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Ending Your Lakeland Cheerleading Season With a Bang

When summer rolls around, many Lakeland cheerleading athletes often experience feelings of happiness, and sadness. This bittersweet feeling is understandable, as the joyous mark of the beginning of summer indicates the end of yet another fantastic cheer season. However, it doesn’t have to be all sad. You should take this time to think back to all the moments and experiences that have helped shape who you are today.

It’s been a long year, and despite the ups and downs, there’s plenty to be thankful for. There may be times when you’ve seriously reconsidered your choice to be a cheerleader, but in the end, you can honestly say that you’re a better person for it all. Don’t spend the last of the season moping about how it’s all over. Here are some ways that you can end the season with a bang.

Say thank you to everybody who made it all possible

It may be the end of the season, but it doesn’t have to be the end of everything. Reflect on the past season, and remember all of the people who helped make this season the huge success it was, whether your team won or lost.

Take this time of reflection to recognize who helped make this all possible, and give thanks to all of these people. Cheerleading has always been a group sport, and everybody has put in the equal effort to make it all possible. From your coach, your fellow teammates, your parents, and everybody else, these are all people that you should recognize and thank.

Celebrate with everybody

Once you’ve given thanks to the people who have made everything possible, go out and celebrate with them! Go out for a team dinner, or a fantastic outing on the beach. Spend time together, and take the time to reflect on the past season and all the fun memories that you all had together. In the process, take the time to make some new memories that you’ll always treasure as you all move forward.

Think about the next season

While this feels like the end of an era, you should see it as the potential for a new beginning. If there are any goals that you weren’t able to accomplish last year, take the upcoming summer season to lay the foundation to achieve your goals for the next. Take everything that you learned last season, and apply it to your fitness routine, and use that to make yourself a better person and Lakeland cheerleading athlete for the next season.

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