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High School Lakeland Cheerleading vs. Competitive Cheerleading

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to Lakeland cheerleading. One of the biggest misconceptions include the stereotype that all cheerleaders do is shake their pom-poms at the crowd and chant cheers without doing much of anything else.

This misconception is one of the reasons why some parents are hesitant at letting their kids take part in cheerleading, despite the numerous benefits that it gives the athletes. Currently, the world of cheerleading is trying to break that stereotype that all cheerleaders so is stand there and look pretty for the crowd, because there is so much more to cheerleading than chants and props.

One of the ways that they’re trying to do that is by explaining the different types of cheerleading branches, and distinctions between the two. Here we’ll try to explain the two most common branches of cheerleading: high school and cheerleading, and how they differ from each other.

High School Cheerleading

High school Lakeland cheerleading in media is where most of the misconceptions and stereotypes come from. Cheerleading is often associated with popular high school mean girls who wear provocative uniforms and shake their pom-poms at the crowd during football and basketball games.

In reality, high school cheerleading is comprised of talented athletes who create routines and chants designed to raise team morale and crowd spirit during team games. When it comes to choosing the squad members, a coach usually makes the final call on who gets to make the team.

In addition to having some level of cheerleading skill, cheerleaders are also expected to maintain a certain level of academic standing and other criteria as they play a role in representing the school as a whole. There is some level of competition, but it isn’t as extensive as in competitive cheerleading.

Competitive Cheerleading

Competitive Lakeland cheerleading is the kind of cheerleading that you see on television. The routines that take place in this sport are comprised of complicated stunts, tumbles, and jumps. Unlike high school cheerleading, the main goal is to compete, and each stunt and move has a corresponding point to add to the overall ranking.

While high school cheerleaders can have varying levels of skill, all competitive cheerleaders are required to have a high level of skill due to the difficulty of some of the stunts that they execute. The tryouts for competitive cheerleading are much more rigorous compared to high school Lakeland cheerleading, and they encompass different types of skill, from tumbling to stunts.

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