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Early Tips For Lakeland Cheerleading Tryouts

Trying out for a Lakeland cheerleading team may be a little intimidating at first because all the girls seem to know each other and they seem to be professionals in this field. That is farther from the truth. What you actually see in these cheerleaders is dedication and a lot of hard work. Cheerleading is all about sacrificing your personal time to learn more skills and routines. It is about disciplining yourself, so that you can be the best version of a cheerleader there is.

Here are some early tips for those who want to become a cheerleader:

Train your skills in advance

If you really want to become a cheerleader, you need to train early on, months and months in advance, if possible. You can go to the gym or a cheerleader facility, so you can watch professional cheerleaders do their stunts and routines. You will learn a lot not just by watching, but by participating in their practices—whether these are jumps, motions, tumbling, and spiriting.

Exercise and eat healthy

When your body has the right nutrients and when you are toned and you feel good about yourself, you will more likely be confident with your stunts and routines. You will also feel less ill and you will be less prone to accidents during the tryout process.

Attend the tryout meetings

You have to get organized when it comes to your tryouts. Don’t just arrive there at the specific time of your tryouts. Rather, attend the meetings, too, because this is where you will learn what is being required of you. Make sure never to miss out on these meetings because this can make or break your tryouts. You may need to submit your teacher recommendations, medical releases, signed cheer constitutions, and many other forms.

Get a sample scoresheet

You can use this sample scoresheet in your training and practice. Get the sample scoresheet from the Lakeland cheerleading coach, so that you can see which elements are important for the team. You can focus on which area of cheering is important for the coach, so that you can master these particular skills.

Practice your skills on the same tryout surface

If you learn your skills on a spring floor, then you might get surprised if you need to use a basketball court for your tryouts. Ask in advance what kind of surface you will be trying out on, so that you can search for a facility that has the same surface.

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