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Gymnastic Conditioning Tips

One of the things gymnasts must discipline themselves with is the importance of properly conditioning your body to be ready for the stunts and maneuvers you’ll be subjecting it to on the mat.

When a body is not conditioned rightly through proper diet, exercise and workout regime, it tends to ache and is more prone to injury.

To prevent an injury or a strain, follow these proper gymnastic conditioning tips (but note that these are just general tips as your coach would know the best conditioning regime for your skill set and body type):

Strengthen your core and back

Core strength is crucial in your success to execute a number of drills on gymnastic equipment such as uneven bars, high bars, pommel horses and parallel bars. To use these apparatus, you would need to employ your core muscles and hold your legs up.

Do exercises that would strengthen your core. One such exercise can be done by simply lying on your back with your arms and legs extended. Simultaneously lift your arms and legs until you form a V sign with your lower back balancing you.

Hold this position for a second and then extend back to the floor. Repeat as many as you can in 30 seconds.

To strengthen your back, do the same as you would for your core training, except do it in reverse.

Lie flat on your stomach with your arms and legs extended. Slowly lift your arms and legs until your stomach remains to be the only part in your body that touches the floor.

Build your arm muscles

A lot of gymnastic stunts require tremendous arm strength. For men, such is needed to hold, carry, flip and catch the “flyers.” For women, arm strength is demanded by uneven bars.

The simplest way to strengthen your biceps, triceps and pectorals is the push-ups.

For the perfect form, lie on your stomach and then slowly push your body with your arms, making sure your shoulders are over your hands. Check also if your back is flat and straight, and did not bend because of the pressure on your arms.

Once you’re in this position, lower your body, keeping your elbows on your side and not away from your body. Touch your chin to the ground, and then push back up.

Aside from strengthening your core and your arm muscles, it is also important to work on your leg muscles because these would be use to steady you in a number of stunts and drills.

Remember to give each part of your body the proper attention, and never favor one over another. Also, don’t forget to warm up and cool down to avoid soreness and strain.

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