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Common Mistakes Lakeland Cheerleading Bases Make

In Lakeland cheerleading, it seems like bases don’t get a lot of recognition from the crowd. After all, their eyes are focused on the stunts that the flyers are performing up in the air. However, bases are a lot like bassists in bands. You never really notice them when they’re there, but if you remove them from the equation, you’ll definitely miss them.

No successful stunt can be carried out without both the flyers and the bases, and each role is important in its own way. With that in mind, it’s important for any good cheerleading base to recognize any mistakes they may be making so that they can work on these and improve their overall performance.

One of the most mistakes that bases make is their posture when they base, which is known as the granny basing. With their backs hunched over, and their butts sticking out, if a base uses this posture, they may find that they have less strength in their throws. More importantly, if they maintain this type of posture, there is a higher risk of back injury in the future.

Another common posture mistake in bases is bending their arms and legs. If bases carry out stunts in this manner, there is a tendency that their joints take the brunt of the impact, which can lead to injury and an unstable base. In order to remedy this, a good base must maintain proper posture and align their core in order to utilize their strength when performing stunts.

Another common mistake observed in bases is a poor grip. When bases are expected to maintain a strong grip, they may tend to overthink and grip too tightly, which makes their grip stiff. This is because this type of grip contracts the muscles in the wrong way, which leads to a stiff grip that is easily broken. Grips must be strong, but fluid. By learning the right way to maintain a strong, fluid grip, you minimize the risk for injury and allows for an easier flow when carrying out the stunt.

Catching low is another serious mistake that bases need to keep an eye out for. When bases catch low, they are exposing the flyer to serious injury if they fall through the cradle. The best way to fix this issue is to learn how to catch high, and absorbing the shock of the impact. This helps the momentum of the stunt flow better from start to finish, as well as minimizes exposure to injury to both bases and flyers.

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