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How To Get To Know Your Lakeland Cheerleading Better During Camp

When you are in cheer camp, what’s the most important thing you should learn? Is it a new set of skills, dance choreography, routines? Although these are the things that your coach will most likely want a Lakeland cheerleading to learn, it is getting to know the squad better that is the primary reason why cheerleaders are sent to camp.

What is an amazing stunt, after all, if you cannot work together? What would a good routine do to a cheerleading team if after a performance, the girls will bicker over who’s right or who’s wrong? If you are bonded well as a team and you know each other better, you will be able to work better.

Once you are in cheer camp, you can try these activities and exercises which are all designed to improve the camaraderie among the cheerleaders:

Match the fact

If you want to know how much each cheerleader knows about the other girls, you can ask them to write down on a piece of small paper three facts about themselves. Once they are finished writing down these facts, ask them to fold the papers, and put them into a bowl, hat, or a large cup. Mix these up by shaking the hat/bowl/cup well and ask each teammate to pick one piece of paper. Let the girl read out loud the facts and ask the rest of the team to identify whose paper was that. This is a fun way to know just how much the girls know about each other.

Knot game

The knot game will force the team to work together because otherwise, they will remain, well, knotted. Ask the girls to stand in a circle and let each one of them hold out their right hand. Everyone must take turn to hold another girl’s right hand until they are “knotted.” Repeat the process with their left hands. Once the group is all knotted, they must figure out a way to detangle without having to let go of each other’s hands. Everyone is bound to be really close to each other while doing this activity.

Board games

What do you have in the cupboard? Bring all the board games you can think of—Twister, Pictionary, Guesstures, etc. Just make sure that the game will be for a larger group of people. You can even just play charades among the Lakeland cheerleading members. You don’t have to have a board game for that.

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