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How to Be the Best Lakeland Cheerleading Captain You Can Be

Being a Lakeland cheerleading captain is one of the biggest responsibilities you can take on in your cheerleading career. Of course, each and every single member of any cheerleading team is important, but the captain is the one that holds the team together.

It can be pretty taxing to be a cheer captain as you’re expected to handle a lot of roles to guarantee that the cheer squad continues to persevere. Not only do you have to lead the team, but you’re also expected to act as mediator, mentor, and motivator.

However, when you do a good job and everything falls into place, there is no greater feeling than that. But for first-timers in the captain’s seat, they may find themselves at a loss with what they’re supposed to do to keep the team going, especially in times of hardship.

Take a deep breath and learn about some ways that you can be the best Lakeland cheerleading captain you can be.

Learn how to connect with your team

As a cheer captain, it is basically a requirement that you need to interact with your team. Your team looks to you for guidance and motivation, and how are you supposed to give them that if you constantly keep yourself away from the team?

You should always take the time to mingle with your team members and check up on them. They should feel comfortable turning to you for any help or guidance when they need it.

You have to care about what you do

One of the number one things that you’re going to need in order to be a great cheer captain is by having the passion for what you do. How can you push yourself to do your best in something if you don’t even care about what you do?

The passion that you have for cheerleading and your team is the fuel that you need to make sure that you have confidence in what you do. No matter how hard things are looking at that moment, that passion will help you and your team get through it.

Learn how to recognize your own strengths and faults

When your team made the decision to put you in the seat of cheerleading captain, they probably recognized something in you that convinced them that you were the right cheerleader to be made captain.

However, this does not mean that you are the very best cheerleader in the entire squad. One of the things that you should do is recognize your own strengths and shortcomings and use them to grow both as a Lakeland cheerleading athlete and as a captain.

Do not be arrogant in your position as captain, instead, use it as a way to grow and develop your own skills as well as the skills of your teammates.

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