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How to Handle a Failed Stunt in Lakeland Cheerleading

There are plenty of things that you learn from Lakeland cheerleading. One of the core things that you learn from your cheerleading career is how to handle both victory and failure with equal grace and aplomb.

It is just as important to learn how to win properly as it is to lose well, especially on the competition mat. In addition to learning how to handle losing with grace, you also have to learn how to deal with a failed stunt. Failed stunts happen all the time in cheerleading, no matter how well you’ve practiced a routine over and over.

However, if you learn how to handle a failed stunt, then you will show everyone that you know how to compose yourself, despite a failed stunt. Here are some tips that can help you with handling a failed stunt in Lakeland cheerleading.

Keep your cool

The number one thing that you should always remember to do when dealing with a failed stunt, especially in the middle of a cheer routine, is to keep your cool. The absolute worst thing you can do when dealing with a failed stunt is panic and freak out.

If you fail a stunt or a routine in the middle of a cheer competition, panicking is a surefire way to throw the routine off. If you or your team messes up a stunt, the first thing you have to do is keep your composure so that you and your team and proceed with the routine without a hitch.

Staying calm also help minimize the amount of physical risk that you can expose yourself to when a stunt goes wrong.

Keep an eye on the rest of your team

Speaking of safety, aside from keeping your cool, one of the first things that you should do when you mess up a stunt is to check up on the rest of your team. The thing about a failed stunt or routine is that you do end up getting hurt if you’re not careful.

This is because the stunt is designed to be executed in a certain way, so if it’s executed wrong, then you do end up exposing yourself to physical injury. Because of this, one of the first things you should do is check up on the rest of your team to make sure that every other person on your team is fine after the failed stunt.

You should never proceed with another stunt or routine if one of your team members is injured or incapacitated.

Learn from the experience

If you and your team have a particular stunt that you’re having difficulty with, then you should definitely learn from the experience and figure out how you can all improve from it. Don’t be discouraged by a failed stunt, learn from the experience and grow from it.

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