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How Lakeland Cheerleading Prepares For A Big Competition

Every year, Lakeland cheerleading teams compete among each other to get to the regionals and then, to the nationals. Cheerleading squads prepare for this every chance they get.

After all, this is an opportunity to showcase to their communities and to the nationals what they are made of. It’s all about team spirit and school pride. Cheerleading squads are traditionally loyal to their schools and they want nothing but to represent their schools.

So, how does a cheerleading team prepare for this kind of competition? How do they prepare their bodies for the onslaught of physical activities they need to do?

Nonstop workouts

First, they must prepare their bodies for what’s about to come—a barrage of routines, stunts, and dance choreographies they have to practice every day until the competition.

The base cheerleaders, the one tasked to carry the load of a cheer pyramid, must work on their strengths while the flyers, the ones who are thrown up in the air, must be agile and flexible and they must be well coordinated.

Regular practices

Perfecting a routine or a choreography requires that the cheerleaders must regularly practice these until there is not a single mistake.

Winning in a cheerleading competition is all about perfection. Rarely does a squad who made many mistakes win because cheerleading is about coordination. You cannot stand out and be a sore thumb because you will cause the team that coveted trophy.

So, if you are a cheerleader and your squad is about to enter the competition season, you must not only better yourself but you must also influence the rest of your teammates to look out for each other and improve their skills.

Preparing the gear

You cannot attend the competition with wrinkled Lakeland cheerleading uniforms and dirty sneakers. That’s a big no-no. You have to prepare your gear—from your pom-poms to the ribbon on your hair. Everything has to be neat and perfect; not a hair should be out of sync.

This includes all the Lakeland cheerleading athletes, including the coach. If your routines should be well-coordinated, your uniforms should, too. Remember to have a checklist of your gear before you go to compete.

Make sure that everything’s checked such as your uniform, your backup uniform (just in case something happens on your main one), your shoes, your hair accessories, your pom-poms, and your personal items.

But more than anything else, it’s important for you as a squad to remember that teamwork will get you to places, even if it’s not exactly the top spot. You will learn a lot about yourselves and the team when you compete.

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