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Effective Time Management For Lakeland Cheerleading

We think that cheerleaders have the easiest time in the world because they have perfect hair and the perfect outfit every time they arrive at school. But that’s the Hollywood version of the tale. In real life, nothing is as perfect and maybe, the life of a Lakeland cheerleading member may be the most imperfect and challenging out of all athletes in school.

One of the things that cheerleaders always have to face is the problem with time management. Can you imagine juggling working out, studying, and competing in a day? But that’s the everyday life of a cheerleader. They have to work out to hone their talents and their muscles.

They have to go to school and study for exams and submit homework. They have to compete at every turn—with each other for a spot in the cheerleading team and against other cheerleading squads during the competition season.

There’s one thing that ties these up: time management. Only effective time management could help cheerleaders juggle all of these without losing their minds.

Work out during the day

Wake up a little early than usual and squeeze in a workout before starting the day. This will make you feel energized and will help you focus more throughout the day. It will also hone your muscles and make you a better base or a better flyer.

Keep your focus during school work

Once you’re in school and attending classes, keep the lessons in mind. Listening in class will lessen the time when you have to revisit the lessons to complete your homework.

Remember that this is still the most important part of your student life. You can only be a Lakeland cheerleading athlete for how long; academics will bring you to your dreams.

Practice your stunts

When school is over, you finally have the clearance to go to the gym and practice your Lakeland cheerleading stunts. While waiting for the rest of the squad, you can do your routines and choreographies, so you squeeze in more time honing your skills while the rest of the team is still in class or lounging around.

Go home and do your homework

Once you’re at home, you have to do your homework and finish all school work before spending time with the family. Aren’t you more relaxed hanging out with your siblings when you’ve got nothing to worry about for tomorrow?

So, finish everything first and then, have dinner and bond with your family. You’ll spend that personal time better knowing you’re done for the day (schoolwork-wise).

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