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How To Eat Clean Like A Cheerleader

Lakeland cheerleading

Eating healthily is not just about avoiding food that is bad for you such as soda, beer and candies. Lakeland cheerleading members also have to take care of their bodies by detoxifying once in a while. You can either enroll in a clean eating program or follow these simply instructions on the internet.

Frozen yogurt

Instead of diving into a tub of ice cream, why not have yogurt instead? It has less sugar, but it’s also cold and creamy. At times, it can even be better than regular ice cream. Do you know how many sugar is there in a tub of ice cream? No? You don’t want to know. Take our word for it and indulge on yogurt instead of ice cream. The guilt is less, definitely.

Unsweetened sparkling water

If you’re only after the “spark” that cola brings, then why don’t you just go for unsweetened sparkling water? It “almost” have the same taste as cola minus all the sugar that’s in soda.

Oil-based pasta sauce

There is no better way to comfort yourself after a long day in practice than by eating a bowl of spaghetti, right? It just takes you back to those dinners with the family where everyone shares pasta, chicken and pizza. Nothing is comforting than that. However, pasta noodles along pack carbs that can be bad for your body as a cheerleader. Settle instead for oil-based pasta with grilled chicken breast or shrimp and opt for wheat pasta than the regular white ones.

Dark chocolate

If you got to have candies, then choose dark chocolate than white and milk chocolates. You must especially prevent yourself from eating sugar candies because although you’ll feel like it added nothing to your weight, the sugar it contains will turn into fat. In the long run, you’ll have a heavier feeling and routines and stunts won’t be as effortless anymore.

Real maple syrup

It’s important to note that you must use “real” maple syrup instead of the usual store-bought ones. How will you know a real maple syrup from the store-bought one?? Check the label and check the ingredients. You’ll find if it uses real maple or the taste was merely boosted by too much sugar. You may also want to check out homemade maple syrup because they will surely be preservative-free.

When it comes to being a part of Lakeland cheerleading, you must be willing to make a lot of sacrifices. Following a healthy diet and the right workout routine is a good start for you.

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