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How Lakeland Cheerleading Can Organize Fundraising Activities For The Holidays

Lakeland cheerleading is not just about waving pom-poms in the air and cheering on the audience at the bleachers. It’s also about using this power, this popularity to the good of others. Every cheerleading squad will teach you this—to be mindful of others.

The reason why this is given importance to is because being considerate about other people’s feelings will bring you a long way in this industry. Imagine how difficult it is to manage a squad full of teenage girls. They all have different personalities, mood swings, dreams, etc. There is always the risk that somebody’s feelings will get hurt. But if cheerleaders learn to be considerate, this will lessen the time spent on arguments and misunderstandings.

This same lesson is being applied to everyone in the squad. Everyone must feel compassion and they must be emphatic to the plight of others. As part of the holiday season, Lakeland is opening the doors of many organizations that need help.

Cheerleaders can take the helm in helping others by organizing their own fundraising activity. Squads are able to show their true colors—how emphatic and compassionate—they can be by starting their very own charitable activities. How can they do that in Lakeland? Here are the steps:

Choose an organization you want to help

There are plenty of organizations you can help—adoption houses, nursing care facilities, shelters, etc.

All of these make for the perfect organization to help this holiday season. The people there, even the employees, will surely appreciate your group’s presence. You can host a simple Thanksgiving or Christmas party there to make people feel that they are still part of the society even though they have limited capabilities.

Talk with the head of the institution

Believe it or not but some institutions don’t allow groups or individuals to host parties and other events in their facilities. They think that participating in these activities is unhealthy for their members and the don’t want to be overexposed, even if it means attracting more help or aid from other people or groups.

Book the caterer and other amenities

Lakeland cheerleaders need a good mat to land on. If this is not available in the facility, you either have to bring them to your gym or rent a mat that could break your fall. As a group, you also need to book a caterer because part of hosting a party would be the food, of course.

Arrive on time

Some of these people, especially those in adoption houses, are so used at being disappointed, it’s like second nature to them. Don’t abuse it. Instead, if you promised to be there on a specific day and time, then be there. Don’t break the hearts of these people by being irresponsible.

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