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How Lakeland Summer Camps Help Kids Be More Adaptable

The start of summer can be great for kids, but parents might be cautious about where they choose to send their kids to spend their summer fun. Fortunately, there are ways that spending time in Lakeland summer camps helps kids develop themselves and become more adaptable to their surroundings.

Physical development

Spending time in a camp, whether a sleepaway camp or a day camp guarantees that a child gets exposed to more physical activity than their typically used to. Helping kids discover that fresh air and exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle, especially in an unfamiliar environment can help them better adapt to their surroundings.

Social development

The great thing about camps is that all the kids that participate in them are equals, and any cliques that may have formed during the school year are stripped away. This allows children to interact with each other with no worries about being bullied for wearing the wrong thing or not being cool enough. Allowing kids to just be kids without worrying about the social repercussions helps them become more confident about being accepted for who they are. Camps give kids a sense of belonging, whether it’s in the team sports, or the hiking activities, or even the camp song, all these let kids feel like they’re a part of something bigger, and help kids feel like they have a place where they can identify themselves with.

Camps give kids the chance to do what they want for themselves

Whether it’s an art project or a sport, camp activities help kids become more confident with the things that they create and take part of. These activities allow kids to have more control over the things they do, which helps them build the confidence that they need to adapt to new situations.

Camp in general is a brand new experience that kids have to learn to adapt to

Although there may be familiar faces, especially for first time campers, camp in general is a new and unfamiliar experience that they have to teach themselves to adapt to. There are new people that the child is exposed to that they have to interact with regularly, such as the other campers, and the counsellors. There are activities that kids don’t have the opportunity to experience on a regular basis, like swimming or archery.

Even if the child feels as though they might have difficulty adapting to a new environment, the great thing about Lakeland summer camps is that they allow kids to better to be better versions of themselves while still keeping them safe.

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