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How To Become A Camp Counselor For Lakeland Cheerleading

Becoming a camp counselor for a Lakeland cheerleading program is actually a life-changing experience. Imagine having to deal with teenage kids that are pressured by their peers and the need to succeed.

You could change their lives by your words and your leadership and your actions. You could touch their lives, especially troubled teens who are going through some very bad times even when they are smiling and going through their cheer routines.

A camp counselor’s job is no small feat. It isn’t easy either. Schools and parents are going to pay a large sum of money so camps could teach their kids a whole wide range of skills and values like time management, discipline, and handling peer pressure and friendships.


Attend seminars and conferences about yourself to learn about leadership skills, time management, handling peer pressure, making friends, boosting social skills, and many more that cheerleaders need to learn from you.

As a Lakeland cheerleading camp counselor, these kids will be looking up to you so you need to be careful about how you command yourself and how you deal with them, too.

Seek an agency

In America, there are five agencies that can place you in your dream destination or camp: CCUSA, Camp Leaders, AmeriCamp, Camp America, and Wildpacks.

They send out camp counselors to even faraway places. Ask recommendations from your friends and family about which agency could provide you with the adventure that you are seeking.

Decide what talent you’ll use at camp

In the Lakeland cheerleading camp, you don’t only need to learn about routines and choreographies. You could also handle the leadership program at the camp or even the social skills program.

Decide which you are going to focus on. If you’re good at designing routines and choreographies, maybe you can bond with the cheerleaders through that.

You can teach them new tricks and new dance moves to improve their stunts. But if you want to focus more on their holistic experience at camp, seek a program that focuses on the leadership and the discipline of these cheerleaders.

Apply for the right camp

There are fairs usually in January or February that collects all camps together. Here, you could apply to the camp of your own choosing. Ready your resumes, as well as a YouTube video showing the important camp skills you have mastered.

Have your references on standby also and let them know that a camp hiring manager might call them to ask about your experiences, work ethics, and your skills.

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