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How Can You Personalize Your Lakeland Cheerleading Cheer Box?

Lakeland cheerleading

Aside from perfecting your cheers and your skill, you also need to stand out from all the other Lakeland cheerleading members by adding a little flair on your cheer box. A personalized cheer box can help move your cheerleading career to the right direction. Instead of always being identified as one of the cheerleaders in the team, you can be recognized by your own name.

Here are ways you can personalize your cheer box:

Use your school colors

What better way to represent your school and your team but to use your school colors on your box? This will also complement the cheer uniform, the pom-poms, and other accessories you may have on you. Remember that it can be detrimental to your team’s success if you accidentally use another school’s colors, so to be safe, use your team’s colors and add a little bit of yourself on it by drawing an animal or a symbol close to your heart.

Add sparkle

Isn’t cheerleading always about sparkle and glitters? Mix the glitters with glue or with hair spray and it will stick on the cheer box permanently. As usual, don’t forget to only use your school’s colors or else, it can be a disaster. The addition of glitters will make your cheer box shine and it will stand out from the rest of the plain cheer boxes out there. You may even insert your name on the cheer box using sparkly glitters.

Keep it simple

It may seem contradictory with the second tip. Add glitters, but keep it simple? The point is, you have to be careful with how you decorate your cheer box. You want it to stand out and for the audience to notice it and you. If you put too many details on it, the cheer box may seem cluttered and the message will be lost. The best way to really put a spotlight on your cheer box is to keep the details simple but to add elements that will outshine the others.

Make it personal

It might seem a little redundant, but you always add a touch of you when designing your cheer box. You have to express yourself on your cheer box, so show the audience what interests you (aside from cheerleading) through it. This will help you and your interests stand out from the rest of the cheerleaders. You can also encourage your teammates to try personalizing their own cheer boxes.

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