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How Lakeland Cheerleading Parents Can Prepare Their Cheerleaders For Camp

Whenever summer season approaches, there’s one thing on the mind of every cheerleader: summer camp. For them, it’s no ordinary camp. It’s the Lakeland cheerleading summer camp. If you have ever been to a summer camp before, you know how fond memories you have of it. That’s about the same with cheerleaders, multiplied a hundred times. Over the course of the year, they have passed the tryouts, gotten into the team they want, and are now working well ahead of the chain together with the whole team.

Imagine, they have been with these girls for a whole year almost every day. How deep has that bond gone in that year? You can only imagine. Girls will always be girls, after all, and they share even the most intimate thoughts they have. Summer camp will only intensify that bond.

As a parent, you want the best for your children, and that means prepping her for camp—what it means and how it is supposed to impact her life. Here are other things you need to prepare her for:

Remind your daughter what the camp means

Cheer camp is exciting and your daughter might think it’s vacation time and not a time to learn new skills. When you’re in a camp, there are workshops and seminars in the morning. It will teach you new things about cheerleading. At night, there are activities that will build the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie. Surely, your cheerleader won’t miss out on activities just to goof around with her friends. Remind her what the camp means for every cheerleader.

Double check her cheerleader bag

With the excitement and anticipation in your daughter’s head, she might have forgotten what needs to be packed for her time away from home. Double and triple check her bag to make sure that her gear is there, as well as other essentials she will need during the time she’s at camp. This is especially important if the camp will be held in a destination where there is no general store nearby. Aside from the basic essentials, you should not forget to put an emergency first aid kit and water bottle to keep her from getting dehydrated.

Prepare yourself

During the time she’s off at camp, learning new skills and meeting new friends, you should take the time to pamper yourself. Don’t just mope around the house because she’s gone and hanging out with her cheerleader friends. Use that time to regain some of your mojo and energy back.

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