether you are a former cheerleader who wants to relive her glory days or you simply think that a Lakeland cheerleading business is profitable, you could be doing your community a great service. There are not many big cheerleading companies out there.

Some are focused on garments, others on gears, and others on accessories. The choices are very limited, any cheerleading squad will tell you. Most of the time, they would have to find a seamstress who can customize their uniforms and then buy their gear from other stores.

So, if you think that a cheerleading business is highly profitable, then you are right. Here are the top three reasons why you should definitely enter the industry:

It is fun

Lakeland cheerleading is fun. You can see that by watching Hollywood movies about cheerleaders; not those cheer movies that turned cheerleaders into monsters, but the ones that tell the sordid tale and sacrifice that cheerleaders go through every day.

Even though there is a lot of hard work involved in being a cheerleader, it is fun for the most part, especially during competition season.

The whole community gathers to support their local cheerleading team. If you are a business that supports this cause, you can be sure that you’ll receive a lot of encouragement and support from your local community.

It has a big market

Every school has at least one cheerleading team. Every state, every city, every district has what… several schools under it? How many cheerleading teams then are you going to cater to? The possibilities, as you know, are endless.

Cheerleading squads are constantly looking for new suppliers that can provide quality products at a more reasonable price. This is a market that you should and can tap. Don’t let that money go to waste.

It brings out your creativity

You can turn your brick-and-mortar store into a museum for cheerleading things. You can use different colors of the local Lakeland cheerleading teams in your area. You can be as creative or as “girly” as you want to be and no one will judge you.

After all, your business is catering to athletes that turn their creativity into dance and stunts. You would also be designing uniforms, pompoms, and a whole lot of gear.

You need to customize these and make sure that they represent the teams correctly. You can also join a lot of exhibits and community programs that support local teams and athletes.


How To Become A Camp Counselor For Lakeland Cheerleading

Becoming a camp counselor for a Lakeland cheerleading program is actually a life-changing experience. Imagine having to deal with teenage kids that are pressured by their peers and the need to succeed.

You could change their lives by your words and your leadership and your actions. You could touch their lives, especially troubled teens who are going through some very bad times even when they are smiling and going through their cheer routines.

A camp counselor’s job is no small feat. It isn’t easy either. Schools and parents are going to pay a large sum of money so camps could teach their kids a whole wide range of skills and values like time management, discipline, and handling peer pressure and friendships.


Attend seminars and conferences about yourself to learn about leadership skills, time management, handling peer pressure, making friends, boosting social skills, and many more that cheerleaders need to learn from you.

As a Lakeland cheerleading camp counselor, these kids will be looking up to you so you need to be careful about how you command yourself and how you deal with them, too.

Seek an agency

In America, there are five agencies that can place you in your dream destination or camp: CCUSA, Camp Leaders, AmeriCamp, Camp America, and Wildpacks.

They send out camp counselors to even faraway places. Ask recommendations from your friends and family about which agency could provide you with the adventure that you are seeking.

Decide what talent you’ll use at camp

In the Lakeland cheerleading camp, you don’t only need to learn about routines and choreographies. You could also handle the leadership program at the camp or even the social skills program.

Decide which you are going to focus on. If you’re good at designing routines and choreographies, maybe you can bond with the cheerleaders through that.

You can teach them new tricks and new dance moves to improve their stunts. But if you want to focus more on their holistic experience at camp, seek a program that focuses on the leadership and the discipline of these cheerleaders.

Apply for the right camp

There are fairs usually in January or February that collects all camps together. Here, you could apply to the camp of your own choosing. Ready your resumes, as well as a YouTube video showing the important camp skills you have mastered.

Have your references on standby also and let them know that a camp hiring manager might call them to ask about your experiences, work ethics, and your skills.


Effective Time Management For Lakeland Cheerleading

We think that cheerleaders have the easiest time in the world because they have perfect hair and the perfect outfit every time they arrive at school. But that’s the Hollywood version of the tale. In real life, nothing is as perfect and maybe, the life of a Lakeland cheerleading member may be the most imperfect and challenging out of all athletes in school.

One of the things that cheerleaders always have to face is the problem with time management. Can you imagine juggling working out, studying, and competing in a day? But that’s the everyday life of a cheerleader. They have to work out to hone their talents and their muscles.

They have to go to school and study for exams and submit homework. They have to compete at every turn—with each other for a spot in the cheerleading team and against other cheerleading squads during the competition season.

There’s one thing that ties these up: time management. Only effective time management could help cheerleaders juggle all of these without losing their minds.

Work out during the day

Wake up a little early than usual and squeeze in a workout before starting the day. This will make you feel energized and will help you focus more throughout the day. It will also hone your muscles and make you a better base or a better flyer.

Keep your focus during school work

Once you’re in school and attending classes, keep the lessons in mind. Listening in class will lessen the time when you have to revisit the lessons to complete your homework.

Remember that this is still the most important part of your student life. You can only be a Lakeland cheerleading athlete for how long; academics will bring you to your dreams.

Practice your stunts

When school is over, you finally have the clearance to go to the gym and practice your Lakeland cheerleading stunts. While waiting for the rest of the squad, you can do your routines and choreographies, so you squeeze in more time honing your skills while the rest of the team is still in class or lounging around.

Go home and do your homework

Once you’re at home, you have to do your homework and finish all school work before spending time with the family. Aren’t you more relaxed hanging out with your siblings when you’ve got nothing to worry about for tomorrow?

So, finish everything first and then, have dinner and bond with your family. You’ll spend that personal time better knowing you’re done for the day (schoolwork-wise).


Important Life Lessons Learned At Lakeland Cheerleading Camp

Lakeland cheerleading camp is one of the many fun activities you will do as a cheerleader. Actually, the camp will be the most fun of all, way above the highs of winning that state or national championship.

There is nothing like bunking with your teammates to bond over your crushes, your dreams, and your academic challenges. Lakeland cheerleading camp, after all, is all about improving your individual skills, team bonding, and making friends along the way.

But what we don’t know is that camp will also teach us a lot about the future. It will teach us life lessons that would be useful for how we interact with your future schoolmates, teammates, and workmates. We may not realize it but we will be learning subtle lessons along the way.


Here’s the thing about Lakeland cheerleading camps: you will be staying in bunk beds and you will not have your own room. You cannot leave your things lying around because others will be sharing a space with you.

You have to respect them enough to keep things orderly and to organize your things, so everything looks neat and clean. Also, you cannot expect to just follow your teammates wherever they go. You’ve got to organize and manage your time well and see where your personal schedule takes you.


At first, you may have a hard time with some of the stunts being taught but with practice and a lot of perseverance, you will eventually be able to make it. Remember that there is no magic potion if you want to learn a new routine. You need to practice, practice, practice. When you do finally nail the stunt, you will realize that hard work truly pays off.

Here, you learned a valuable life skill—perseverance. You need to be patient and to work hard if you’re going to succeed in life. Even after failing several times, you cannot lose hope or be discouraged. You must continue to strive to thrive.


You have to be respectful of others and their space. Cohabitating in a small area can be a challenge to some people, but you have to remember to be respectful of other’s space, time, and belongings. In the future, when you’re sharing a room with your college dorm mate, this lesson would tide you over the bad times.


In Lakeland cheerleading camp, you will face a lot of your fears, big and small. Deep down, we’re all fearful of one thing or another. You would have to face these fears when you’re in camp.

Whether your fears is learning a new stunt, getting along with other people, and performing in front of a large crowd, you would get over these by the time you finish the camp program.


Stay Involved With Your Lakeland Cheerleading Team Even When Injured

Injuries are an unfortunate part of Lakeland cheerleading. Of course, the gyms and schools where cheerleading is held take the necessary precautions to guarantee the safety of the athletes. In addition to that, most reputable cheerleading institutions require that their Lakeland cheerleading coaches have some level of safety training.

All of these precautions come together to guarantee that the athletes’ safety remains, first and foremost, top priority. However, while there are plenty of safety measures in place, there is still a small chance that accidents can happen. However, while this is something that you would prefer avoiding, if this does happen, it doesn’t mean that you’re out of the team.

You can still show your support for your team and be an important part of the team, even with an injury. Read on to find out how.

Show up to practice

Believe it or not, even with an injury, if you’re capable of moving around with no problems, then you can definitely still make it to practice and show your support. Showing your teammates that you’re still there to show your support despite your injury is a great way to show your team spirit and help boost team morale.

In addition to being a great spirit boost for the team, observing practice allows you take note of any changes or updates to the Lakeland cheerleading routine. This way, when you get back, you can get back into the flow of things, no problem.

Help out when you can

You may not be much use on the mats at the moment, but you can still help in your own little way. Help your team out by bringing them water, or by helping keep the locker room tidy.

It might be disheartening to not be out there stunting with the rest of them, but helping out your team even with your injury is a great way to show them that you’re happy to be a part of the team.

Maintain a positive attitude

Above everything else, the best way to be an integral part of your Lakeland cheerleading team despite an injury is by maintaining a positive and upbeat attitude. Even if you can’t be a part of the stunts and routine at the moment, show your team your full support by being there every step of the way.

They understand how hard being injured must be for you, so cheering them on while they’re doing their best is a great mood booster for the team and will encourage them to do even better.


Does a Lakeland Cheerleading Coach Need Experience?

One of the very first questions that come up when it comes to being a Lakeland cheerleading coach is whether or not a coach has to be qualified or have prior experience. This is also a main concern for plenty of cheerleaders’ parents, which is a legitimate concern.

After all, wouldn’t you prefer having a qualified professional looking after your children when helping them execute stunts? However, we’ll be talking about being qualified or experienced in order to become a Lakeland cheerleading coach.

Objectively speaking, you do not need any professional requirements in order to qualify as a cheerleading coach. However, depending on the cheer gym, or the school that you are applying at, you may be required to have some prior experience in cheerleading, as well as some safety certifications.

After all, as we’ve said, safety will always be one of the highest priorities in any good cheer gym or school. Cheerleading is a sport that relies on the vigilance and guidance of its coaches in order to guarantee its athletes’ safety, and you will find that plenty of cheerleading institutes will view a potential candidate more favorably if they have some safety training and certifications under their belt.

So if you’re considering pursuing a career in Lakeland cheerleading and you’re unsure about where to start, then you should look into having some safety training under your belt. You can be certified in some basic skills like CPR and complete a basic safety course.

Now that you have some certifications under your belt, it’s time to get some experience along with it. Most places prefer it if you have some experience in coaching a team, so you can do the Lakeland cheerleading equivalent of an internship: volunteering as an assistant coach.

Do some research to see if there are any places that need the assistance of a volunteer coach, and feel free to help out. While helping out, you have the opportunity to observe practices, meets, as well as participate in other Lakeland cheerleading activities, like fundraisers. This is a great way to get some first hand exposure into the world of cheerleading as well as get some great experience under your belt.

Becoming a Lakeland cheerleading coach is a career that is extremely rewarding. You get to help young athletes achieve their dreams of becoming good quality athletes. While it may be intimidating to enter this world without any prior experience, as long as you put in the time and effort, you can accomplish this.


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