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Helping Your Child Get Over Their Lakeland Summer Camps Nerves

Lakeland summer camps have always been a fantastic summer option for kids and parents alike. It doesn’t matter whether your child is going to a sleepaway camp or a day camp, they always have the chance to grow and learn new skills that they never would have had the chance to in a normal school setting. However, for some kids, they may not see it that they.

They may see their parents sending them away to camp as something that they should be nervous, and even afraid of. This feeling of nervousness can get in the way of kids having fun at what should be an enjoyable, formative experience, so here are some ways you can help your child get over their summer camp nerves.

Help your child get excited for camp

Since your main goal is to get your child excited for summer camp, focus on the aspects that make summer camp fun and let them get excited for it. Take them shopping for any potential activities that they’ll be taking part in. For example, if it’s a soccer camp, take them shopping for a new pair of cleats or a new ball. Also, get a list of activities from the camp to help your child familiarize themselves with the activities that are going to take place. A lot of kids are worried about attending camp because they don’t know what to expect, and this helps them take control and know what’s going to happen while they’re at camp.

Let them know that you understand that they’re nervous

Never downplay your child’s nervousness as this can make them feel like you’re invalidating their feelings. Also, never give your child false reassurances that everything is going to be okay. Talk with your child about their fears and nerves and figure out together why your child is nervous and what you both can do about it. This gives your child the opportunity to speak out their thoughts, lets them know that you’re listening, and also lets them know that there’s nothing wrong with what they’re feeling.

Share with your child about your own camp experiences

Another way you can help your child get over their Lakeland summer camps nerves is by sharing with them your own camp experiences and your own feelings of nervousness when you were their age. This helps them understand that they’re not the first kids to ever feel that way, and that there is a way to overcome these. Talk through the new experiences they may face with your child, as this helps them think of the potential activities as something more concrete, which makes it easier for them to process.

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