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Do’s And Don’t’s For Cheer Parents

Lakeland cheerleadingCoaches are always asked how they deal with Lakeland cheerleading moms. After all, they can be quite suffocating in their “support” because they want the best for their children. The problem is, if they get too involved with their children’s routines, they tend to overpower them and they might lose focus on what their goals are.

A good working relationship among the coaches, cheerleaders, and their parents is imperative for the success of the squad. Here are a couple of do’s and don’t’s for cheerleading parents:

Understand that this is your children’s sports

This means that you’re not supposed to impose your goals or your plans or your routines. Let your children set their goals for themselves. What your role will be is to guide them towards achieving these short-term and long-term goals. You can discuss with them the kind of cheerleader they want to be–what skills they want to master and what they want to accomplish within the sports.

If you set the goals for your children, they will feel obliged to master the skills but they won’t have any satisfaction from it. You want your children to feel excited about a new skill they learned, and not to feel responsible for your satisfaction. Coaches very rarely see children succeed when their parents are forcing them to attain goals they don’t really want.

Do not compare their progressions

In a Lakeland cheerleading squad, you will see some children progressing rapidly and you will see some who are not as fast. It doesn’t matter how easily and fastly your children master the specific skills needed for the team. It takes a while for some people but once they do, the mastery level might be unparalleled. Never compare your children with others because they might feel diminished by it. It’s important to have professionalism and sportsmanship in one team. If you feel the need to compare these children, you will pit them against each other.

Be positive

A lot of times, your children will come running to you, frustrated because they couldn’t complete a routine mistake-free. Never respond to them negatively because they will feel dejected even more. What you can do is to be positive and to show them that you support them no matter what. Always tell your children how proud you are for what they have accomplished in the squad. This way, the next time they arrive at home feeling miserable because of something that happened in practice, they will feel better knowing you’ll listen to them and you still love them despite everything.

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