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Help Your Lakeland Cheerleading Team Build Their Confidence

A lot of Lakeland cheerleading is based on confidence. Cheerleaders need to have confidence in themselves and how they perform their stunts if they want to execute their stunts as perfectly. However, not only do cheerleaders have to have a lot of confidence in themselves, but they also need to have a lot of confidence in their teams.

A lot of cheerleading stunts are heavily reliant on teamwork, and if a cheerleading team doesn’t have confidence in themselves as a team, then it might be difficult for them to execute their stunts as a whole.

Team confidence is a key component to any successful Lakeland cheerleading team, and it’s important to build that confidence as early as possible. Here are some ways that you can help build your cheerleading team’s confidence.

Show confidence in them as a coach

Of course, as a cheerleading coach, one of the most basic things that you can do to build their confidence is by showing them that you have confidence in them. After all, how can a cheer team be confident in themselves if their very own coach has no confidence in them?

You should always show your cheerleading team that you have the utmost confidence in them from start to finish. Always work with them until they have perfected the current stunt and praise them whenever they get it right. A team’s confidence will always start with their coach.

Teach them to handle mistakes on the mat

Mistakes do happen from time to time, and there might be times when your cheerleading team makes a mistake out there on the mat during a competition. When that happens, you have to show them the right way to handle mistakes that happen in the middle of a routine.

Doing so can help with the transition of the routine as a whole. Failing to work through a mistake can disrupt the flow of the routine, which can affect the rest of the routine negatively.

Don’t condemn mistakes

When mistakes do happen, you must never condemn the team for their mistakes. Teach them that mistakes are normal, especially in Lakeland cheerleading, and the best thing that they can do is simply work through them and be better.

Always continue encouraging them, especially when mistakes occur, as this can be one of the strongest barriers to team confidence.

Help them build confidence in their stunting

Of course, as a cheerleading coach, one of the best things that you can do to build confidence in a team is by helping them through their stunting. Failed stunts can be a huge blow to their confidence, so always be patient enough to keep working with them until they finally hit it right.

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